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Chapter 11: Server and Network Monitoring TRUE/FALSE 1.

The most important way to get to know your server is to use monitoring tools t o establish normalserver performance characteristics .ANS:TPTS:1REF:446 2.Pausing a service takes it offline to be used only by Administrators or Server Operators.ANS:TPTS:1REF:449 3.With the Performance Monitor tool, you can monitor one or more objects at a ti me as a way to get a better understanding of how particular objects interact.ANS :TPTS:1REF:463 4.When you select any of the predefined data collector sets, you cannot configur e specific counters fromPerformance Monitor to include in your collector set.ANS :FPTS:1REF:470 5.For security reasons, SNMP management systems and agents cannot be grouped int o communities for administrative and security purposes.ANS:FPTS:1REF:48 MULTIPLE CHOICE 1.The best way to get a feel for a server s performance is to establish a(n) ____ and then frequentlymonitor server performance. a.baseline c.monitor b.policy d.administrator 2.The ____ Windows Server 2008 service keeps a listing of computers and domain r esources to beaccessed. a.DNS Server c.Computer Browser b .Intersite Messaging d.File Replicat ion ANS:CPTS:1REF:447 3.The ____ Windows Server 2008 service enables clients to obtain leased IP addre sses. a.DNS Server c.Netlogon b.File Replication d.DHCP Server ANS:DPTS:1REF:447 4.The ____ Windows Server 2008 service replicates the Active Directory elements on multiple DCs(when Active Directory is installed) .a.Intersite Messaging c.IPsec Policy Agent b.File Replication d.Microsoft iSCSI Initiator ANS:BPTS:1REF:447 5.The ____ Windows Server 2008 service enables Kerberos authentication and the s erver as a center from which to issue Kerberos security keys and tickets .a.Kerberos Netlogonc.Kerberos Key Distribution Center b.Computer Browserd.Acti ve Directory DomainANS:CPTS:1REF:447 6.Windows Server 2008 includes the ____ tool that can be used to monitor applica tions and processesrunning on a server. a.Server Manager c.Session Manager b.Task Manager d.Application Manager ANS:BPTS:1REF:451 7.You can use Task Manager to view applications running on the server by pressin g ____ while loggedon as Administrator or as a member of the Administrators grou p.

a.Shift+ALT+DEL c.ESC+ALT+DEL b.CTRL+DEL+ESC d.CTRL+ALT+DELANS:DPTS:1REF:451 8.The ____ tab of the Task Manager lists the processes in use by all running app lications .a.Processes c.Services b.Applications d.Performance ANS:APTS:1REF:454 9.The ____ process implements logon and security policies that is vital to the s erver. a.csrss.exec.mc c.exe b.lsass.exe d.dwm.exe ANS:BPTS:1REF:455 10.The ____ process is an important service for starting and stopping processes while the operatingsystem is running, booting, and shutting down. a.services.exe c.slsvc.exe b.explorer.exe d.mcc.exe ANS:APTS:1REF:455 11.The ____ process enables the Task Scheduler to run tasks when scheduled, such as backing up thesystem at a certain time. a.svchost.exe c.dfssvc.exe b.taskmgr.exe d.taskeng.exe ANS:DPTS:1REF:455 12.Using the ____ tab within Task Manager, you can increase the priority of a pr ocess (or processes) inthe list so that it has more CPU priority than what is se t as its default .a.Performance c.Processes b.Applications d.Priorities ANS:CPTS:1REF:45 13.The ____ tab in Task Manager shows the services that are started, stopped, or paused .a.Services c.Applications b.Processes d.Performance ANS:APTS:1REF:457 14.The ____ tab of the Task Manager shows vital CPU and memory performance infor mation through bar charts, line graphs, and performance statistics .a.Processes c.Performance b.Services d.Applications ANS:CPTS:1REF:458

15.The ____ tab in Task Manager enables you to monitor network performance on al l NICs installed inthe server .a.Users c.Processes b.Performance d.Networking ANS:DPTS:1REF:460 16.The ____ tab of the Task Manager provides a list of the users currently logge d on. a.Networking c.Performance b.Users d.ProcessesANS:BPTS:1REF:461 17.A(n) ____ exists when there are different elements to monitor, such as indivi dual processes when youuse the Process object, or when a process contains multip le threads or runs subprocesses under it for the Thread object. a.policy c.instance b.baseline d.profile ANS:CPTS:1REF:463 18.The ____ counter measures the average number of times per second that the CPU is interrupted bydevices requesting immediate processing .a.Interrupts c.Avg. interrupt b.Interrupts/sec d.Avg. processingANS:BPTS:1REF:467 19.The ____ counter for the System object measures the number of execution threa ds waiting for accessto a CPU. a.CPU Queue Length c.Memory Queue Length b.Threads Queue Length d.Processor Queue Length ANS:DPTS:1REF:468 20.A ____ is a collection of diagnostic and performance information in the form of a report or log. a.data collector set c.performance counter report b.trace report d.system collector set ANS:APTS:1REF:46