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Petroleum Geoscience Jon Gluyas, Richard Swarbrick September 2003, Wiley-Blackwell US $129.

95 Well Engineering & Construction by Hussain Rabia The Geological Interpretation of Well Logs M.H. Rider , Martin Kennedy The Well Logging Handbook Oberto Seera Well Performance by Michael Golan and Curtis H. Whitson (Aug 31, 1987) Reservoir engineering Handbook Tarek Ahmed Drilling Data Handbook, 8th Edition Gilles Gabolde and Jean-Paul Nguyen Price : $115.00 Drilling Engineering Dr. J. J. Azar and Dr. G. Robello Samuel Price : $139.00 Drilling Technology in Nontechnical Language Steve Devereux Price : $79.00 Formulas and Calculations for Drilling, Production and Workover, 3rd Edition by William Lyons, Thomas Carter, and Norton J. Lapeyrouse Price : $125.95 Gas Volume Requirements for Underbalanced Drilling: Deviated Holes Price : $89.00 Oil and Gas Drilling: From Planning to Production (DVD) Energy Training Resources, LLC Price : $499.00

Practical Well Planning and Drilling Manual by Steve Devereux Price : $109.00 Business, Economics, & Finance The Acquisition and Divestiture of Petroleum Property Jim Haag Price : $69.00 Economic Risk in Hydrocarbon Exploration by Ian Lerche and James A. MacKay Price : $180.00 Energy, Risk & Competitive Advantage: The Information Imperative by Scott Randall Price : $89.00 Financing Energy Projects in Developing Countries Hossein Razavi, Ph.D. Price : $89.00 Fundamentals of Oil & Gas Accounting, 5th Edition Charlotte J. Wright and Rebecca A. Gallun Price : $99.00 Fundamentals of Trading Energy Futures & Options, 2nd Edition Steven Errera and Stewart Brown Price : $79.00 Gas Trading Manual, 2nd Edition Price : $1,380.00 Gas Usage & Value Dr. Duncan Seddon Price : $99.00

The Global Oil & Gas Industry: Management, Strategy and Finance by Andrew Inkpen and Michael H. Moffett Price : $89.00 Government Take for Petroleum Exploration & Development Contracts Wall Chart Daniel Johnston Price : $300.00 How to Sell Technical Equipment and Services James R. Hutton Price : $69.00 International Energy Markets: Understanding Pricing, Policies, and Profits Carol Dahl Price : $105.00 International Exploration Economics, Risk, and Contracts Analysis Daniel Johnston Price : $99.00 International Oil Company Financial Management in Nontechnical Language James Bush and Daniel Johnston Price : $69.00 International Petroleum Accounting Charlotte Wright and Rebecca Gallun Price : $99.00 International Petroleum Fiscal Systems Analysis Daniel Johnston Price : $1,200.00 International Petroleum Fiscal Systems and Production Sharing Contracts by Daniel Johnston Price : $99.00

Introduction to the Global Oil & Gas Business Samuel A. Van Vactor Price : $69.00 Introduction to Oil Company Financial Analysis By David Johnston and Daniel Johnston Price : $89.00 The Management of International Oil Operations Price : $69.00 Oil & Gas Journal Databook, 2006 Edition Price : $75.00 A Policy of Discontent: The Making of a National Energy Strategy Vito Stagliano Price : $49.00 Trading Natural Gas: A Nontechnical Guide Fletcher J. Sturm Price : $79.00 Understanding Today's Global LNG Business by Bob Shively, John Ferrare and Belinda Petty Price : $99.95 Understanding Today's Natural Gas Business by Bob Shively and John Ferrare Price : $74.95 Worldwide Petroleum Industry Outlook, 19th Edition Price : $225.00 Worldwide Petroleum Industry Outlook, 20th Edition Robert J. Beck Price : $225.00 Well Loggin

Cased Hole and Production Log Evaluation by James J. Smolen, Ph.D. Price : $129.00 Essentials of Modern Open-Hole Log Interpretation by John T. Dewan Price : $99.00 Introduction to Well Logs and Subsurface Maps Jonathan C. Evenick, Ph.D. Price : $59.00 Well Logging In Nontechnical Language, 2nd Edition by David E. Johnson and Kathryne E. Pile Price : $79.00 Reservoir Engineering Computer-Assisted Reservoir Management by Dr. Abdus Satter, Jim Baldwin and Rich Jespersen Price : $99.00 Effective Database Design for Geoscience Professionals by David R. Hoffman Price : $89.00 Fundamentals of Coalbed Methane Reservoir Engineering by John Seidle Price : $149.00 Horizontal Well Technology by Sada D. Joshi, Ph. D. Price : $99.00 Integrated Petroleum Reservoir Management: A Team Approach by Dr. Abdus Satter and Dr. Ganesh C. Thakur Price : $99.00

Integrated Waterflood Asset Management by Dr. Ganesh C. Thakur and Dr. Abdus Satter Price : $129.00 Naturally Fractured Reservoirs, 2nd edition by Roberto Aguilera, Ph.D. Price : $109.00 Petroleum Reservoir Fluid Property Correlations by William D. McCain Jr., John P. Spivey, and Christopher P. Lenn Price : $79.00 Reservoir Formation Damage, 2nd Edition Faruk Civin, Ph.D. Price : $165.00 Worldwide Practical Petroleum Reservoir Engineering Methods, 2nd edition by H.C. "Slip" Slider Price : $99.00 Natural Gas & Pipelines Dry Gas Seals Handbook by John S. Stahley Price : $59.00 Fundamentals of Natural Gas: An International Perspective Vivek Chandra Price : $69.00 Gas Usage & Value Dr. Duncan Seddon Price : $99.00 Natural Gas in Nontechnical Language The Institute of Gas Technology Price : $79.00

Natural Gas Production Engineering Mohan Kelkar Price : $139.00 Oil & Gas Pipelines in Nontechnical Language by Thomas O. Miesner and William L. Leffler Price : $79.00 Pipeline Rules of Thumb Handbook, 7th Edition Edited by E.W. McAllister Price : $125.00 Pressure Vessel Handbook, 14th edition Eugene F. Megyesy Price : $149.00 A Practical Guide to Gas Contracting Ann O'Hara Price : $69.00 Dry Gas Seals Handbook by John S. Stahley Price : $59.00 Natural Gas Measurement Handbook James E. Gallagher Gulf Publishing Company Price : $195.00 Petrochemicals in Nontechnical Language, 3rd Edition by Donald L. Burdick, Ph.D. and William L. Leffler, Ph.D. Price : $79.00 Petrochemicals Book & Chart Set Price : $108.80 Petrochemicals in Nontechnical Language, 4th Edition by Donald L. Burdick, Ph.D. and William L. Leffler, Ph.D.

Price : $79.00 Petrochemicals Book (4th Ed.) & Chart Set Donald L. Burdick and William L. Leffler Price : $108.80 Petroleum Refinery Process Economics, 2nd edition by Robert E. Maples Price : $99.00 Petroleum Refining in Nontechnical Language, Fourth Edition by William L. Leffler Price : $79.00 Petroleum Refining in Nontechnical Language Video Series (10-DVD Set) by William L. Leffler Price : $331.50 Petroleum Refining Chart by William L. Leffler Price : $49.00 Safety and Security Review for the Process Industries, 2nd Edition Application of HAZOP, PHA and What-If Reviews By Dennis Nolan William Andrew Publishers Price : $160.00 Thermophysical Properties of Chemicals and Hydrocarbons By Carl L. Yaws William Andrew Publishers Price : $295.00 Troubleshooting Natural Gas Processing: Wellhead to Transmission By Norman P. Lieberman published by Lieberman Books Price : $59.00

Troubleshooting Process Operations, 4th Edition by Norman P. Lieberman Price : $129.00 Reservoir Monitoring Handbook Authors: Nathan Meehan Publication Date: 20 Oct 2025 Print Book: USD 129.95 Reservoir Exploration and Appraisal Authors: Luiz Amado Publication Date: 15 Oct 2025 Print BookUSD 99.95 Advanced Reservoir Management and Engineering, 2n... Authors: Tarek Ahmed, PhD, PE & Nathan Meehan Publication Date:28 Sep 2011 Print Book: USD 139.95 Water Management in Reservoirs Authors: L. Votruba & V. Broa eBook: USD 166.00 Principles of Applied Reservoir Simulation, 3rd E... Authors: John R. Fanchi, PhD Formulas and Calculations for Drilling, Productio... Authors: Norton J. Lapeyrouse & William C. Lyons, Ph.D., P.E. & Thomas Carter Composition and Properties of Drilling and Completion Fluids, 6th Edition Author(S) : Caenn & Published: 15 Aug 2011 Shale Shakers and Drilling Fluid Systems American Association of Drilling Engineers Modern Well Test Analysis (A Computer-Aided Approach) Roland Horne $36.00* Petroleum company operations and agreements in the developing countries Raymond Frech Mikesell Advanced Drilling Engineering: Principles and Designs Dr. Robello Samuel (Author), Dr. Xiushan Liu (Author) Publication Date: July 2009 | $178.81 Downhole Drilling Tools: Theory and Practice for Engineers and Students G. Robello Samuel (Author) Darley & Gray

$154.42 Publication Date: September 1, 2007 | International Energy Development Scott Gaille (Author) The Global Oil & Gas Industry: Management, Strategy and Finance Andrew Inkpen (Author), Michael H. Moffett (Author) Publication Date: August 31, 2011 |

SPE BOOKS Advanced Drilling and Well Technology Bernt S. Aadnoy, Iain Cooper, Stefan Z. Miska, Robert F. Mitchell, Michael L. Payne Advanced Well Control David Watson Terry Brittenham Preston L. Moore Advances in Reservoir Characterization Reprint Series, No. 60 Edited by James W. Jennings Jr. Advances in Well Test Analysis R.C. Earlougher Jr Analysis of Production Decline Curves Steven W. Poston Bobby D. Poe Jr. Applied Drilling Engineering A.T. Bourgoyne Jr. K.K. Millheim M.E. Chenevert F.S. Young Jr. Basic Applied Reservoir Simulation Turgay Ertekin J.H. Abou-Kassem G.R. King Cementing D.K. Smith Completion and Workover Fluids K.L. Bridges Drilling Fluids Reprint Series, No. 44 Edited by Tom S. Carter Environmental Engineering for Exploration and Production Activities Edited by Mary Jane Wilson Jesse D. Frederick Estimation and Classification of Reserves of Crude Oil, Natural Gas, and Condensate Chapman Cronquist

The Flow of Complex Mixtures in Pipes (Second Edition) George W. Govier Khalid Aziz Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer in Wellbores A.R. Hasan C.S. Kabir Fundamental Principles of Reservoir Engineering Brian F. Towler Fundamentals of Drilling Engineering SPE Textbook Series, Vol. 12 Edited by Robert F. Mitchell Gas Reservoir Engineering Reprint Series, No. 52 Edited by John P. Spivey Horizontal Wells Reprint Series, No. 47 Edited by Mukul M. Sharma Measurement While Drilling Reprint Series, No. 40 Multilateral Wells A.D. Hill Ding Zhu Michael J. Economides Multiphase Flow in Wells James P. Brill Hemanta Mukherjee Naturally Fractured Reservoir Characterization Wayne Narr David S. Schechter Laird B. Thompson Perforating W.T. Bell R.A. Sukup S.M. Tariq Pore Pressure and Fracture Gradients Reprint Series, No. 49 Edited by A.T. Bourgoyne Jr.

Pressure Buildup and Flow Tests in Wells C.S. Matthews D.G. Russell Pressure Transient Testing John Lee John B. Rollins John P. Spivey Production Logging: Theoretical and Interpretive Elements A.D. Hill Recent Advances in Hydraulic Fracturing Edited by John L. Gidley Stephen A. Holditch Dale E. Nierode Ralph W. Veatch Jr. Reservoir Management Reprint Series, No. 48 Edited by Ganesh Thakur Reservoir Simulation Edited by Calvin C. Mattax Robert L. Dalton Sand Control W.L. Penberthy Jr. C.M. Shaughnessy Formation sand can pose Seismic Inversion Mrinal K. Sen Theory, Measurement, and Interpretation of Well Logs Zaki Bassiouni Transient Well Testing Medhat M. Kamal Waterflooding G. Paul Willhite Well Logging II: Electric and Acoustic Logging James R. Jorden Frank L. Campbell Well Testing John Lee