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HOTEL PARIS: Performance Appraisal

Submitted By Pawan Gupta(113205) Shikha Pandey(113230) Sumesh Karat(113242) MBA (MU) Sec -B

The Hotel Paris Case:

The New Performance Management System
The hotel Paris's competitive strategy is to to use superior guest service to differentiate the hotel Paris properties, and to thereby increase the length of stay and return rate of guest, and thus boost revenue and profitability. HR manager Lisa Cruz must now formulate functional policies and activities that support this competitive strategy, by eliciting the required employee behavior and competencies. Lisa knew that the hotel Paris's performance appraisal system was archaic. When the founder opened their first hotel, they went to an office-supply store and purchased a pad of performance appraisal forms. The hotel chain uses these to this day. Each form is two sided page. Supervisors indicate whether the employees performance in terms of various standard traits including quantity of work, quality of work, and dependability was excellent, good, fair or poor. Lisa knew that, among other flaws, this appraisal tool did not force either the employee or the supervisors to focus the appraisal on the extent to which the employee was helping the hotel Paris to achieve its strategic goals. She wanted a system that focused the employees attention on taking those actions that would contribute to helping the company achieve its goals, for instance, in terms of improved customer service. Lisa and her team also wanted a performance management system that focused on both competencies and objectives, in designing the new system; their starting point was the job description they had created for the hotels employees. These descriptions each included required competencies. Consequently, using a form, the front desk clerks appraisal now focus on competencies such as able to check a guest in or out in 5 min or less. most service employees appraisal include the competency. able to exhibit patience and guest support even when busy with other activities. there were other required competencies. For example, the hotel Paris wanted all service employees to show initiative in helping guest, to be

customer oriented, and to be team player. Each of these competencies derives from the hotels aim of becoming more service oriented.

Question 1 Pick out one job, such as front-desk clerk. Based on any information you have write a list of duties, competencies and performance standards for that chosen job Duties of front-desk clerk
Check In Communication Administration Customer service Billing and check out Check complains Guest information

Competencies of front-desk clerk

Excellent interpersonal/communication skills. Excellent customer service skills . Maintain professional appearance all the time . General knowledge of computer and must be good in calculation .

Performance standard
Personal skills Multitasking Equipment Other standards

Question 2 Based on that, create a performance appraisal form for appraising the job.

DUTIES/RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE EMPLOYEE Rate the employees duties/responsibility from 1 to 5 rates being as follows 1-2 Unsatisfactory 2-3 Fair 3-4 Satisfactory 4-5 Outstanding

Complete working knowledge of software system understanding of software system and assists 1.2..34.5 1.2..34.5

with reservations Communicates the maintenance requests from the guests. Checks AM and PM discrepancy reports. Can perform all of the front desk functions to include Guest Service Aide, Front Desk Clerk, Reservationists, etc.

1.2..34.5 1.2..34.5


Job Competencies
Rate the employees Competencies from 1 to 5. Rates being as follows 1-2 Unsatisfactory 2-3 Fair 3-4 Satisfactory 4-5 Outstanding

COMPETENCIES Able to check a guest in or out in less than five minutes. Time management.


1.2..34.5 Customer Focus 1.2..34.5 Communication 1.2..34.5 Professional Demeanor and Appearance. 1.2..34.5 Process queries of the customers quickly. 1.2..34.5

Development Plan Development Goals 1 2 Development Activities Due Date Status Comment

SIGN OFF PLANNING Manager Manager Date Date Employee Employee REVIEW Date Date