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Jocelyn Shook

jocelynshook@gmail.com 1041 Plymouth Ave. SE East Grand Rapids, MI 49506 (616) 745-5135

Professional Goals
I hope to teach Spanish at the secondary level. I also hope to implement or oversee a Spanish club that meets weekly or biweekly to more deeply explore the Spanish language and culture throughout the community.

Fall 2012-Spring 2013 Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI College of Education Graduate studies in Spanish Education Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI Bachelor of Arts Degree: Spanish Major/ TESOL Minor University of Virginia Hispanic Studies Program: Valencia, Spain East Grand Rapids High School East Grand Rapids, MI

Fall 2008-Spring 2012

Fall 2011

Fall 2004-Spring 2008

Internship Field Experience City High/Middle School, Grand Rapids, MI

-Planned and taught in Spanish I and II Middle and High school International Baccalaureate Spanish classrooms that focused on seeing the world through a global perspective. This goal was met throughout speaking, reading, writing, and listening activities to explore the culture of the Spanish-speaking world. -Created differentiated lessons and projects to promote learning and understanding of content for every student. -Participated in and facilitated parent-teacher conferences each semester. -Implemented several proposals throughout a case study of a low-achieving and low-performing student in Spanish II class. -Planned a local community restaurant visit to a Puerto Rican restaurant after studying the culture and food of Puerto Rico to enrich the students understanding of the content.

Pre-Internship Field Experience Everett High School, Lansing, MI

-Observed and assisted in planning lessons for a High school Spanish classroom 4 hours per week. -Observed and took notes on classroom management strategies to implement in future classrooms.

East Lansing High School, East Lansing, MI

-Tutored and planned lessons in a High school ESL classroom 2 hours per week. -Worked with students from 16 different countries that spoke 12 different languages.

Waverly East Intermediate School, Lansing, MI

-Worked with students in a Middle school English classroom for 4 hours per day on reading strategies and increasing reading fluency.

Red Cedar Elementary, East Lansing, MI

-Observed and assisted with reading in a Kindergarten classroom 2 hours per week.

Volunteer and Work Experience Colegio San Jos Escolapias, Valencia, Spain
-Collaborated with teachers of English for 9th and 10th grade students -Facilitated lessons on American culture weekly

Paid Tutor in Valencia, Spain

2 hours/week -Tutored two elementary-aged Spanish students in English with school materials and other educational books provided by parents

Leadership Experience
Fall 2008-Spring 2012 Member of Pi Beta Phi National Sorority -Chairperson, Leadership and Nomination Committee -Chairperson, Michigan State Greek Week Songfest Competition

Professional Development
-Attended professional development sessions in regards to International Baccalaureate, teacher learning walks, district-wide assessments, abused children, internet and technology awareness, and teacher evaluations -Michigan World Language Association Fall 2012 Conference

Honors and Awards

4.0 post-graduate career GPA; 12 Masters credits in Teaching and Curriculum