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Gayatri 24 Mudras meaning by SRIDHAR SARMA Garu PUURVA MUDRAAS::24 -SUMUKHAM-means" Ready for"..

-Begining process of Creation Nature is indicationg -Mudra shows-ENERGY OF ECHHA SAMPUTAM-means "Bud of Flower".. -Hidden ,How fragrence of flower is hidden in bud -Energy of Gnaana/Absolute knowledgeVITATAM-means "Just partially opened bud" -Indicating of Indriyaas,Soul&Life,Inner mind,Macro Elements -Converting Energy of ECHHA toEnergy of Kreya -VISTRUTAM_means 'Just Expantion state"., Middle state -Just origion of universe Symbol -DVIMUKHAM-means"Dual faces",Dual in Nature -Power of Gayatri in Fire nature --Prakrithi-Purusha.,Supremsoul-Living soul..Etc duality aer showing in this Mudra -TRIMUKHAM-means"Three faces -Power Gayatri in INDRA -Combined Energy of Echha,Gnaana,Kriya are showing -Bramha,Vishnu,Maheswara Natures -CHATUR MUKHAM-Four faces -Energy of Gayatri in Brama -Four Vedaas,Four Purushardas(Dhrma,Artha,Kaama,Moksha) are Indicating by this Mudra -PANCHA MUKHAM-5Faces -Energy of Gayatri in Maheswari -Indicating of Arts,PANCHA BHUTAAS in Nature -SHANMUKAM-6Faces -Energy of Gayatri in Shanmukha/Subrahmanya -Youngness of Nature -ADHOMUKHAM-means Downward -pathway of Pravrutti/Nature's Process -Entry of Gnaanendita(Eye,ear,,etc),Karmendiya(hands etc) -VYAAPAKANJALI-Expantion -Elaboration of Nature -SAKATM-Vehicle of our BODY;Stracture -Supreme Energy -Chakraas/Energy Centres of our body i,e.Mulaadhara,Anahata..etc -YAMAPAASAM-Death,Stop -Body can be completly Stopped by the Death of Body(Sakata) -GRADHITAM-Very Important Mudra -means "ACCUMULATION,FORMATION" -1)Opened Hand :Absolute Completness/BRAMHA; Infinity of Nature -2)Closed fingers:Formation of Pancha Bhutaas(Fire,sky..Etc)&these are formation of Environment 3)Our body is living within Environment finally will be reach in BRMHA -SAMMUKONMUKHAM-Close releation -Deep relation between God(Paramaatma)&Living Person(Jeevatma) -PRALAMBAM-Too much longer -Long process for Emancipation -Moksha vill be achieved by Somany lives practises..etc things are showing -MUSTika- killing of Agnaana -Always Concentrate on Ur Goal on Suprem soul by killing of Agnaana -MATSYA-Fish -Fisrst Evalution had started in water as a Fish

-Lord Vish's Avataar also -KUURMA-tortoise -Next Evaluation of Life,Amphibions -Lord Vishnu Avataaras -VARRAHA-Pig -Pure living animal on the Earth -Lord Vishnu Avataaras -SIMHAKRAANTAM-Occupying as like lion -Indication of Anger -May be Earliar Man like Posture -MAHAAKRAANTAM- Extrodinary occupying -After removing of Agnaana Extrodinary Spread of Gnaana -MUDGARAM-A weapon -Destroyness of the Universe -PALLAVAM-Recreation of the Universe is showing by this MUDRA UTTARA MUDRAAS-SURABHI-means Kaamadhenu/God's Cow which gives diserable things -Indication of Duty,work -If we pray Surabhi Gayatri as Our duty then She give what ever we may ask as Kaamadhenu -MUDRA OF GNAANA-we came out from MYTH/Branthi after revealing Absolute knowledge -CHAKRA-A weapon -After learning of knowledge It Protect from indulge of Senses ,Arishadvargaas ..etc as a Chakra -YONI-Vegina,Root of Organ for Birth -Existestance of Body where it had come -KUURMA-Tortoise -Route of Kundali from Muladhara to Sahasraara -Way of gradual improvment -PANkAJA-lotus -Indication of Sahasrara Chakra on Top of the Head -Spreading of Absolute Knowledge -LINGALord Siva Ruupa,Supreme state -Reaching of Kundali to Sahasrara -NIRYAANA-Death -After touching of Kundali to Sahasrara the State is Mingle of SupremSoul,' Niryaana'