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LESSON PLAN TEMPLATE Title of Lesson/Task: Lesson 1 Skip Counting by 5s.

: Develop Number Sense

Specific Learning Outcomes (SCO) (from curriculum documents)
SCO: N1: Say the number sequence, 0-100 by: 5s and 10s to 100, foreword starting at zero.


Grade Level: 1 Mathematics


(1) How can I connect students lives to this topic? - Through the use of the 100 days of school (2) Cross-curricular Links Music

Materials and Media:

Markers for whiteboard Crayons Handout, extra pencils (if needed)

Youtube Video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_awKIEMyleA) Smartboard game loaded Smartboard set up ((http://exchange.smarttech.com/details.html?id=1a910706-71f3-4af9-a70d-05c501bd710b)

Differentiated Instruction, Modifications and Accommodations

Increase time, space, amount Decrease time, space, amount Change seating, groupings Other: ____________________ Scribe Oral explanation Peer tutor/Partner Use manipulatives Include visuals, models, cueing, organizers Applying or Extending the activity

Specifically, name the exceptionality and how will you differentiate the (cite one example for each exceptionality named above): This student has high-functioning Autism. This student is fully capable of doing all work with the class, although needs to sit by quiet individuals as this student has sensitive hearing. A seating plan in place to ensure this student is sitting in a comfortable location. This student requires the use of extra manipulatives will be given to assist the student. Visuals will be used for the entire class to assist the student. Learning environment? Seating plan in place to keep the student comfortable. Content? Student is able to do independent work, although extra manipulatives and visuals will be given to assist the student. Process? How will we teach to them? This student will be taught the same as the rest of the class. At times, the teacher will look at the student to ensure they are following along. This will be done through body language as to not call the student out. Extra visuals may be used to assist. For this particular lesson, Product? What do we expect them to show? This student will do the same work as the rest of the class, although they will be given the use of visuals for the whole lesson. This student will have a copy of the 100 chart for the entire lesson as a visual.

February 05, 2013

Assessment? Here you need to think about what alternative ways will you offer these students to demonstrate their knowledge? This student will be assessed the same as the rest of the class, although it will be taken into account that this student needs the use of visuals.

Critical Thinking keep in mind Blooms Taxonomy higher order thinking not to complete as a separate section in your final plan. What critical thinking activities will you use to explore the topic? Indicate all that apply. Note: these would be fully developed later on in your lesson. Decode the puzzle Design to specifications Perform to specifications Judge the better or best Rework the work Critique the work Refer to a Curriculum Document for suggestions Questioning, tasks.. _______________________________________________ Assessment: Assessment will be conducted through Possible Assessment Strategies: o Discussion o Personal Reflection o Interview/Conference o Project o KWL o Achievement Chart o Pre Test o Quiz o Observation o Oral Report o Work Sample o Presentation/Performance o Checklist o Audio/Video/Technological o Learning Log/Journal o Rubrics o Self-Assessment Other o Peer Assessment
SCO: N1: Say the number sequence, 0-100 by: 5s and 10s to 100, foreword starting at zero. SCO: N1: Say the number sequence, 0-100 by: 5s and 10s to 100, foreword starting at zero.

Assessment for Learning - Students prior knowledge will be observed when working on their number line, whether they much count each number or if they know to look for the pattern. Assessment as Learning: - Assessment will be conducted through the students ability to participate in the Smartboard game. Assessment of Learning: - - Assessment through their ability to see the pattern for counting by fives. - Assessment will be conducted through the students ability to answer the questions on the worksheet. - Assessment will be conducted orally though the students 2

February 05, 2013

ability to follow along as the class counts by fives and be able to share their number. Delivering the Lesson APK (Minds On):
Ready) 3 minutes (Getting Approx. What are the students doing? What are you doing?

These should be the awareness and engagement activities around the topic. They can be whole class (i.e., modeling) or small group activities (i.e., shared practice).
Modeling means the teacher assumes responsibility to demonstrate the use of and thinking behind the strategy. Shared Practice means that the teacher provides explicit instruction and feedback as the students participate in the strategy.

Students will be given a number line and asked to circle every 5th number (see appendix A) (intrapersonal) They will compare with the other students to ensure they have the same numbers circled. (interpersonal, verballinguistic)

Materials: book,,video clip, Song, article,


Looks like: brainstorming , mind mapping, setting a mini-task, discussion, reviewing previous material, before reading strategy, other

Teacher will model how to find every 5th number. Teacher will circulate the classroom to assist any student who may need extra assistance. Teacher will spend extra time with lower students, making sure they see the pattern.


(This could be the longest

Approx. 25 minutes These are all of the activities (e.g., creating, reflecting, and revising) that the student would engage in to build the understanding and skills to meet the expectations and learning goals.
section of the lesson)

Looks like: investigation, small groups of

students working together, students making summaries and generalizations, use of manipulatives, use of technologies, teacher circulating e.g.to keep students moving forward, (This may include probing for misconceptions, providing hints, asking

Transition: Students will be called over by table to the carpet. Students will sit in their assigned spot on the carpet. (Kinesthetic) Teacher will go over the 100 chart, explaining how to count by 5s. The teacher will also emphasize the pattern. (auditory, visual) Teacher and students will go over the numbers by 5 while pointing to the numbers on the 100 chart. (verballinguistic, visual-spatial) Student of the day will point to the numbers on the chart, while the whole class. (verbal linguistic, visual-spatial) Exerbreak Students will be asked to stand up and told they are free to dance to the song Counting by 5s Song

. Teacher will call students over by table to the carpet, assuring that they all listen and sit in their assigned spot. -Teacher will tell students how to count by five, teacher will use the hundred chart to show the fives and

February 05, 2013

students to generalize or hypothesize e.g. asking What if? questions. Prompts should

(kinesthetic, musical)

tens. -teacher will point to numbers and say the numbers with the students -teacher will help the student of the day to make sure he/she is pointing to the right numbers, and make sure all students are saying the numbers. -teacher will make sure no students accidently hit another student during the song. -teacher will explain the Smartboard game, ensuring students understand (C4U) -teacher will make sure students are quiet in line, and help lower students with the game.

be open-ended and promote deeper thinking and discussion.

Please look at what Multiple Intelligences you plan to address. Name the Intelligence and then make sure it is identified and clearly utilized in the activity.

When the song is over, students will be asked to form a line in front of the Smart board. They will be told that they will play a game, but the only way they can play is if everyone is quiet and listens. Students will play the skip counting game on the Smart board. ((http://exchange.smarttech.com/details.html?id=1a910 706-71f3-4af9-a70d-05c501bd710b) (visual) If time allows, they will play the game twice, then return to their seats. If time does not allow, they will play the game once.

Guided Practice: Sample guiding

questions and prompts can go here

During whole activity, teacher will guide students by pointing to the numbers on the hundreds chart. Ask students, if ___ is here (point on hundreds chard), then what number would come next, if counting by 5s. Ask students if they see a pattern when counting by 5s.

- Teacher will ask appropriate questions. Stronger students will be asked more difficult 4

February 05, 2013

questions to keep their interest.

Independent Practice: Approx. 10 minutes

Students will be given a copy of the hundred chart and asked to count by fives and colour every fifth number. (intrapersonal, visual) When they are finished, they will be asked to fill in a worksheet with six questions using their hundred chart if needed. (see appendix A and B) (intrapersonal)

-Teacher will explain, using ELMO how to colour every fifth number, ensuring the students are starting with the number one. A C4U will be done to ensure the students understand -Teacher will assist students as needed. -Teacher will ensure all students are accurately counting by fives, and starting with the number one.

Consolidation/Closure: Approx. 5 minutes Revisiting the learning. Debrief etc. Identifying which student responses encompass the Big Ideas.

Transition to carpet (teacher will call students over by table) and students will be asked to sit in a circle on the carpet. (kinesthetic) Teacher will explain to students they will play a counting game where they will go around the circle counting by fives. C4U (Can someone tell me what we are going to do?) Lower students will be told they can look at the hundred charts if needed. We will go around the circle twice, counting by fives. (interpersonal, verballinguistic) The teacher will ask the students if they enjoy counting by fives, and if they have any questions. (interpersonal) Frustration trying to put what I am thinking into words Difficult to teach a new topic to students, previous lesson plans have all been a review of previously taught information. This is the first lesson where I have 5

Reflection of Lesson Plan Preparation:

February 05, 2013

What did I learn from planning this lesson? How might it be enhanced in subsequent lessons? Other learnings, frustrations, difficulties?

tried to teach a completely new topic. Planning lessons is hard!

February 05, 2013

Appendix A

February 05, 2013

Appendix B Name: ______________________________ Date: ______________________________

Skip Counting By 5s

5, ____, 15, ______, 25, 30

25, ______, _______, 40, ______, 50

40, ______, 50, 55, ______, _______, 70

85, ______, ______, 100

30, 35, _____, 45, ______, ______

70, ______, ______, 85, 90, ______, _______

February 05, 2013