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CORFU LAUGHS AT EX-KAISER They Would Twist His Nose If He Returned, Greek Islanders Say. CORFU, Greece. Marth 20.—Every few days Corfu, before the war the fa- vorite resort of the then German Em- peror, hears a report that WilHam is anxious to return to his castle here and some times the rumors actually fix a time for hts arrival. Consequently, he is much discussed by the residents of the little Greek island, which had many thrills in ante-bellum days when William and his suite made merry at the Achilles Castle, constructed within rifle range of the ancient forts over- looking the rugged island's best harbor. Most of the Corfu folk become ex- tremely indignant at the suggestion that a Greek island could be mentioned as a shelter for William, the village jesters apparently reviving the rumor to keep the drowsy island awake. ‘tIf we get our hands on the Kaiser and ex-King Constantine we will give their noses a good twisting,’’ said an old orange seller. ‘' Corfu would like to have them come here together. We would attend to them all right.”’ The orange vendor's sentiments are typical of the views of the more im- portant residents of the fsland. The New York Cimes Published: April 4, 1920 Copyright © The New York Times