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Online Magazine Ad Specs

1/2 Page
Full Page

1/2 Page Horizontal

Digital File Submission

Electronic files should be

submited at actual size via email.
We can only accept emails upto
10MB. Please indicate your com-
pany name in the email. PDF is
the preferred file format. All files
must be PC compatible. Images
must be 300dpi or larger and set
1/4 Page to CMYK. Print-Ready PDFs
Vertical with all fonts embedded are
Online Magazines

prefered. We support all Adobe

1/4 Page Horizontal products up to CS3. If submit-
ting an Adobe Illustrator docu-
ment, please convert all fonts to
Ad Sizes 1/2 Page Vertical
10.2083” x 4.25
Do not sent the following:
- Logos/images from the web or
Full Page other low resolution files.
1/4 Page Vertical - Quark Native Files
8.5” x 11” 4.25” x 5.5”

1/2 Page Horizontal Send artwork to:

1/4 Page Horizontal Art@NorthCharleston.sc
7.8333” x 5.5” 7.8333” x 2.25” FTP Upload Directions Available
Upon Request

3290 Ashley Phosphate Road Charleston, SC 29418

Toll Free: (866)532-4725 Fax: (866)542-4725 Info@NorthCharleston.sc www.NorthCharleston.sc