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April 6, 2009

Carol Rsh, Com:nrssioner

IrIYS Department of Parks, Rccreation and Historic Preservation
Empire State Plaza, Agency Building I
Albany, New York 12238

Dear Commissioncr Ash:

Euclosed please find commcnts dated March 276 recently submitted to your offrcc by the Long
Island Regional Plaruring Council (the Council) concerning the Phasc 1 Dcmolition Project Description
for Kings Park / Nissequogue River Statc Park My reply to those comments are enclosed as well.

Despite srrong actions taken by the Smtc more than two ycars ago to preserve thc former Kings
Park Psychiatric Ccnrc,r as part of the Nissequog/uc River State Park, thc Council has managed to resurrecr
rhc idea of dcveloping this property with a varicty of "mixed use" projects includrng thc idea of buildrng
worlcforcc./ncxt generation housing at this location.

This is cxrrcrnely unfortunate and disconcerting sincc Kings Park residcnts and the local clccted
officials who acrrrally represent this community believed this matter was scttled once and for all when tlus
propcrty was legally Eansferred into the Ncw York Stare Parks system in 2006.

As you know, the Council's proposals are in direct opposition to thc overwhelmrng rnajonty of
indivrduals both tiving and reprcscnting the Kings Park communrty. However, ir is rcasonable to assume
thc possible aflcct these recommcndations could have on futurc dccisions regarding this propcrry given
thc Council's pcrsuasive authority over plarurrng and developmcnt issues conccrning Long Iltand.-

To,snsure there is fair and adequatc opportunity to respond to rhc Council's suggestions, I am
asking that the coflunent penod for ilre Phasc I Dcmolition Pro.ycct be extendcd at least until npril 30u
This will enablc all interested parties who arc just leaming of the Council's recommendations io respond

Thank you in advance for your consideration of rhis requ€st.



Hon Davtd A. Pat€rsor; ork Stat overnor

Tom Lyons, NrySOPRHP

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