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Acid found in plants Acid found in animals

Acid Plant origin Acid Animal orig

Critic acid orange and lemon Hydrochloric Human stoma
Tartaric acid grapes acid
Ascorbic acid citrus fruits and black currant Lactic acid Builds up in the musc
(vitamin C) rigoous exerci
Methanoic acid Nettle sting Uric acid Urine
(Formic acid) Methanoic acid Ant sting

Black Currant : Black grapes

Uric acid : (nước tiểu) water that is in our urine
Rigorous: Tiring, hard, strong

Nettle sting

Ant sting( Fire ant)

d found in animals
Animal origin
Human stomach

Builds up in the muscle during

rigoous exercise
Ant sting

ater that is in our urine