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Decision Analysis ( )

Process way: I. Clarify Purpose (Plan): 1. State the decision Ask: What do we need to decide? What are we trying to choose? 2. Develop Objectives Ask: What criteria do we use? What resources should we use or save? What law, regulation, or policy restrictions should we consider? 3. Classify Objectives into Musts and Wants Ask: Does this objective fit Mandatory? Measurable? Realistic? 4. Weight the Wants scores the Musts Ask: What is the relative importance of each Want? II. Evaluate Alternatives (Do): 1. Generate alternatives Ask: What choices do we have? 2. Screen alternatives through the Musts Ask: Does this alternative satisfy this MUST limit? 3. Compare alternatives against the Wants Ask: How does this alternative satisfy this objective? Gather and record factual data Multiply objective weight x Score III. Reassess Risks (Check): Identify adverse consequences Ask: If we do this, what could go wrong? What disadvantages are associate alternative? Is any information vague or uncertain? IV. Make Decision (Action): Make the best balanced choice Ask: For the best performing alternative: Are we willing to accept the risk(s) to gain the benefit of this choice? Any evaluation method again? Objectives Must/Want Alternatives