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Case FILE: The American Civil War INVESTIGATION BY:

Inspector Dasia Miles- Langaigne

The Police Department of Special Civil Units.

620,000 Americans dead Whos responsible?

Theory #1:
I believe that the Northern

Theory #2:
The Northern and Southern

States wanted slaves to be

free and the southern states wanted slavery. They came up with a compromise, but one of the other states decided to intervene. They

state had a
baby(metaphorically). They had a disagreement and they wanted to break up. They were fighting and decided to take it to court. In the "court" things get ugly.

began to put thought about

the Northern States into

the Southern states "mind"

People die and many

wounded. Only one state

and vice versa. A way to

settle their problems they had a huge fight (civil war) to settle the dispute.

came out victorious.

Mother Nature

State of the Universe


Breaker, Breaker. Suspect number one has been detained. They go by the name of "mother nature." I'm kind of suspicious of this person because they have caused an industrial and agricultural feud between the North and South. Also due to the climate differences she is creating, she is making slavery an option for the south. I'll keep you posted over and out.



We have detained more suspects. The head leader Congress and it's two accomplices Tallmadge, and ""Present generations" have been causing havoc throughout the North and South. I have been going through their things and I found a "blue print." It says "divide and conquer" on the top. They're trying to make the North and South fight over Missouri. To cover up the underlined plan. Congress gets the North and South to compromise by giving the South Maine. The North and South believe it's over, but it's isn't over yet.

Divide and Conquer



Harriet Beecher

A long day it has been but I have found new suspects. Harriet Beecher Stowe created a book called "Uncle tom's cabin." The book is about a slave who runs away, he gets captured and sold back into slavery. She caused a feud between the North and South. The slave owners/farmers believed that she should mind her business. The North believed that what was happening was sick. I'm getting to a verdict, keep you posted. Over and out!






I have recovered evidence that proves that the constitution played a huge role in the South vs. North case. The constitution says nothing about slavery. Due to this encounter it may have caused a conflict between the North and South because the constitution was like their "bible." The lawsuit that Dred Scott created involving slavery may have cause the civil war. Also the Supreme court may have also had a part in creating the Civil War. The Supreme Court pointed out that slavery wasn't in the constitution, so slaves aren't citizens. Another suspect is John Brown because he believed that by trying to revolt against slave owners in the South. Ultimately he might have made it worse.

Name:Southerners Located:The South

I think i've found my final suspect its the Southerners. I grew very suspicious of this country because they were using the A.O.C as a reason for secession. The A.O.C was invalid so their reasons are invalid. The evidence I have is that on April 12, 1861 southerners forcibly opened fire on Fort Sumter. Also Lincoln tried to give "slaves freedom" in his pitch to become president. This could have caused conflict because the South believed that he was trying to take away slavery.



Final Charges & Letter to the Jury

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