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The Name Messiah

We know that the meaning of the name Messiah (being understood correctly as a proper name) is "anointed one" being anointed is being chosen but if we paused for a moment to think we might ask ourselves the question" "chosen among whom?" If Jesus is the only God the Son in Heaven before he came to earth he cannot be messiah for there is no one else besides Jesus to be chosen from to begin with... there are no other options and the concept of anointed and being chosen is void because God had no any other being to choose from? Choosing is irrelevant if you have no any other options... the name Messiah mean the title of being chosen from among many, and upon being chosen, he is anointed; conversely, the one anointed is the one chosen. Christianity is not used to the idea that Jesus is a mere man being chosen from among men like himself... there is no something special about Jesus only that it is God decision to anoint him... God has reasons beyond our comprehension in having chosen Jesus from among men. He is indeed Messiah in the truest sense.