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Group 10

Marketing Mix Of Parachute Coconuts Hair oil

Background 4Ps (Marketing Mix)

Product Price Place Promotion

STPD Success and Failure


Parachute The Brand Portfolio


Coconut Oil

Oil Variants

Creams / Shampoos/ Gels

Parachute Advansed Parachute Jasmine Parachute Therapie

Parachute Night repair Cream

Parachute Advansed Starzz

Background - Marico
1862 Kanji Morarji started a small trading business in Mumbai 1948 Bombay oil industries setup by Mariwala family 1990 Marico industries Ltd formed

Parachute Shudhta Ki Shakti

First Branded coconut oil in the country Journey began 4 decades ago Switch from Coconut oil in Tins to Plastic 1996 Makeover at 2 levels Rational - Nourishment, proteins and vitamins Emotional - Nurturing, caring and mothers love Coconut Dream centre (R & D) was formed to work on possible extensions of Parachute brand Market Share of 48%

Product Segmentation Hair Care Target Positioning Purity Differentiation Packaging Weight test Light Fragrant

Parachute Coconut Oil Parachute Advansed Parachute Jasmine

All classes

Hair Care

Working Women

Strong hair

Hair Care

Young and appearance conscious consumer Image conscious, Metrosexuals Children

Non Sticky

Light Fragrant

Parachute Therapie

Hair Care

Hair fall solution 45 Days therapy

Hair Care Parachute Advansed Starz(Shampo

Gentle Shampoo

Fun filled fragrance (Strawberry)

Parachute coconut oil
Premium edible grade coconut oil Positioned on the platform of purity Innovations in packaging for user friendliness and aesthetics

Parachute Advansed
Contains essential oils of ylang-ylang to give it a rich and deep fragrance contains essential oils of ylang-ylang to give it a rich and deep fragrance With regular use hair strength is known to increase by up to 16% When applied pre-wash, Parachute Advansed reduces protein loss up to 28% and restores the health of hair

Parachute Jasmine
Light, fragrant oil that can be used everyday to nourish and style your hair Gives healthy, non-sticky, free flowing and fragrant hair

Products (..contd)
Parachute Aftershower
Non-sticky Anti-dandruff, Works 24x7 Makes hair 50% stronger Styles hair

Parachute Therapie
Unique scientific formulation Developed after 6 years of intensive research, product development and consumer trial helps control hair fall naturally

Parachute Advansed Starz

Made from natural ingredients Coconut Proteins - For gentle nourishment Vitamin Shakti - Fortify and strengthen hair Strawberries - A yummy fragrance that children love.

Major factors impacting pricing Copra and oil seed input costs Packaging costs Competitors
During Q3FY09, Copra prices remained firm, they were higher 30% YoY.
To offset the sharp rise, Marico undertook price increase 5% increase in the retail prices of Parachute in August 2008, in addition to a 5% price increase initiated in April 2008

Pricing Method Competitive Promotional pricing (20% extra)

Pricing Strategy Economy / Value??

Parachute Coconut oil 500 ml - Rs 90 200 ml - Rs 39 20 ml - Rs 5 Mini - Rs 1 375ml Rs 80 212.5ml - Rs 48 80 ml Rs 27 300 ml Rs 72 150 ml Rs 46 100 ml Rs 29 150 ml Rs 80 (Antidandruff) 50 ml Rs 37 (Antidandruff) 150 ml Rs 62 (Regular) 50 ml Rs 35 (Regular) 190 ml Rs 190 100 ml Rs 99 100 ml Rs 54


Parachute Advansed

Parachute Jasmine

Parachute Aftershower

Parachute Therapy

Parachute Advansed Starzz

Distributors Retailers Consumers Retailers includes - Kirana Stores, Supermarkets, Medical Shops, Co-operative Stores etc.

All India market
Urban Semi-urban and rural markets - primary focus.

Bangladesh Middle East Egypt

Maricos Distribution Ntwork in India Urban Sales Territories Towns Covered (000's) Distributors Super Distributors Stockists Retail Outlets Reach (millions) 1.65 135 3.2 850 120 3,600 11 0.85 Rural 35 11

Place : Distribution Chain


Relevance to the New Age Consumers through Innovation in Packaging and New Product Development Parachute - achieved a volume growth of about 8% in volume over Q3 FY09 in rigid packs Parachutes share in the coconut oil category for the 12 months ended December 09 was 45.9%.


PARACHUTE STARZ - Shampoo for Kids category Diversion from Core Product Offering TV commercial insufficient Buzz about the Product amongst the Kids Print Ads & ads on Bus Shelters failed to market the product adequately. Parachutes Brand Equity did not work in the Brand Extensions like Hair Gel, Shampoo and Hair Cream + Gel
Parachute :After Shower Hair Gel The Yuvi Shreesanth Ad Impression Ek din me nahi banta Parachute Cream Gel: Mother & Son Ad - Starz Cream Gel - Health + Style


Print Media - Magazines, 2 day print adds for parachute therapie, news papers. Wall painting Endorsement by celebrities like Deepika Padukone, Diya Mirza, Yuvraj, Sreesanth Television - 1 hr champi kiya, Gorgeous Hamesha (parachute Advansed) Radio - 45 Day hair fall solution,- parachute therapie Sales promotions - 20% extra , festive season promotion Internet Advertising- facebook Mall branding



Rural add campaingns- Parachute Anti Loose Oil Rural Campaign Bangladesh, Convert loose oil buyers into Parachute pouch customers-Tamilnadu Success stories of add campaingns

25% conversion from loose coconut oil usage to Parachute Pouch Pack, Van campaingns in the villages with more than 100000 population

Anti loose oil A total of 12,061 courtyard meeting, 1070 Baul performances and 490 school campaigns were conducted to reach 25,98,311 rural audiences. Hair therapie- one day print add (Delhi) 75.3% of the registered customers were sattisfied with the concenpt of 45 days therapie