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Characterization using Background, Quote, Analysis (BQA) Assignment Sheet

Goal of the Assignment: For this assignment you will be characterizing a character of your choice from The Scarlet Letter. You will be using the method of BQA, Background, Quote, Analysis, in order to complete the characterization. The website, Edmodo, will be used as the technological aspect of this assignment.

Steps in generating BQA: 1. BQA stands for Background, Quote, Analysis. First, you will give a background of the character and how they pertain to the novel. 2. Next, you will use a direct quote from The Scarlet Letter that goes hand in hand with your background. 3. Finally, you will analyze the quote that you have provided so it defends the characterization you have made of the character. Web 2.0 Integration After completing your characterization of a character from The Scarlet Letter using BQA, Background, Quote, Analysis, you will upload the assignment to the website, Edmodo. A video tutorial that will help

you use the App will be provided.

What is Edmodo?: Edmodo is a website used so teachers and students can collaborate virtually. Your fellow students will be able to see the work that you have published.

Benefits of Edmodo: This will be beneficial to you because you are free to look at what your other classmates are writing. This allows you to be able to get ideas from your peers.

Peer Editing: In addition, you will be peer editing. You will have to comment on two of your classmates characterizations. You will be able to choose whose post you want to comment on, just make sure everybodys characterizations get responded too. Step by Step Directions Here are step by step directions on the assignment after you have completed your BQA. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Join Edmodo Create a new thread, in which you will include your BQA of your characterization, and submit it. Once you have submitted your thread, read two of your classmates characterizations Reply to these two characterizations submitted by your peers Your reply must be knowledgeable and contain more than just a good job.