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Guadalupe Velazco Computers, an Introduction Mrs.

Norris Period 1 The Right Schools Should Have

How free should student be online? Technology, such as cell phones, texting, email, and Facebook, has changed communication and has made it easier. Consequently, many people abuse technology, and, as a result, online bullying has become a problem for schools. In addition, students around the world are being bullying students though electronics, which is why schools should limit students online speech. Other reasons include cyberbullying is a wide spread problem, is very disruptive, and it violates civil rights. Therefore, the question is, "Should schools be allowed to restrict what students say online?" Firstly, schools should be able to limit students online speech because cyber bullying is a widespread problem to students and teachers. According to a graph presented by Sameer Hinduja and Justin Patching from the Cyberbullying Research Center on February 2010, of all the student that were surveyed, about 41.6% of said that they have been cyberbullied during their lifetime. In another survey, presented by a Joint ATL Teacher Support Network Press Release presented in London, UK on April 5, 2009, 44.2% teachers surveyed said that the person that was cyberbullying them was the students that they were teaching. While many people say that it is not that big of a problem, others see the true numbers of cyberbullied victims that the others did not see Reason number two why student online speech should be limited is because cyberbullying is very disruptive. According to a video named Bad Behavior Online: Bullying, Trolling, and Free Speech presented by the Public Broadcasting Service on pbs.org on

Guadalupe Velazco Computers, an Introduction Mrs. Norris Period 1 December 13, 2012, trolling has become an increasingly big problem because of its disruption to social networks. In a court case, K.K. v. Berkley Country Schools, from the United States of Appeals, presented on July 27, 2011, both the School and the Court said the school had policies to limits to protect the staff and students of the school of online bullies. One might say that these disruption might not get to the school fast enough to be disruptive, and could be true. Nevertheless, think of the big disruption it might be if it does get to the school. The third reason why school should limit students online speech is that it violate s civil rights. According to Laura W. Murphy and Michael W. Macleod-bell from the ACLU Washington Legislative office presented on July 15, 2010, it would great if Congress, before doing any online free speech restrictions, rechecks of the severity of the problem. In another letter written by Russelyn Ali from the US Department of Education on October 26, 2010, harassment based on thing like race, color, and nationality violates civil rights law enforced by OCR. People might say that not many people have their civil rights violated, but you might hear the violators actions and/or nicknames everywhere: racist. Some people that say that school should not limit students online speech say that cyberbullying does not affect most school staff and students, not very disruptive to the learning environment, and their freedom of speech is protected by the Constitution. However, some of those people may have not have seen the true number of cyberbullied victims, the big of a disruption cyberbullying is to the school, and how it is a violation to civil rights.