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ECONOMIC GROWTH Robert J. Barro Xavier Sals-i-Marin The MIT Press Cambridge, Masachasets London, England re ain: abs Pi of Nev ei yay Meith 18 ‘attend puna hank sey a estnewneuntl es ii on ee ABOUT THE AUTHORS Reber J. Bare sober C Wapsone Pest Eomoms at Hansed Uae Sy Betas 8. pyss om Catch a a PhD. feceors fm end hegre hel aay potions Rother, Chicago ad Brown, ease tc tro Ph Wal Se oa lw oe Hover stot dans Reseach Avoca te Nato Barns of Eman Reser in 1994-05, Baro wa tn Norman Reach Fellw tthe anh of Engng ete murda Ame Bre an us oar Xavier SolnMartin ie pra of economics mt Cslumbia Une. He frched hy BS. fom Ushers Autonoma de Bucelra and his PED. om Flinar sive He ra Fac Reearh Feow othe Nato! Burau ot Exommic Reich ant Reh Assos of th Cor for European aicy open Far in Buln) sd Cela fr the mersonl Money Fund 199, grade se Yenc en wi te sighed To My Fist Gandhi ‘At Gabi iat Schucta "aver Salas Marin ‘Growth Models with Exogenous Saving Rates (The Slow-Swan Model) 1 Te Fntmes DynnEsnte Cil Seck 128 Tam omnes a ae Gumi r eS Coven LL Ende Gow PaseicnlByacs 13 Cet BtenotSbenon rete cto CONTENTS Prefoce - Inston : Ey Eppa nenurer sown Osa 5 15 Shure Gx ey : sh ox Appendix Profs of Various Propositions beget Camere ost Sl Popeye CES Poston Fins Problems Growth Models with Consumer Optimization (The Ramsey Mosel) Enum Appendix 2A Log-Linearizatio ofthe Ramsey Model ‘Appendin 2B Behavior ofthe Saving Rate Appendix 2C_ Proof That y, Desines Monotonicaly If the Economy Stars fram K() = & Problems ‘The Open Econom, Finite Horizons, and Adjustment Costs S14 Thee aise . 23 ann Peer Poe SS Cherumta eee tc ae . sg Sein oa kor wih Fol ea Appendix.” Overlapping: Generations Models ‘estat sae PC tn Eis Problems ‘One, Sector Models of Endogenous Growth ih ere gp etme cant 2 Snes ocooace Tt ete 235 Ros Nonpoay aei npaine 445) Tran Dymames man Ensen Gowth Masel Te Nett Dap Ee te eaten ‘Append. Conditions fr Endogeneus Growth inthe (One-Sector Model Problems ‘Two-Stotr Models of Endozenous Growth (QVith Special Attention tothe Role of Human Capital) pen 3 sn! panic wit ew Eatin Gn ean Ses a pens Sane Uve-acs ake Aen SE th win dened Be Deaiems Tapat ae eee 17 Teel Cg: Mls wih npvenenin te Sarce 7 ut ert Gay ate Prien Tclgy BB ‘Ts Batu oe Acoma es 2 EERE el Poseas asa The Dison of Tetley = oir ctemcm et eae Bi 1 Sean bon 5 9 Lap Sup an Poa 5 Appendix 94 The Form of the Utility Function with “ Grrapon ad ek ar = Problems : 8 | 10 Baten Bemonie Gv Guth Accounting = | I enn “ Empirical Analysis of Regional Data See = | id Speers A Siar peomencre = 131 Stent Tey a onece 1 Mtge apn xn 12. Enpiial Analysis of «Cross Seton of Couns is Ep at ey an eh ‘Append n Maha tos Tena geo 12 Rte Ory rma Equa, Reece 122, Cha Nlnear Pegraning: uty Conse 135 nme Ceara fe kabe-akr Cane 13 Brent 132 Theta poem 138 Exon The Nests Gow Mas ete sana neg i Index ay PREFACE Kaloamsowanbiegese dues ommnenee Exons hin some nese nays oe that poh stat. Yet ove he ine te aly cnet aga sre ate 18D Shen aheratote font dean earch ame ieee Its The pening eth anesena ft rev a gnats Iereentivesignnnssrdiopoe eminhecmeste carer nek. Thseied rooah ing the nue heave resech an ano el ‘asin which Kroes acing, Westnet i some cases i he tes ed Iota cases opin at roa directo Tae we “erected 9k besa th mss he stems ig ron gohan sen hat ao sll ensgen roth hey eho em Shek exendel helen pesca pouth sel special fa futher the empural mats fhe hry. Tha tok combines ew ewes festion ote main rare tal spare em 10a ces he 19 The Uicusoa eset npc impos ft terest reason bere ype toda snd eve. 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Raia Murph, le Pres Toren ao fora Ranma Suge Rec, Pl Romen Sch Sul te St. ches Sina 8 ‘hn Ste, Mas) Sieh Roe Tomar, Meat Tey, As Tel. = ‘Gamat Aye Yon ober Baro aver Slot Merce ECONOMIC GROWTH INTRODUCTION 11 THE IMPORTANCE OF GROWTH. {Bera i om 250 in 870 SIRS 190 a essed TS da ‘Teiscrene acl gr capa GDP ceeds gah mo 15 pee ps ese Ths porate pve he Ded Ste he Nig eve fel er ca [Sop De ore 1995 (wine sableeceen Te Uted Arab Ems tallpoce ih eal pepo ietbentmpoened overlong eral neces wheretheU ied fe ene pyr year ssl pow te of 075 peter fer sur nls teat exec int afm 100 887 by nats pron yr sea, Pu (48 pent tear and the Mapa (8 percent por ser We Uied Sues ad begun a7 aa el ec {Gop 1724 fh then gow a eof 075 pene pyar ove the ea Tab sear ben teal pr caps DP is 190 wai ane ben S859 p23 ines ae e450 ect eae vein 1801518258 Then, Ineo aking Stn the noo the Une States weud hve aed Shoo 2 nus with dts Top tater. fe roche invert jt cep oi prsear tebe US. el perp GDP 91350 (rua ane Ses cluee at tena gay ond Wald hve bce soe ‘Soo es an at in orga al Gres Sere Bree ae 2 mone nn Supone ete te LS scl ecg ODP a pve ie 1870 112.75 pet per pe pena prea get un ele $ostighersoumane sce hn experence he ny runs hs 298 ‘scent pear om 890401990) an-twan 78 pce er 90 (ioe ith United Stes tad i ep 10sec GDP Sha4tand hat hn sonar 28 pre perro 203 ‘enteral peeps DP weave hen 3 8317 en he ‘a Ts7Dand Smee tl este a 190 of SIB2SH veal capa GDP Sts wel ane area experme fy cat) a m0 ‘Seine Weconsay eostr iha eomnatone behest ‘eof 5 prem por er mp ie Used Sie wl af Ailes of nthe 20 capa’ Siesta 80 Corpo vce rel ecapts GOP sco oueiee {apn in tine ev ter eer pe Figure gan or ing fre erent GDP or 8 nun 188. Te evar (Sota GOH da0 Tx ser ea ha aun eon hon hd ‘ean ena nge ann he gon 23 me he me Te scnomcnos 3 i ee chosa compl histogram fo 190129 coties Te mean tase gna relprsopts GDP St S275, LO ces teen DENT nal deen np fel er spite GDP in 1330 1, png oprone dpeon rele capa GDP ines I 1861980. The iar, In othe ated Sees, enw tes lamest S85 ‘eres TY Hpi were gro te ong US. te. pect pe then ae 299 orch ne 0 eve of U'S el petapan OOP The ‘ied trl wou stl [2s Eop ere pow a he ng Spams rate of 27 perce ere or It coal he aeage owt at of pe apa GDP between 13S 1990 ws 8 pen pt year -eay thesae sh ang em US. teh a stand dio 13. Fe U3 a hogra of hse go fu the ene rm "2 |p pe Sear org to pre prea South Kee. Thea difenestm growth ats his maga heer tro comeyuene for snl fing. Sl Koes ned al pr capa {GDP by actor o 74 om SH in 1950 a 8a HS cet SE $5190 ak 38129), we a were lpr capa GDP hy aco rom $3019 ak 3 01) 917 DH! 1 fewer cores aot te fom 1960 101930 ht ere ey sbigh as Sth Kreiner at snes pee pe Sear ee Sagar Sine pes Hog Kong tin 63 poe, Taean wth! pee Baers Siehs7 gone itn Spent anyon wth pre Thecus ‘Scud ther levee ae pecans GDP hy amu fate Sonera eens 3 years. ‘Alec ne 1 cots in aon rgd en rom es of ‘sapecana GDP rom 1 190-The ot string ihe nesta Nadnrstr Mortove, Sra, Zama, Uganda Guan. ae, Naren enn Cena Aenea, rena, any, Nenerss Mert nd ‘igr Ths se Schaan An counts omit he gout po fre ‘anh Susan Alcan counties hit fee othe ry 8010198 stony pret pr year Tht th ype ery Su saan An Inco pr copa GDP ya fac onl 3 oer 0 yan “Ee wan andontund ny cont ier dries nde of Using gael ey ten we hve nue comes egrose ‘Sch tir serge in germ groth rats (igure 13. Even sll i ‘ences ese south en ven soma ver senersicn o ure, Be ch sen enaninses fr sands af Hing than the Kins soe sins ace tut fave teal exuied meso the ae of oc ‘Conus Top amr way iw sane aot erent a opons uh mre ones as cf ing as Rao ond ye ry of mccoy of comtceical icy td Being eure posththe suber of Ms boos Ue art of macrecoert realy ates 12 EMPIRICAL REGULARITIES ABOUT ECONOMIC GROWTH (esses got ° 1 Persp up pos verti, and sown ae es endo ih, 2 Phys aptl per nner gs cher tie 3 Tete of em Wapiti ealy estr 4 Theo of psa caplet oer cams Theses iter a pyle aoa come ey sna. 1 The growth for er weer fers sbsantialy casos? a 6 aon wh cosy dt a eve andy dace, Fg 13 4nd 8 eet reson el th ee a oer ‘load counted eshte ern pis sl Gn Scan ye Ue Rg te Ce Sine sce Mion (1982, Choe For fcr shares the Unica Stes te so (19%. Apen ad SG. and ramen (87 Te 3 er at everest sen ou Est Asn cones Hog Kong Spe, Sead ‘ire and Taian te ey re 1 gh 9 Stes seen Seve ours Canaa, ne Gera flan. te Netra ‘Be Unsed Kingdom atta cr trea sao he he Ged Sis (Cariemen, Carmings ae geno (08d Deer (191. Src si American cone oer by Ele (190), the capil hats ed, Ercmernmeatrane etree ace pa alr’ chimed fone sub felts of tar pp be eau intaece by he expree oh Une King et cae he el [mere tesens ohne longed ae aro 957 Fue fan). ee ete ay 8 Tae Re tn ie Used Sas ute etl vein oun 98) Ts ees ey hat Kilo hype a sly sts elt fem Sould Be eed 3 teeny fren fal overs age ancy Sees ‘NE can be es n Chap 10 sess he nash eens of te pouthae ofl erat GDF Tales 102 0 conta ues or Agus asin oS seams ver peo ugh century Ths aera {lly esha he selena bu gt okey og tine tera ‘Te 103 sets 1camenly devel emn te major conn op path ted San Cra ad Asal, Tee dats cow an ere fercap goth rtf 19 perce per par ones ugy ace wih Wel smb 2B seu pends a aw ‘Pesenumerstssesinen wh Kad spoon oh {pt GDP han clare ode ne he pre aane Wd {Wa siow govhracs wel sowetielog-rancape The econ ne grow pind te oe used pracy soo, paren foe weve the ponte 1970-90 highly “ile 103 cringe fr cme seeped conten As sc Litin er In ese he asrge ga phe 1080 987 Aine os Ne Wr rior. 1950-7 sown grenhrsellbve help term aver “le cri imatn el capa GDP ove 100 cates ftom bob 185 evans atta xc eto eae fs at ida ty Kale One patente seo a tt te owe [En per sai GDP st eo 199) esc anerae thhe l ‘Sulforcan GD in se Chapter) teem ecpdiaChape {Somer oaenleney fh pono fs ane che Beomergne. 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European cumin sn pects of gun {So Bran Sire Marin (91-982 and 1920) nd Chapter) Te ese "Shes cer plans pce an eich ane Ths Bean so {Use Sal Denes "Wess Caper | tion! 8 comegese pes if be gow of ea yr cps GDP hse eed the sting eve! lee ata ‘Grate vedere cha nals Puma pal, ‘tenors gremnen piste popente:fo seal ae Se a {Sn The ha resume snp tat he at tc sow vergence nan ate senemcraly ee 8 com fee incl ‘irae ao DL Bao a Sree SH ond Man Row SW [903 Te tea comerene fs homever ny shut 9 pet per Sa Ta kts ot ya foram cmy chia ne Fe ap ‘ese a el prcapn GOP se mpm ener evel rel pe [ip GDP Cas urge ein prow oe tine “fe reannChapr wa be varie iin nese rhea ealper po ODP-oce te trghveoel fraps {Gop said cotnt Fosse south dopedspstt one alga ‘Sfouman cpl nb tet atonl aomer seth negate ete ‘operon cnn yenng fe CO® a cael om mete ck ‘Gog oman anplisalsttky. The ra of zs tnet 0 GDP Seton pone core ih the rw ate tae ming eee sae nat cho i ascent revere nga go paps Shite tac of eset esr canbe see slong am ‘Slogan nth wigs ve Sor Cee pan 1993) “Eonsmte hrieumento suvand development R&D ey cold Semin ona peo 2 OECD cai ao a RED spending od gov har over mt yt ben cui. Te rome evidence Wingy ot x ue of way wich he gs trnnees ances sow re, Negate acces Fue the 0 tine tins gen ante tcl aoa dra of ‘ners ean poll nity. Posie infuse eran ‘ice nstos th ssa he ae la pss ples pote te Seschpeof tains. td peta sendy soe rs se Insects cass hemp won des at poe oust exes fire ets especie gover pl) an roth, bt as Som a te ‘rl aka of les manera Tha, by aeeg non owen mes the gverces non eon have maar esnguenes Sani ing ta \tefiahesearee As ncn, hela Secon govern pli a ‘enh spony saree rah “Tec seca da ses reveal plries in the eis oh a of _cinvestenn GDP Thr pel ele 9 tal oman al | ‘Beton ofeaemal state and health and iene peyote sh lee alerts CD nee caren eer ts DP fangs shut sks ane ese stn cop es ‘econ came shutters athe nesters om elon tinestnc ta Naas 193} yon lang em noma fe eau. escent Fem osenten 1 CDP (Se Fas 1051018 fd he ure dosed i Caper 1) Avra of vee ad ing fos over yar masts coms thal hve nog afr on Feed nasi ows fl Gre Nana Saving menses $ Fara nid county. ele ince tha eine a of ec invent aoa svg esl ile Does ene at Bw ‘Scruton higher han nse sing at, browng ar sad as ig fr asian Canta 0 8 192, aan 10 9, or The ted Kings 19019 199 or Koes 1980 169 fat Ig ah eary D8) Nan ning wae moh ger hn dees ve In lenng shasta fr che United Kin 7 401909 rte Unie Sie, the ihe obser fom he ale he sabiliy vedi otter onesies a patna saving The ny eve. ‘steely tow as 9501199 prod ofthe Gen Deveson $a Wel War I. Toe Unt Sis however a eather nh eget th Miso neuen an svn titer he revenue tom cer ines nese ato eine faa hea fer 9501989 ae inate stsoly sear har se rom fore end Wa ‘helongem dn tive neste ha he tes CDP af goede invent ani pos nel tigen os conn dep a eat ‘ve sean: Tis pate engine ees nse th entra tendancy dese r hebmtr stont ces 8 101980 The asamp acon pro nny, hh appease Pe SineSwap de eee nse thioguanine Oe The cso tao evel ue eats mh pet ety rsa ents of peton pnt Fest eames thee at tes odin wh res nea er apts GDP. Fre cet cues ever the foriyr my te wih eal apa GDP Malar 178) Exc othe mon aan cps ee eng eave ih the ery reheat nae etn pty ele th he et ‘het eft these feces he ety rata he of ppl ruben al oversee san con elepe The sung ‘oper crt se of ppt omtbnnter ky cement he Son ‘Setomael “cotter pate 13 A.BRIEF HISTORY OF MODERN Gaowrt THEORY Csi ecnasis, ach a Adan Sith (1776, David Rade (8I7 and ‘amas sas (198), an masher rank Raney (990, Ayn Yams (0900, Fa igh (184) an op Scunpere 980, pve any fe sng ha pea nme eos femme wth, Tes es Include theta appa omgetine eho aol equine ol mining tres sd aon she accion es and ‘an cpt he iay etcetera op Suen he efecto! epeain tee nts eal abot a scovees of mw gs ad made pedi athe ‘monopoly pera an cenve ar wchosagal ave. ‘Ou ain sy bes with uta ks eens in ae and oss onthe cots ne nln ra sage ate st We ee ‘rcs tga ngage ade oo cep ch aarp cp {Eck agente pristine ty fecon represen cumen (ko fen fate te arson. 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The ver ‘Sing evel eprops ODP relate ngs ea ee ion tetas gw rae Ti prope cries robes ef mag Se epee eee caemeomarae penser ienlo aver armanihe goths The ‘Soneyensconsa eae he steady sae ves egal el eta er ener depend, SlSu del nthe singe outset pop 1Son. ante pation te pedctonenp-taset i ay ‘ou comonass Ree empiea tas neta esha ian Sous eros caney arene Sens npc lies sod nina esc tm capita The ey pu. bowse that cnet fo ‘htonalsomergece aba ope of be Sle Suan lances spay pone recom roth os cos en. ‘Ace eon he Su Suan moe thse ses fom Sing ovens ecology, per capi growth meena case THs etn which embetter so as he ‘pon of innsing ens cap We have deny ober revert Doers Soha rain aco rece ae “he alsa enh hors of te ae 1950 ad 1940 even sda een: sleep Dy suming tat og ‘pojessoccaredinanceogsss mane Tis dence caer ay ih oun, psy cst per cata growth ae inthe ng a whe eng ‘ne pretconeendnnal coeteence. 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For 1S yen manseconomic esr used shee cans Maruman Foto fsa expectations no tate th roe spenches {iy celina alse aplniono erro eto toa Saget aeons teom, begining ithe wa f Remar (1086) and Ls (988 The ra. fr i resech wa earn recline eras of {Empresa rl as ar more npr ne necks ‘aie leno numer ts of ety ads pee at region he gicanc ffngun growth sen sep ofr Scbntn expe statpctete he nected nice oe SSmveapiapoee acy erecta es ‘Be within he mal be: he esa ender mee “The nl wae of ene rescore (986 Lacs 188), Rebel i991) ben wero ron 0), Shea 967. 985) "etre nna fehl chang Ines el owt hy cunnebl terasebeeureinermernabatc pa goa Shih ices hs coo neces ath aco deck, {Tasieagses mo ig 9 plvert wedges pce nd veal ents en meal arp hs pees, obec ie} ‘pve tener dnitig emote coma “oe itor of RAD ther veer compton he 0th femewer ep ah Ree (187, 195 and nls ste con By Athi an Hawi (950 a Grossman an Help (191. Caes 3 aed 13) nce male tshmlpeal rae tke ft pie RED stv Shs ty ses y sere feo ex amply pve I re See anette tty oman 13 ve ibe logon Te af pov anh dehy ant eve ‘even howeve nt be Pare cial cate ofr eae a he ‘eatin oe new gondsand mets rote hes eens he lg {Som gouth ts copendhen gerne stmt nao mma aT {swindon ponteootitesvce seen peecon neice Suh and ean tran tase Seals nde at een The eran Gee he til or "Themen wach ncnir musth sonable: Whereas tie asp of acetyl tte ate of tenlope gre lng. ge eccoomis ths of sin pra te ame nih le namin shar ion neve sane Sic tiation nde cheaper ‘turns eis mses edits orma endo enverence Bt fess the pein ef te ool prow mode! rowing eo poplin gow owes he as {ic lvlefesha andar ser nea hry ree pera fron fr gical vet of pe capt uP The anor el dee Ewer comatern eft of eras oa age mes pale [Stencil del The esa acoso eae lh hep ‘pny tery ste tend all ah pr capita come sere main ange espe tty se wih pr apa Iso te pore aus. 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