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Mojacar’s only stand alone 'On Line Magazine’ A Greener Alternative Edition 10 April to May 2009

Dear Viewers
Your views
Dear Editor
about us and other stuff!
paper we see animals falling that everything must make a
Thank you all for the letters I am now a regular reader of foul to the newspaper profit. Yours sincerely
that you have submitted. It your on lime magazine and I industry. Ronald S. Matheson
is always great to hear from look forward to each edition.
you and we very much We like your magazine as it is Dear Editor
appreciate your views. You have some great articles environmentally friendly so I recently wrote to my local
It is April already, the but I particularly look forward imaging how we felt the other authority asking if we could
months seem to come and to the cooking section that is day when we saw this in the have a roadside mirror put up
go so quickly, I am sure you written by Sharon. local paper the Almeria to improve safety at a
agree. Messenger: dangerous junction and the
I have tried many of the
What's happened since the recipes and they are great.
last edition? Well the pound Well done and keep up the
has continually battled with great work.
the euro and it stands a little
Mrs A Stevens
over 1.05, what does this
mean, quite simply
everything is a third more! Dear Sir
For your readers of this
From what I can gather it magazine, Mojacar has had a
has been a tough winter in very difficult winter, lack of
Mojacar with a lot of the people the pound against the
bars and restaurants
euro and a general lack of
closing early or not opening
at all. enthusiasm in the area.
reply was that this was,
Hopefully now as we get You will find the resort slightly It says it all really, indeed both"not part of the Ministry's
into the warmer climes and different than previous years, photos do. What a waste of road furniture". Roadside
the airports start to swell the prices will be the same but resource! mirrors are prolific in Spain
much needed holidaymaker things will cost considerably Mr D Jacobs, Mojacar and are excellent for
will return and inject some more. The typical €11 meal
lifeblood back into the improving visibility. I'm
will now equate to about £10 Dear Editor: surprised they are not used
which is becoming I lived in Carboneras in Spain here. What do your readers
We will continue to do our comparable with the UK. from 1982 to 1994, and at think?
bit and publish alternate that time there was just one Richard Statham
months. Don't get me wrong I love main post office On a return
Mojacar but memories of visit I discovered that now Dear Editor
If you have something that cheap meals, cheep beer and there are 2 plus at least four in This year I have driven to
you would like included cheap fun are likely to have
please do not hesitate in shops, shopping centres etc. France and Spain three
gone forever..........! I wonder why the Spanish times, in March, June and
contacting us.
Mr B, Mojacar postal service which October and in that time fuel
presumably has the same prices have hardly changed.
Dear Ed problems as the British one, Just two weeks ago I bought
My wife and I are keen can expand whilst in Scotland diesel in Spain for less than
conservationists and do what it seems on the point of €1 a litre - which at an
HOW TO GET IN TOUCH we can so save energy and
closing altogether. In Spain exchange of £1 to €1.45, is
indeed the planet.
It’s all about YOU... So get in there has always been 69.5p a litre. A fill up of 10
touch with your views, competition from the tobacco gallons would cost UK
suggestions, pictures and We are also realists and
accept that anything today will shops which deal in postal drivers £11.20 more than
To share your views by not necessarily impact our services their Spanish counterparts.
EM AIL and LETTER: email lives but more likely our
This is the measure of 10
children's. I think maybe the idea of years of Gordon Brown's tax
Or write to the Editor at 18
Kingfisher Drive, Hemel public service is still alive
Hempstead, Hertfordshire, With rainforests and trees here, where the British
Peter Hurst
being destroyed to make government seems to think

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Production Office
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TELEPHONE: 01442 409348 Hello and For many of us we will be lucky enough
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10th edition of
Mojacar Indeed I am sure as we launch, the
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E-MAIL: Editor@mojacarmagazine.com Magazine.
shops are becoming fuller and fatter.
MANAGING DIRECTOR: It seems ages and restaurants are having their final lick
Ian Steel since we of paint as they anticipate the foreign
brought you walking wallet.
EDITOR : Sharon Steel
edition 9 and in
We hope that you enjoy issue 10 and
Advertising Sales fact we have to admit it has been an remember the magazine can be tailored
Enigma Design and Marketing extra week than normal. at any time to meet the needs of the
Limited reader.. so remember your views are
This is simply down to the fact that we always particularly welcome.
Kingfisher Drive will now be launching the first week of
Kings Langley every other month. Until the launch of edition 11 that will be
Hemel Hempstead available on Sunday 7th of June we wish
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Saying that however most of us budget
the best of our knowledge accurate. However, we are
unable to inspect properties to confirm the accuracy of
in some way so we don't miss that
the descriptions supplied. The words and contents of
important break that we all crave at least
all advertisements in this magazine are the once a year.
responsibility of the advertisers and no warranty is
given by the publishers of M ojacar M agazine as to
their accuracy.
Page 2 Your Views Page 24 Personal Profile - Karen Polansky
The publishers cannot accept any responsibility or
Page 5 Special Places by Melanie Page 26 Lional and Constance
liability for any errors or omissions in advertisements.
Page 6 Finance News Page 29 Freetime
In addition, details of prices, facilities and equipment
may be liable to change and should be confirmed with
Page 11 Bytes and Pieces Page 31 Recipies with Sharon
the advertiser at the time of booking. Page 12 Insuring your Home Page 35 Restaurant Review
Readers intending to buy property advertised for sale Page13 Summer Health and Fitness Page 36 Photo Gallery
are advised to take the appropriate independent legal Page 18 Gardening in Spain Page 38 Competition
advice before entering onto any commitment. Page 20 A Postcard Review Page 55 Min and Motors

Mojacar Magazine April to May 2009 Page 3

A Hidden Paradise:
Costa de Almeria
In a country like Spain, where tourism has been
consolidated over decades, it is not easy to find places on
the coast that still retain their virgin and unspoiled
appearance of centuries ago. However, this is certainly
the case of the Costa de Almeria, the easternmost
province of Andalusia and probably the least known in the

Eastern Almeria
The coast in the north of the nudist's paradise, whereas
province, which stretches from Garrucha has maintained its
the border with Murcia to the fishing village atmosphere with
Cabo de Gato-Nijar national a multitude of restaurants
park, offers an attractive specialising in all kinds of fish
contrast of wide sandy and seafood.
beaches with steep cliffs
concealing coves that often However, Mojacar , a
require the imagination to charming village perched on
reach. It has four blue flag the top of a mountain, is
beaches: on in Vera (Las without doubt the tourism
Manas-Bolagas), on in capital of eastern Almeria.
Garrucha and another two in Over the last twenty or so
Carboneras (El Ancon and years the village has gradually
Las Barquicos). The village of spread out towards the sea
Vera is famous all over with a proliferation of
Europs for its marvellous developments, hotels and golf
unspoiled beaches that are a courses. Continued

Page 4 Mojacar Magazine April to May 2009

Almeria-Cabo de Gatar-Nijar
The area from Aguamarga to
San Jose is the most unexplored
part of the province. Its traditional Western Almeria
isolation has prevented the
The western coast of Almeria is
urban development of the
undoubtedly the most
villages here and thus they have
developed from the tourism
kept their particular appeal
point of view, having a less
unaffected by outside influences.
complicated landscape that
And, this is precisely their charm.
facilitates services and
In the Cabo de Gatar-Nijar
transport links. Nine of its
national park, a Biosphere
beaches have been awarded
Reserve, there are perfect
the Blue Flag: La Romanilla,
beaches that are ideal for
Urbamnizacion Roquetas del
snorkelling and can be enjoyed
El Monsul beach in San Jose Mar, San Miguel-Poniente,
almost in private e.g. Cala de
Balerma and Lavante-
Polacra, Playa de los
Almerimar in El Ejido and
Genoveses, Monsul or Cala de
finally San Nicolas-Levante and
la Media Luna.
Polente in Adra.
The beach of Monsul was in fact
Villages such as Aguadulce,
used as a location for the
Roquetas de Mar, Almerimar,
Harrison Ford film "Indiana
El Ejido os Adra also offer
Jones and the Last Crusade"
excellent beaches to enjoy the
Another highly recommended
sun and the Mediterranean Sea
place is the Arrecife de las
as well as modern marinas that
Sirenas (Sirens' Reef).
attract a significant amount of
residential tourism. Despite the
If we continue towards the South
level of development in this
we arrive at the provincial capital
area there are still unspoilt
of Almeria where you can relax
beaches and natural areas to
on six Blue Flag Beaches: Cabo
be found, such as Punta
de Gata Sur, Retamar, San-
Etinas-Sabinar and Las
0Miguel-Las Conchas and
Albuferas nature reserve in
Zapillo, as well as Aguamarga
Adra, the Arrecife Barrera de
The effect of the waves creates curious rock and San Jose, which belong to
Posidonia (Posidonia Sea
formations such as this one on Mojacars beaches Nijar
Grass Reef) in Roquetas de
Mar or the Guardias Viejas salt

Mojacar Magazine April to May 2009 Page 5

A special place: "Treasure Island" in Spring
by Melanie of Almeria Art, and Portrait Artist at Hotel Valle del Este, Vera in Spain
amongst the caves at the waters edge? The beach is
deserted, save for a walker and a French couple lounging
outside their camper van but, all around, is the richness of
the natural world . . the yellow of the flowering broom, the
velvet blue of the small-petalled Gentian, and varying shades
of green (before the summer sun scorches it dry) - a painter's

Have an undisturbed nap, collect a few pebbles, take some

pics or make a sketch. Then wind your way back to Mojacar,
towards the contentious Maecenas Hotel (under
construction) and the new golf resort taking shape to your
left, and perhaps stop a while at the small chiringuito
frequented by the displaced campers from further up the
playa, on the off-chance of meeting a drunken old sailor
named Billy Bones with the secrets to the treasures of

What would Orson Welles have made of a bevy of

naked 'naturistas' skinny-dipping by the light of the
silvery moon while he tried to keep a fearsome
presence as the one-legged ship's cook Long John
Silver in the 1970's film classic of Robert Luis
Stevenson's Treasure Island? Playa El Sombrerico, on
the south side of Mojacar, was famous for a while as
"Treasure Island" beach. Now, it languishes, almost
detached from the modern world - a retreat for the

Visit on a spring day when the sun shines, the warm wind
ruffles your hair and the short, ten minute drive from the Hotel
Indalo takes you by dirt track through some of the wild scrub-
land between Mojacar and Carboneras to the south.

Down to Maecenas, up to the scaffold-clad torre (undergoing

refurbishment), round some bends, down the other side;
more twists and turns until finally, there in front of you is
"Treasure Island" cove - with its grassy knoll leading you
down to the grey, mostly sandy beach below. Park up and
enjoy a warm glass of Rioja and a ripe Blue Auvergne that
you bought ten minutes earlier at Thomas's, or travel on a
half mile or so to the second, smaller and more sheltered
beach where you can lie in the sun - undisturbed (clothed, or
not). As the sea roars in the wind, is it possible to imagine
peg-legged Long John Silver menacing his crew to mutiny

Page 6 Mojacar Magazine April to May 2009

DOWN = REDUCED INCOME! by Mark Mountney
WHAT TO DO? negatively hit by the general demise around
the world and there are several that I would
With bank interest rates at an all time low, and some like to focus on in this article.
investment markets back to where they were many years ago,
where do you put your money today for a solid income …. and 1) Traded Life Policy Funds
with little risk to your capital?

For risk is THE key issue today; the whole ‘Credit Crunch’ These are 2nd hand policy sales with a known end minimum
fallout has been a consequence of a more cautious view value. The ‘minimum’ element is the important bit as it is this
towards investment risk going forward; whether that is a bank that determines the removal of investment risk as well as
looking at what it is prepared to lend against a potentially offering a known return.
shaky property market, or an investor looking at stocks and For example, if you buy a product at say 90 cents with a
shares. guaranteed value of 100 cents in a year’s time, that translates
into a return on outlay of 11%. It’s that simple really!
The whole world has a different view as to exactly what is Traded Life policies are products where the eventual maturity
acceptable risk today as opposed to just 18 months or so value is calculable as a minimum with a potential for a greater
ago! upside; never the reverse (i.e. an under performance). The
minimal value is guaranteed.
So, where can ordinary folk put their money now knowing that And such product funds are still performing steadily today
i) it will return an acceptable rate but, perhaps more returning from 7% to 9% for the last 12 months of trading (as
importantly, ii) where they know that their funds are not going they have done for years)… despite the mayhem around
to be at any risk? them!

Surprisingly for some, there are still safe havens to be found

that meet both criteria. Not all asset classes have been 2) Commercial Rental Income Funds

There will always be a market for certain type of

accommodation in the UK (and elsewhere for that matter)
and Commercial Rental Income Funds exploit the potential
well. Their income steams emanate from ground rents and
accommodation rentals to industries where the demand
simply cannot fall. For example, can you imagine any real
scenario where students will not need cheap halls of
residence or flats/bed sits close to their place of study? Or
nurses and junior doctors, on call at all hours of night or day,
needing to be close to their place of work.
When such funds are only lightly leveraged (borrowing levels),
if at all, and with such solid income streams, is it therefore
surprising then that returns of 9% per annum are still being
produced today and that that return has neither gone above
or, importantly, below that figure since launch many years
Both Traded Policies and Commercial Rental Income Funds
are as close to ‘recession proof’ investments as can be
found, especially bearing in mind that the supposedly ‘safe’
products of yesterday have been proven to be anything but!
Mark Mountney, the proprietor of Rose Financial Planning,
is a specialist mortgage brokerage and Independent
Financial Advisor. He is a fully qualified mortgage and
financial adviser in the UK with some 10 years experience
in managing his own firm. Mark was also a founder of The
Association of Mortgage Intermediaries, the trade
association for mortgage advisors in the UK with 28,000
members. See www.rosefp.com or call 0034 677 874 948.

Mojacar Magazine April to May 2009 Page 7

Your a Winner!


Congratulations to Keith and Anita Oaks the winners of
PAPERS, TOPPERS, RIBBONS, ETC Mojacar Magazines wordsearch competition.

BEADS FOR JEWELLERY MAKING They had a great meal kindly supplied by Matt at the
Well done Guys!

Mojacar Playa, behind Bar Los Arcos Tel:

Summer hours: 10.30 - 2 Closed Wednesdays and Sundays 627 635 832

The Cobra
Gentleman’s Club
Spectacular American Bar

Striptease Show

Solo Show’s

Corporate Events

VIP Lounge
Paseo Del Mediterraneo, no 3-5 Mojacar Playa
Telephone 608 09 38 85 / 950 47 83 24 Private Shows

Page 8 Mojacar Magazine April to May 2009

La Buena Artesania a Company Profile
La Buena Artesanía was started in 1997 out of the
necessity of people looking for quality products, a
huge choice of designs and personalized customer

As a result of this, the first shop opened in Garrucha

(Almeria), where you could find an enormous selection of
rustic-style furniture, coquetries, decoration items… and
much more.

Because of the high quality of our items, the variety and the
great value for money, the service we offer, in five years we
had broken records in home decoration.

That’s the reason we decided expand our establishment in

2002, opening a new shop in Mojacar, where a large
exhibition of rustic ambiences will provide you plenty of
Nowadays our product range varies from furniture, lightning,
ideas to make your home as comfortable as possible.
mattresses, decorations, ceilings, stairs, wall panelling,
doors and much more…

A lot of our products are hand made and you will find carved
furniture using always different type of carpenters´ tools.
Work can be ordered based on your specific requirements.

La Buena Artesania is an Aladdin;s Cave of unique items

where skilled craftsman have worked on a wide range
artistic baggage, using their knowledge in style and history,
to produce unique and exciting items.

La Buena Artesanía is used to work with customers who

ask for different decorative elements just as carved rose,
flowers, pinnacles, crosspieces, spirals and any other
craftsman motif.

We invite you to come and have a look in our showroom in

Mojacar (behind KIA-motors, on the beach, close to Rio
Abajo) or get an impression of our products in our web
page www.buenaartesania.com.

La Buena Artesanía , Camino del Palmeral nº 3 04638

Mojacar (Almeria), TEL 950 475508, FAX 950 133109
www.buenaartesania.com info@buenaartesania.com
News and Views for the friends and residents of
Mojácar. Non-commercial site
includes Local News, Rambeau's Blog, The
Weeniewatch and other wonders.
The Entertainer Online also has some 80 useful links
about Spain.


Mojacar Magazine April to May 2009 Page 9

Boxers Golf Society Fund ofSociety
a unique item of golfing memorabilia, sighed Boxers Golf

This shirt has been signed by 15 of the top European tour

Raising. golfers at the very last Volvo masters tournament at
Every year the captain of the Boxers Golf Society elects a Valderrama in Oct/Nov 2008, which will makes this shirt a
local charity to raise funds for throughout the year, but collector's item.
mainly during its captain’s day golf competition and
presentation dinner. The tournament professionals who have added their signatures
to help our charity are:
Simon Dyson, Robert Karlsson, John Bickerton, Soren
Hansen, Miguel Angel Jimenez, Anthony Wall, David Lynn,
Graham Storm, Darren Clarke, Ross Fisher, Gonzalo Fdez-
Castano, Padraig Harrington, Lee Westwood, Ian Poulter and
Justin Rose.

The signed shirt is mounted in a glass framed. And for any

golfer interested in memorabilia this will be a worthy addition to
their collection.

The society is selling raffle tickets at €5.0 in order to raise funds

for the captains charity and the draw will be held at the spring
ball on the 16th may this year.

Tickets are selling well and if any readers would like to buy a
ticket, they can contact any society committee member (details
on the web site, www.arboleas.co.uk in the forums section,
Boxers golf society). Alternatively we meet every Saturdays at
Last years charity was the the "why not" bar in Albox on Saturdays between 10:00 and
'Salvemos el Palacio del 11:00.
Almanzora' and the above
picture shows a cheque Tickets will also be on sale in the near future at various outlets
for 1,341 euros being in Albox and Arboleas. Further details will be announced in the
presented to Lázaro López Boxers Golf Society match reports.
Cazorla. The aim of this
charity is to raise the
public profile of the current
state of the Palace and to "Quite
raise funds for
restoration. The Palace of
simply the
Almanzora was built by the
first Marquess of number
Almanzora in 1872 on the
site of an old Moorish
one place
to buy
In the 1940s it was divided up and sold in parts to three different
owners. In 1982 it was declared a building of architectural and
your used
historical interest and in 1995 it was included by the ‘Junta de
Andalucia’ in its list of buildings that should be brought into car"
public ownership as a means of protecting part of the region’s
cultural heritage. At present, a charitable foundation is being Telephone of fax Check out the new
formed. There are four organisations in the set up: The friends on
Premier Autos
of the Palace (Salvemos el Palacio del Almanzora), the website for up to
Ayuntamiento de Cantoria, PRODER (a rural development 950 459 206
date stock
organisation) and the equivalent of the local chamber of
commerce. It is hoped that the legalisation process will be email:
completed sometime in October. Lorraine and David Cundy sales@premierautos.
currently involved in raising funds for the Palace Lorraine and es
David can be contacted on 950 064 484.
This year the captain’s charity will be the children’s orphanage www.premierautos.es
in Vera. With the fund raising being structured around the sale

Page 10 Mojacar Magazine April to May 2009

Bytes & Pieces
Is your PC really Protected?
The last few weeks have seen follow the same procedure until all the updates have
been collected. Be careful to check that all updates
headlines like these from
around the world. have been installed correctly. If
they do not install. consult a
We all RELY on our computers professional.
even those of us who "only If you can't open Internet
check our emails from time to Explorer you are probably
time" it's that time to time On already infected.
the Internet that can cost dearly Install windows defender, it is
if you get a worm or something a basic spyware and malware
nasty from the world wide web. tool FREE from Microsoft.
How do these things spread? Another great tool is Spybot
but again make sure you only
Just recently I have seen many popups that tell
you your computer has problems or that you have
a virus, click here to solve the problem. "That click download from the company website (as there are many
is the one". Emails that contain attachments they fakes out there.
look like they may be for you. with stories of Update your virus protection If your subscription is out of
undelivered parcels. free flight tickets or family photos 'That date either buy a new subscription or uninstall the out of
click is the one. MSN messages from your friends that say for date virus protection and add a FREE one like AVG but
a number of reasons click here and "that is the click. There is again make sure you only download from the company
a theme here if you are not sure DON'T CLICK. website. If you think you are already infected with virus or
malware give a professional a call and hopefully all can be
There are fake virus websites, fake sites that look like they are rescued.
genuine until you enter your credit card details and even Fake
popups that when you click download Trojans to infect your
hard drive.
But the fastest way to attract a worm or virus is to not
UPDATE your windows software, these new threats rely on
millions of computers that are never updated.

Once downloaded they open your computer to identity theft

and the Possibility of losing your valuable data. not just your
accounts or family photos but you surfing history to find out
passwords and other interesting surfing patterns (Do you shop
Protect yourself
Update your windows software now
Open Internet explorer. go to. tools. click windows update.
select custom and select all. once completed re-boot and

Mojacar Magazine April to May 2009 Page 11

Insuring your home in Spain...
Many people expect home insurance and the cover Even if you have a translation from the insurance
provided to be the same in Spain as back home. company, there is often a clause which states this cannot
However, as you’ve undoubtedly discovered with be relied upon in the event of a claim. Instead, the
many other aspects of life, there are many documentation in the native language will be referred to. If
differences. Access to a wide range of products you hold an insurance policy written in a language you
written in a language you can understand is vital if understand well, or at the very least bought from a
you are to arrange a policy suited to your particular company that will provide a “Summary of Cover” in
requirements. English, you are in a better position to be certain of
exactly what you are covered for and essentially, what you
Like all things in life, there is a logical explanation for how are paying for.
your insurance premium is calculated. Including certain
aspects of cover will increase your premium, whilst Lloyd & Whyte International Ltd are insurance brokers,
which means they can offer a wide selection of policies
leaving areas out will lead to a cheaper policy. When it
comes to insurance, the adage “you get what you pay for” from various providers. This differs from insurance agents
and “the devil is in the detail” are certainly true. who can only advise on products from one or maybe two
insurance providers. Furthermore, we’re authorised and
Spain is an earthquake zone, with numerous earthquakes regulated by the Financial Services Authority in the UK,
occurring every month. Although these are normally small which means our customers receive a service they know
and largely unnoticeable, there is still a constant threat of they can rely on, and we understand the unique
damage to your property. It is therefore shocking that a requirements and common difficulties associated with
number of insurers don’t include cover for earthquake being an expatriate living in Spain. As experts in a whole
damage and if they do will usually impose a large excess. host of insurance products, ranging from home, motor and
The most worrying aspect of this is that many expatriates health to travel, marine and commercial, we are confident
are unaware of this until it is too late. that we can find the right policy for you.

When arranging your policy, it certainly helps to choose For more information, call either our Mojacar team on 950
one that is written in a language you can understand. 615 302 or our Albox team on 950 120 192. Alternatively,
visit our website at www.lloydwhyteintl.com or discuss
your needs in person at your local office.
Lloyd & Whyte International Ltd is authorised and regulated by the
Financial Services Authority in the UK.

Mojacar Office: Local 85, Parque Albox Office: Calle Rulador 36,
Comercial, 04368 Mojacar, Almeria Bajo, 04800, Albox, Almeria

Tel: +34 950 615 302 Tel: +34 950 120 070
Email: spain@lloydwhyteintl.com Email: spain@lloydwhyteintl.com
Fax: +34 950 478 598 Fax: +34 950 120 490
Web: www.lloydwhyteintl.com Web: www.lloydwhyteintl.com

Page 12 Mojacar Magazine April to May 2009

Get set for Summer with our A-Z guide to

Give yourself a boost with

our fun
A-Z Guide to looking good
and feeling great!

is for Anaemia
Keep your iron levels healthy by
eating lots of fruit and vegetables

is for Bites and Stings

Keep some histamine handy
as well as a topical painkiller
to reduce the irritation and

is for Calcium
Keep your bones strong and healthy
with plenty of low fat dairy products

is for Diet is for Eyes

Keep your self in trim and ready for Protect your eyes in bright sunlight by
that bikini by sticking to a healthy wearing sunglasses with built in sun
balanced diet protection

Mojacar Magazine April to May 2009 Page 13

is for holiday health
If you're travelling long-haul check
well in advance whether you need
is for Fresh Fruit
Ditch the chocolate and grab some
naturally sweet summer fruit for a
healthy, seasonal snack.

is for grow your own

whether you have a huge allotment or
a tiny garden, growing your own veg
is one of the healthiest ways to get is for juice
your five a day squeeze your own
fresh fruit juice and
steer clear of fizzy

is for ice cream

Great fun for an occasional treat, but
go easy on the 99s to avoid piling on
the pounds.

is for Fresh lips

Protect your lips in the sun with
is for kiwi a lip balm with a high SPF
Rich in vitamin C and dietry fibre, kiwi
looks and tastes fantastic in fruit salads

Page 14 Mojacar Magazine April to May 2009 2008

is for nails
Healthy eating will keep your nails strong
and healthy in the sun.
is for migrane
More than just a headache, migranes are
suffered by around one in eight people in
the uk.

is for pollen
The summer months are the
peak times for hayfeever
sufferers. Keep an eye on the
pollen count so you can plan

is for oats
Nutritious and full of
fibre, oats are thought
to be helpful in
reducing cholesterol

is for relax
Give yourself a boost by taking
is for qigong time out to enjoy the summer
Like other gentle martial arts, qigong (pronounced sun.
'chigong' ia an ancient Chinese system of movement
and breathing excercises designed to calm and
strengthen the body and improve flexibility.

Mojacar Magazine April to May 2009 Page 15

is for salad is for ultraviolet
UV rays are the part
Make the most of seasonal is for travel of sunlight that can
vegetables in the summer
months and show off your sickness damage your skin.
Cover up and slap on
culinary skills with some light and If you suffer from
travel sickness, the sun cream to
healthy salads
ginger and avoid burning.
peppermint may
help calm your

is for vitamin D
Our body makes
vitamin D from is for water
exposure to sunlight In hot water it is important to
and it can also be keep hydrated, so always carry is for Xtreme sports
found in some foods a bottle of water with you when Why not try something
such as oily fish. you are out and about. different this summer? Try
Deficiencies include rock climbing or abseiling,
bone disorders such learn to skateboard or even
as rickets. put on a wetsuit and learn
to surf in the sun.

is for yoga
Get on the beach and try some
energising yoga stretches.
is for Zinc
Found in wholemeal bread, beans and peas,
zinc is vital for maintaining a healthy immune

Page 16 Mojacar Magazine April to May 2009

The Misunderstanding of Manchego amongst Spain's best cheeses. But it's not the only, or necessarily
In the world food game, getting a 'name' for a product is a even the best variety that Spain produces. It's just one, specific type
gold-mine. I'm not talking about regular brands', like Coca- of cheese among hundreds, if not thousands of other varieties that
Cola or Danone, whose perceived superiority is supported are worthy of your taste buds' attention. In fact, in most of the round-
by million-pound advertising campaigns and class-leading ups and cheese contests I've seen, Manchego's don't dominate, or
branding and marketing. I'm talking about the subtler, sub- even win. And the Spanish don't actually eat that much of it. Many of
conscious dominance of geographical 'world brands', like the Spaniards I know tasted Manchego for the first time in England.
wines from Champagne or La Rioja or cheeses like Feta or Furthermore, the supermarket shelves in Spain don't heave with
Manchego. Manchego's, in fact it's quite the opposite.

Mostly, these brands arise from a recognised historical tendency for What makes Manchego cheese special? Primarily, it is produced
specific areas to excel at the production of a specific product, be it from 100% ewes milk from a particular breed indigenous to La
wine, cheese, rice or biscuits. Slowly, the area becomes Mancha (an area in central Spain, south of Madrid). To meet the DO
synonymous with the product, like La Rioja for Spanish red wines. requirements, producers must adhere to strict quality guidelines and
Recently, in the commercial era, is has become the norm for minimum curation times, and obviously, the cheese can only be
producing areas to try to cement their competitive advantage and produced in La Mancha. Under current guidelines, both pasteurised
exclude newcomers to the market by establishing various types of and unpasteurised milk is acceptable. The best resulting
quality standards, producers' associations and marks of guarantee Manchegos are exquisite - a long curation gives a hard, crumbly
of origin - in Spanish food production the Denominación de Origen' texture and a intense, almost spicy taste, typical of a ewes milk
(DO) applied to hundreds of different products, from wine to cheese.
artichokes, from beans to turron.
But wherever you look in Spain, you're never far away from a prize
The DO is mostly positive for the consumer, encouraging good winning sheep's milk cheese. Some of the best come from
Extremadura, Zaragoza and Leon and are comparable to the
standards in production and protecting against falsely labelled
greatest Manchego's in taste, texture and quality. They are available
products. However, the efforts of DO's, producers associations and
in every conceivable curation - from soft and fresh to solid and
local export consortiums to promote their brand can have an overall
pungent and are often far more reasonably priced. Then there are
negative effect on consumer psyche, compounding the idea that only
mixed milk varieties - the definitive Spanish cheese. Available as a
one type of product is worth buying and limiting the perceived
mixture of cows, sheeps and goats milk, and in varying proportions,
choice. In the UK, where Spanish food is only just starting to make a
the semi-cured mixed cheese is perhaps the Spanish equivalent of
name for itself, consumers tastes stray little from the well-known
our own cheddar and is the nation's top cheese for every day
classics - wine is from La Rioja, cheese is Manchego, everything
consumption. Go to any supermarket and well over half the cheese
else is chorizo. But times, tastes and production methods change
section is devoted to the 'semicurados'. But the style is far from
and what may have been the best (or only) product 200, 100, 50 or
average, especially to UK palettes. The mixture of three different
25 years ago, may no longer be. It's time to start ignoring the
milks produces a cheese with a very distinctive taste that can't be
historical bias and branding and start looking for real quality.
found in any other type of cheese and is rare outside Spain. Finally,
So let's start by dispelling some myths. Don't get me wrong, the Spanish regions produce a vast array of speciality cheeses like
Manchego cheese is excellent. Some Manchego's may be the powerful blue cheeses of Valdeon and Cabrales, the almost
liquid Torta de Casar from Extremadura and
many fine matured goats cheeses.

I'd love to go through this process of dispelling

myths for other Spanish products, but suffice to
say that there are many, many superb wines
produced outside La Rioja and a huge
assortment of excellent cured meats that aren't
chorizo. Time to start experimenting!
The Tapas Lunch Company Ltd.
c/o Eagle Express, Unit 5d Manor Way, Old
Woking, Surrey, GU22 9JX
T: +44 (0) 1483 90 20 98

Mojacar Magazine April to May 2009 Page 17

garden rather than the main but little used feature of the
garden 365 days a year.

4. Collections of plants appropriate to the emergent

microclimate of the garden site. For many new gardens it will
be wise to limit your choice of plants until fences, trees and
hedges give protection from prevailing hot and cold winds
and the hottest and coldest temperatures. Although
hundreds of plants enjoy the average temperatures of Spain
many do not like the extremes.

Clodagh and Dick Handscombe are practical 5. A variety of colour schemes painted with the many hues
gardeners who have gardened in Spain for twenty five and textures of green foliage as well as the subtle or blazing
years. They have written a number of books to share colours of the flowers. For instance ‘cold beds’ planted up
their ideas and experiences with you. The titles of their with plants that have white and mauve flowers and blue grey
latest trilogy are titled ‘Your Garden in Spain- From foliages or ‘hot beds’ planted with plants that have masses
planning to planting and maintenance’, ‘Growing of the most vivid of red, orange and yellow flowers. Many
Healthy Fruit in Spain’ and ‘Growing Healthy other possibilities for what we term ‘painting with plants’ are
Vegetables in Spain’. described in a chapter of our book ‘Your garden in Spain’.

The Spanish climate and the planned lifestyles of many 6. Perfume throughout the year as one passes through the
who purchase properties in Spain lend themselves to an entrance gate and around the garden. Favourites include
holistic or total approach to garden design and jasmines, roses, honey suckles, galan de noche, san diego,
development. An approach that goes much deeper than frangipani, mock orange, citrus trees, freesias, lilies,
merely laying down a large terrace some convenient paths passion flowers, sweet peas, geraniums, and naturally
and going out and planting a few eye catching plants that culinary and medicinal herbs.
took your fancy at the local nursery.
7. The traditional restful and at times inspiring sound of
dripping water from a fountain or the running water of a
Recognise that a good garden will take a number of years
waterfall into or between ponds. These days a wide range of
to achieve and aim to gradually incorporate many if not all
mini features enable the magic of water to be achieved on
of the following things upstairs terraces as well as within the garden.
1. Ample summer shade and sheltered winter sun spots to
allow both people and plants to enjoy an outdoor lifestyle for 8. The tasteful selection and placement of ornaments and
most of the year. Where possible provide for this with trees groups of pots. Some of the later left empty and others
or high hedges. But also make full use of the natural planted up. Looking at the statues and ornaments stocked
shadows around the house, develop the shady arched by many garden centres along the costas there are a wide
terrace as an extension of the garden into the house rather range of tastes! Inland stockist's are often more conservative
than wise versa. and supplement with plant covered and traditional as their main clients are Spanish.
gazebos and pergolas, and large umbrellas.
9. The use of plants with interesting architectural shapes.
2. An attractive and interesting network of terraces and Carefully sited groups of palm trees, codylines, cacti and
paths. Terraces of different sizes for different activities such aloes, or green or purple leaved aconiums can be as
as cooking and entertaining, secluded siestas, sunning after effective as a bank of flowering shrubs.
a dip in the pool or a quiet winters read. Pathways that lead
one from one attractive part of the garden to another 10. The construction or availability of a range of cooking
opening up both internal and external vistas en route. facilities that might range from a barbecue or paella dish and
Curving rather than straight paths and the use of a variety of gas ring to a traditional brick oven, Spanish style outside
surfaces can add to the magic of a new garden even before kitchen or solar cooker.
the first plants are planted.
11. The growing of a variety of herbs for use in cooking as
3. A number of interesting and contrasting mini gardens, well as their natural aromatherapeutic effects. Herbs can be
patios or corners. The pool area treated as just one mini

Page 18 Mojacar Magazine April to May 2009

grouped in a herb garden or on as rockery or spread around Choice Entertainments in Herculavira and also by mail order
the garden in mixed beds. by telephoning the publishers on 952.48-58-38 or clicking
‘Our Books’ on www.gardeninginspain.com’.
12. The growing of even just a few seasonal vegetables that
can be harvested and eaten fresh especially when grown If you are absentee gardeners living in the UK for most of the
ecologically/organically to avoid surface or absorbed year the books are available from The Royal Horticultural
residues of chemical sprays. In a country that allows many Society Bookshop at Wisley on 0845-260-4505 and Orca
gardeners to grow and harvest vegetables 365 days a year Books on 01202-665-432 as well as high street bookshops
it’s unfortunate that many Spanish vegetables never receive and Amazon etc..
the beneficial energy of the suns rays or a refreshing shower
of rain as they are grown under plastic.

Your garden is yours. Whether you develop it alone or with

help of a gardener recognise that there are a hundred and
one possibilities for any site. In this column we can only
present some general guide lines for you to consider as a
holistic start point. But recognise that a successful garden
will have the health benefits of not just fresh flowers.
vegetables and fruit but all year round exercise, stimulating
internal and external vistas, pleasant perfumes, the stimulus
of ‘hot’ beds and the calming effects of ‘cool’ areas of the
garden, plus restful summer shade and invigorating winter
At Camping Los Gallardos
With a little thought all can be achieved in a garden with low
maintenance and acceptable watering requirements.

*Clodagh and Dick Handscombe’s books are available in 500m from exit 525 of motorway (under tunnel)
the Mojaca area from Total Entertainment in Albox and
There's always something going on!
Fantastic Sunday Lunch
with fresh market vegetables
2 courses: €9.95 including coffee &
3 courses €12.50 Liqueur
every day, a variety of
Reservations recommended

Menu and performer change weekly. Call for details


Any size, any occasion
Huge ballroom available for private hire

Why not visit our UPSTAIRS RESTAURANT any

day and enjoy a quiet, intimate meal?

For Reservations and

Information Call Us on
679 970 399 or 650 418 954

Mojacar Magazine April to May 2009 Page 19

My Post Card Review of 2008! by Ric Polansky
Ric Polansky one of 'New Mojacars' founders is a very
travelled man. In his article this month he sends us a
postcard snapshop of his travels in 2008
Here are some postcards I should have sent from Spain,
Mexico and the southwest of America.

I have always wanted to fulfil a teenage dream of visiting all

the major Toro fairs & follow the “circuit.” I wanted to
compare the various “publics”
passion and drama that goes
with the theatre of “Los Toros”
the bulls, (bullfighting: is a vulgar
translation for something it most
definitely isn’t) !

Foreigners always “excite”

interest when they show up
at one of “their” fiestas.
Then, a side trip to fantasy land: Las Vegas (you can read
Then I popped over to enigmatic Mexico, which I am about it on my website:
discovering was the crossroads of the America’s many http://www.ric-polansky.com/artman/publish/article_129.shtml
thousands of years before the archaeologists wish to admit.
Puerta Vallarta is the place in Mexico washed away four
years ago by a hurricane.

It has rebuilt itself with lots of fun alien muses on the beach
to amuse the many American’s moving there from the
states. PV became famous years ago when John Houston’s
Night of the Iguana was filmed there and Richard Burton and
Liz Taylor had a steamy romance.

And another quick journey to my summer home in scenic

“Chain O lakes” Waupaca, Wisconsin.

A place I am yet to visit during the summer as I am at the

corridas here. But, if you haven’t had the chance to see da
Pack play, you haven’t seen professional football until
you’ve been to Lambeau field.

Loveland, Colorado is home to a brother and sister and I

adore it.
Aliens abounded The people are down right- mid western and open hearted.
Including one called Paco who had just pieced together his Plenty of parks and major sculpture fairs throughout the
guitar with 27 reels of scotch tape and sang love songs to year.
my Margarita glass. Continued

Page 20 Mojacar Magazine April to May 2009

Dancing in the sunlight the
bronzed figurines become
totally playful and image

Lonesome roads in Arizona

& New Mexico: Keep a
destination in mind but
jump off on side roads & go
for an adventure. Let the
hawk’s shadow be your
guide to nowhere.

Sometimes you’ve got to

look carefully. These rock
(petroglyphs) are a
celebration by such startling brilliance and glare: the wonderment of nature
America’s first painted for the passing explorer to witness and never be
people-- drawing able to quite describe to anyone else.
for all to see their
hopes and dreams Thank God for cameras!

on the canyon walls to please their gods and commemorate

their deeds.

What the Indians did by living with nature the modern

cowboy has wrought in iron. Jerez’s horse fair is as good as it gets. With all the sherry
Madrid’s premier producing bodegas in town it’s a working man’s drinking fair.
fair, San Isidro is The tents that line the long promenades are open to the
curtly interrupted by public (unlike Sevilla) so that you can pop in and chat with
a bull that is not at the natives who are most gracious at inviting “strangers in”.
all pleased with the
proceedings … so
he jumps into
crowd. Look
carefully and find
the most frightened
man, he’s the
mayor. The one
uproariously is obviously from another political party. It’s the
faces of all the spectators that I really liked.
Spain’s greatest torero ready’s himself for the shadowy
Bryce Canyon, Utah showing off all it’s colours and charge of his enemy. Jose Tomas delighted crowds
demeanour. Hoo-doo’s never seen before (by me) with Continued

Mojacar Magazine April to May 2009 Page 21

wherever he went. Tickets were impossible to obtain unless masses and surrounded by the matador’s most intimate
you could shell out 500 Euros for his 30 minutes. Yup! It was friends I could ask sincere questions: how he they felt about
worth it! possibly facing death in front of a drunken and boisterous
crowd in a third class arena.
We ate, drank and laughed together. I even photographed
them training.
The year wended from
pueblo to grand metropolis
fuelled by sherry and the
anticipation of the corrida’s
catharsis: cleansing the sins
of life while viewing the ballet
of death.
Then, the unheard of! My
friend Pepin Liria announced
he was giving it up. Quitting.
Desired no longer to be the
Zion National park, Utah, created during the last major idol of the masses. He
recession still delights the heart and soul with it’s natural
wanted to now dedicate his
time to his daughters and wife.
Extremadura, Spain,
He was to wear the suit of
sanctuary to the
lights JUST one more time.
extremes. A digital
photographic montage th
He did so by filling Spain’s 4
of a doe drinking in a
largest plaza right up to the
pure mountain stream
flags. Pepin, the man of steel
while her companion
faced 6 bulls on his own. One
stands alert guard.
after the other he
Nevertheless, it was a demonstrated his bravery and
remarkable year. Not absolute courage.
only in the many fairs I
An honest torero, no frills or
attended in first class
fake passes.
plazas (big bulls, sharp
horns, serious torero) When he was physically so
but in the response and worn down following the sixth
conviviality of those who bull that he could barely lift his
shared it with me. head to the resounding
acclamations, he bought one
more toro for the crowd and his
I played golf and had lunches with some of Spain’s most loyal fans.
famous matadors.
Jose Maria Manzanares
He strolled over to the toriles (where the bull enters) and
watches the great Enrique dropped to his knees, crossed himself and waited. He was
Ponce sign my photos while
going to do the dangerous “porta gayola” which is the most
Fernando Domecq the bull
difficult pass…not knowing which horn the bull favor's
breeder forks a steak.
OR if the toro possibly has bad eyesight.
There is no margin for error!
He cut a tail. That might not mean much to you, but it is the
I was invited to hotel rooms to maximum award. Yet, no higher adulation could have been
photograph many of the top toreros gifted him more than his fellow matadors (El Fandi, Spain’s
dressing (a very special sacred top torero four out of the last five years and El Espartaco
ritual; I was honoured to Spain’s highest ranked torero for eight consecutive years in
participate). the 80’s) carry the MAESTRO around on their shoulders.
There, alone from the beckoning Continued

Page 22 Mojacar Magazine April to May 2009 May

But, for Pepin his special moment was when he lifted his
daughter to the crowd and walked away crying. A fit
ending from a very honest torero.

What the coming year holds

for us is a lot of uncertainty
and some troubles. I hope
these “memories” will have
allowed you to escape and
float into a different
You can always read more and view more photos at:
www.Ric-Polansky.com …. Travel and Stories
www.TorosBravos.es ……… Toros and Matadors
and finally
www.mojacar-sales.com …… What I used to think I did for
a living!


Call Tony (formerly Paul Griffith's) on
Spanish mobile: 699 819 213 English Mobile:

English Office: 0044 121 355 0005
E-mail: tonystephenson311@hotmail.com
Storage Facilities Available in Spain & UK

Mojacar Magazine April to May 2009 Page 23

Personal Profile.... chickens, crab apples, pears, strawberry patch,
raspberry bushes, asparagus growing along side
the drive, and a corn field. It was paradise on earth.
Karen Polansky Mojacar, being my next paradise, had too many
strays suffering in those early years. So in 1989, a
band of like-minded individuals established the
2 Score in the Twinkling of beginnings of what was to become P.A.W.S.
an Eye! (People´s Animal Welfare Society) or PATAS as it is
known in Spanish. So in the line of priorities after
family and business came my commitment to PAWS
and it´s way of life. It is a path and passion that I
think is making a difference and change in our
corner of enchantment.

These changes and others have been enormous

and far reaching in Mojacar. In 1971, we heard a
wild and crazy rumour that there was going to be a
golf course in the Macenas Rambla! Today, there
are 4 courses in our area. So steadily through the
years, dreams, rumours, and the remotest
possibilities became reality. But we still enjoy the
original charm and lure of Mojacar. No number of
villas, hotels, traffic, and businesses can take away
the variety of Mediterranean blue seascapes,
purple to peach sunsets over Sierra Cabrera, or
sparkling day and night skies. If you look, it is still
In this months Personal Profile we have the there.
pleasure of featuring PAWS founder and
The 40 years have brought great depth of
Chairwoman Karen Polansky
understanding to our family and friends through the
Although 40 years in Mojacar may sound like an blending of languages and culture. This evolution
eternity, it has passed in the blink of an eye. has made communication paramount between all
Leaving the states to escape race riots and anti war the nationalities. We have loved living and working
demonstrations, my husband, Ric, baby son, Joby, side by side. But to me, the greatest phenomenon
and I arrived in Mojacar (Almeria), September 1969 has been technology. An airmail letter used to take
to a rugged but delicate desert, foreign but friendly 11 days to get to the states and 11 days back
people, barren, undeveloped landscapes but full of again. Now we e mail everyday starting in
promise and future. The original idea of staying a Anchorage, Alaska, where my brother lives, a
short while for adventure and travel turned into a "reply" from my mother in the north woods of
lifetime. Two more sons, Luke and Micah, were born Wisconsin, and ending here in Mojacar. Mobile
here and raised. A thriving business was phones and Skype have given Telefonica a run.
established. And we found ourselves acting out a But it is so good to feel connected.
pretty good life. There was no shortage of hard
work and heartache but these were offset by the So this leads me to invite the reader to look at two
secure, sunny, solid setting. And suddenly it is websites related to my story. www.mojacar-
2009, 40 years later. sales.com and www.paws-patas.com will put into
another perspective the few words written above.
For me, life before Mojacar in rural Wisconsin, Contact us if there might be any business to be
U.S.A., always seemed to have the animal world in done in Mojacar OR an interest in supporting the
the back and fore ground...horses, dogs, cats, and animal charity, PAWS. Or just have a look and
on and on it went. My grandpa had a small farm with imagine the bridge of time and place happening in
all the above plus dairy cows, sheep, pigs, Mojacar.

Page 24 Mojacar Magazine April to May 2009

Give us a Sign by Lenox Napier
How often we worry about communicating. In Britain Oddly, you begin to pick it up rather fast – or, at least, your
there are many different accents and slang, which help own version of it, even as you wonder exactly who here has
to breed a sense of belonging to a community as well the handicap!
as presenting a challenge to anyone outside it. Which Of course, they would write things down for us and were
is why the young need to re-invent themselves every great fun besides.
Being energetic young kids, they drank and smoked like
In Spain, there’s plenty of slang, but spoken Spanish is pretty troopers and stayed up late with my son and his friends on
much easy to understand wherever you come from, with the the Playstation. With fingers like that, said the kids, it’s no
gypsy accent and the Cadiz accent being perhaps the wonder they keep winning…
hardest to grasp, although, apart from the dropped
constantans and a few bits of jargon, they are intelligible On one occasion during their short visit, three of us: a
enough. The gypsies talk of their special language, 'Caló', Spaniard, my son and I, together with the three of them, went
but no one appears to know more than a few words of it. out for a boozy dinner – hands and fingers flying – in a pork
Rather like me saying something remembered from my Latin and chips place on the beach, the other tables staring and
classes. wondering who we were, you must try the Licór de Pacharán
and so on; and we followed this with a trip to our friend’s
Yup, in Latin they call that table ‘mensa’. house where we drank a bottle of whisky, never stopped
talking for a second, smoked ourselves blue and generally
To make things comfortably more complicated, Spain has partied until dawn. Yet, all the while, you could have heard a
some regional languages that are been encouraged – or so pin drop.
it seems to me – so as to bring the local politicians into the
centre of power. We all know that the Catalonians have The neighbours didn’t bang on the walls, we didn’t shout and
‘Catalán’, the Valencians have ‘Valenciano’ (which is the bellow as we left round about sun up and the loudest sound
same as Catalán, but don’t say I told you), the Galicians have would have been my stomach churning.
‘Galego’ and the Basques have something that has nothing
in common with any other language: it’s called in Spanish They went off to Madrid on the six o’clock bus to go to some
‘Euskera’, while in the Basque country, it’s called important international congress of signing as delegates.
‘euskaldunak’. Several hundred of them let loose in Madrid.

Then those living in eastern Almería have something even Blimey, that must have been a riot!
odder – it’s called ‘English’…

It seems a pity that everyone living on the Iberian peninsular,

Portuguese and Gibraltarians included, couldn’t all speak
one language, but there you go.

In a generation, few people in Barcelona will speak more

than broken Spanish, and fewer still of the Galicians will be
able to make themselves understood when they take a
shopping trip to Madrid.
And as for the Basques…

The other day, three young cousins of my wife arrived to stay.

You know how it is; a quick email and they’re on your
doorstep the following morning. They were backpacking
around Europe for a month before completing their studies in
a university in Washington DC. They spoke, of course,

Actually, they didn’t, because they were deaf. They signed in

American: although they dropped their vowels, invented
meanings, used their own slang and were otherwise difficult
or impossible to make head or tail of. They signed too dam’
fast and they never stopped. Don’t talk with your hands full, I
wanted to tell them at the dinner table. Here, try some of

Mojacar Magazine April to May 2009 Page 25

A Short Story by Nick Dunstan
needed at the top of the opposite shelf. Now all he needed to
LIONEL AND CONSTANCE do was somehow get up to the top, so he got hold of some
plastic buckets and tried to climb higher. All of a sudden the
BUDGETING shelf stacking tipped forward into the adjacent aisle and all
hell broke out. The shelf contents tipped over various
To be honest Lionel and Con were not in the best of moods. customers and curses were heard all round the shop.
Every time they read their English newspaper it was full of PC
cock ups and elf and safety stories that even the criminally This time Lionel was fully aware of the consequences and
insane could not make up. On top of this they had to pay a hotfooted it down the aisle and round the corner where he
massive premium to buy the blooming thing and it was printed bumped into a very large lady. Unfortunately she knocked him
in Spain to boot. Con always moans it does not include any into the plastic pool full of cold water that had been set up to
supplements or the free DVD. She also says that if he did not demonstrate the underwater coloured lighting. Lionel coughed
take a paper there would not be anything to have a moan at. and spluttered as he got to his feet. He stood on one of the
lamps and there was a loud popping sound, then he stood on
However, what tipped the scales was the reduced monthly another two lights, which actually exploded, and a huge blue
pension and the derisory interest rates back in the UK. At the flash lit up the store. How poor Lionel was not electrocuted
end of the day their overall takings were over 30% down and nobody knows.
drastic action was called for.
Now he was wet, startled and in a bloody hurry to make the
Luckily, they saw an advert outside one of their local exit, but the place was in total darkness and everyone was
ferreteria’s in Mojacar and that same afternoon Lionel screaming and shouting. It was only by sure luck that he
chanced his arm and went in. somehow found the exit and daylight once more

As is the now custom in Britain a health warning has to be Now was the time to buzz off home and forget about getting a
given to those of a nervous disposition. If, unfortunately you job here. All much too dangerous for a start
are that said person please do not read on.
Actually he was a bit miffed when he read about the incident
Lionel opens the shop door and enters. This was the first in the local paper and thought the description of himself a tad
mistake as he was wearing his wrong glasses and failed to unjust. Con had also read the article, but somehow never
see the stack of white paint tins forming a huge display. Well, linked him to this maniac in the shop.
they all toppled over and one five litre can happened to land
on the handle of the nearby wheel barrow containing pots of Now it is time for them to nip down to the Strip and bag a
flowers. The unsuspecting folk in the checkout queue were decent Menu del Dia. Let’s hope Lionel takes the correct
suddenly covered in a mixture of flowers and foul smelling glasses and renews the hearing aid batteries.
compost. Needless to say Lionel missed the commotion and
wandered deeper into the shop avoiding the harsh remarks Lionel is the sort of chap who always considers anything that
people were making about him. goes wrong is never his fault. Well in the next addition we will
all learn how he got on at the hospital in Almeria. I think it has
After putting on the correct glasses he managed to find the re opened by now, possibly.
Manager’s office and they started to chat about the job
advertised. Once again fate plays a poor card as Lionel's Tio Nico
hearing aid battery has already run down. On asking Lionel
what experience he has had in shops, he says he prefers
lamb ones, but tends to nearly always eat pork. As to peoples
skills he says he did not kill anyone in the Army as far as he
knew. Finally the Manger said he could start on a trial basis,
only to be told by Lionel that his solicitor actually got him off
last year on a technicality. This was the case in Garrucha
market where he was trying on a pair of trousers and another
gentlemen was doing the very same thing. It seems they both
ended up with one leg in the said trousers and the local police
arrested them both. Before anyone writes in to this magazine
they were a blue pair.

At this point the Manager said he would phone Lionel next

week after showing him to the door. Lionel then went off in
search of some DIY materials and spied exactly what he

Page 26 Mojacar Magazine April to May 2009

RBL Members Visit the Stingrays Indalo Players Raise €500 for the
at Roquetas Del Mar Aquarium charity PAWS

Here you can see Members of The Mojacar Branch of The At the AGM of the Indalo Players, the President, Peter
Royal British Legion visiting the Roquetas Del Mar Marriot presenting a cheque for 500€ to Janet Franklin of
Aquarium where they were invited to partake in touching the PAWS.
Stingrays. Lunch at the Roquetas Golf Club was enjoyed with If you would like your club featured in Mojacar
members from the Roq.de Mar RBL Branch and a late
afternoon 'flutter' on Horse Racing was next on the Agenda Magazine please email us the details at
after which it was back to Mojacar. freetime@mojacarmagazine.com

Mojacar Magazine April to May 2009 Page 27

The Alpujarras and Puerto de la Ragua
By: John Woodhead, www.almerimartoday.com
A really great day out in the province of Almeria is to go
to the Sierra Nevada mountain range to a pass called
Puerto de la Ragua which is 2km high. You will also
take in some of the sights in the Alpujarras on the way.
It is worth spending a full day on this trip stopping off at
various places.

Take the E15 motorway

heading towards Malaga.
Go past the 409 turn off for
El Ejido & Almerimar. Then
go past the first turn off to
Berja and keep going quite
a few kilometres until you
reach the second turn off to
Berja. Take this turn off and
head inland up into the hills.
The views start here. Just
follow the road towards
Berja and you will see some
lovely views up a valley and
an approach into Berja with
an avenue of trees.
Avenue of trees on the
road to Berja Go through the centre of
town to have a look at a typical old small Spanish town centre
with a daily food market. Now head towards Darrícal, then
towards Alcolea and next Laujar de Andarax.

Stop of at Laujar and have a look at the winery, the tourist

centre and the very nice town centre with a number of small
From Laujar head up into the mountains towards Paterna del
Río and Bayárcal then up to Puerto de la Ragua itself. Take in
the fantastic views on the way. If you need a break there is a
small hotel on a bend well up into the hills. They do very good
tapas as well as full meals in the restaurant and bar area. Laujar de Andarax
winter this is above the snow line so you will see people on
sledges etc.

On the way down the other side you suddenly see a beautiful
small castle perched on top of a hill. When you eventually get
down to low ground again you drive past the castle and there
is a small hotel with a mock frontage made to look like the
castle. Apparently they do a very nice menu del dia.

After this you are on the way home. Link up with the A-92
motorway between Granada and Almeria and drive towards
Almeria. This road eventually links up with the E15 where you
can head back home.

You will spend a long time in the car driving on a wide variety
of roads varying from motorways to small tracks up and down
the mountain. However, if you take your time and stop off
At the top, you reach Puerto de la Ragua where there is a frequently during the trip you will have a wonderful day out.
barbecue and picnic area as well as a chalet style bar. In the

Page 28 Mojacar Magazine April to May 2009

What’s on,
Eating out
And more...
W elcome to Freetime our new look leisure section. This new section is designed to MUST SEE
highlight what is going on in the area, new video releases, Sharon's recipes and more. If you
have an event you would like to publicise why not drop us a line at

Club Taurino de Mojácar

The ‘Club Taurino de Mojácar’ was rising prices it can be difficult to make ends
formed in August 2007 when we meet. This being the case the Club is for its
discovered that several of our friends members, with no need to raise funds to
had a similar interest in the glamorous support other institutions or bodies, which Gran Torino
world of ‘Bullfighting’ or, as called by means that all our functions are at COST
our Spanish hosts, the ”feria nacional”. price and therefore able to appeal to a wide
Having said that, many of our members spectrum of the community.
would never consider actually going to
Welcome to our circle, we hope you find our
a corrida but are interested to know
invitation interesting and as enjoyable as we
more, so the club tries to provide
information in a very social and
convivial atmosphere.
30 attended the inaugural meeting,
including matador Jose Olivencia, and now
our membership is nearly 90. We regularly
have about 40 friends to our meetings
although some of our members do not live
here full time but join us when they can. At Cooking with Sharon
the request of members, we now meet
weekly. We have no membership fees but Our venues Page 31
at venues where we incur a cost, we make We are very fortunate to have the use of two
a charge, normally 4 or 5 Euros per person, venues to hold our club and social events. MUST READ
to cover this and the use of projector
equipment when we show films. The prime location is La Mata Hotel Club,
Mojácar Playa. This is a private luxury
We have taken groups of members on club/hotel, not open to the general public but
guided tours of the Plaza de Toros (Bullring) due to the generosity of the proprietors we
in Vera; to stay in Seville for the Feria de are able to use it for our various events. As
abril and various Corridas (bullfights), well as the beautiful grounds the Club boasts
locally. In May 2009, we plan a 6 day a delightful traditional Spanish lounge/ bar
Holiday in Jerez/Cadiz and Ronda, for the with a blazing log fire when the need arises.
Feria del Caballos. We also find that our The outside grounds consist of a bowling
club fulfills a social function in that, although green , tennis courts and a superb swimming
we live in beautiful surroundings, life can be pool. La Mata is usually used on alternate
a little lonely and dare I say it boring. The Thursdays and the Club will endeavour to
Club is helping to fill this need and is proud advise members as to the exact location by
of the number of new friendships and email or web site.
acquaintances that have already Failing this, a phone call on a Wednesday
formed. Aftermath
evening to 950 475 261 will give full details,
timings and event details for the following
by Rhys A Wilcox
We are also very aware that times are hard, day.
with the appalling exchange rate and rapidly Continued Page 34

Mojacar Magazine April to May 2009 Page 29

It's Fun, Fun,
Fun at the
Sinaloa Bar and
Restaurant in
A a great time out visit Sinaloa Bar and restaurant in

The other venue for informal club 'get together's is the Judging by the supplied photo's you are guaranteed a great
Cerveceria Asuntxu which is situated on Paseo time and great food!
Mediterraneo Mojacar Playa. This is a traditional Spanish
bar but with the novel feature that several tables have a multi
outlet beer engine from which you draw your own pint which
is metered so you can settle up when you leave. The Tapas
here are excellent and very reasonably priced. A half ration
easily covers two.

Ocean FM - Weekly Schedule

Monday to Friday
Ocean FM Through The Night 1:00 - 7:00
Chris Murton Full English Breakfast 7:00 - 10:00
Gavin Harris Daytime 10:00 - 14:00
Darren Fernando Afternoon Siesta 14:00 - 17:00
Matt Cadman Evening 17:00 - 22:00
Lisa Perry Relax Nation 22:00 - 1:00

Ocean FM Through The Night 0:00 - 8:00
Enda Caldwell Weekend Breakfast 8:00 - 11:00
Simon Hardwick 11:00 - 15:00
Mark Yates Afternoon 15:00 - 19:00
Matt Cadman Club Ocean 19:00 - 22:00
Ocean FM Club Ocean Non Stop 22:00 - 24:00

Ocean FM Through The Night 0:00 - 8:00
Enda Caldwell Weekend Breakfast 8:00 - 11:00
Simon Hardwick 11:00 - 14:00
Spencer James The eXpat Chart 14:00 - 17:00
Gavin Harris Sunday Cafe 17:00 - 20:00
Gavin Harris A Kick Up The Decades 20:00 - 22:00
Lisa Perry Relax Nation 22:00 - 1:00

Page 30 Mojacar Magazine April to May 2009


Easy Cook
About Sharon
I was born in Watford, Hertfordshire. I attended
Westfield School for Girls where I took a keen
interest in Domestic Science. My interest in food
has expanded and I like to cook different and
interesting foods.

I enjoy hosting dinner parties where my culinary

skills are put to the test.

A Choice of Courses..
Salmon with Chickpea and
Clams Spinach broth
"A great fish "A nutritious
dish full of and filling
flavour" main course"
Prawns in white Agua De Valencia
wine cocktail
"Anything "the perfect
with prawns accompaniment"
Ian loves"

Want to Write The Recipe

Of The Month
In the next edition we are looking to feature recipes supplied by our
readers. If you have something that you are particularly proud of feel
free to submit it along with a couple of photos to

Mojacar Magazine April to May 2009 Page 31

Salmon with Clams Prawns in White Wine
For 4 people Serves 4 people

4 x 175g salmon fillets 1 tablespoon olive oil

4 table spoons olive oil 25g butter
1 large onion, finely chopped 700g large prawns - peeled
2 cloves of garlic, crushed but with the tail on
1 wineglasses of white wine 70g serrano ham chopped
3 tablespoons of lemon juice into small cubes (chopped
500g clams bacon can be used if you
300ml of fish stock can't get serrano ham)
1 tablespoons of chopped 1 tablespoon chopped fresh
parsley parsley
salt and freshly ground black 75ml white wine
pepper chopped fresh parsley to
Scrub the clams and throw For the sauce
out any damaged ones. 25g butter
Hint: Soak them in cold, salty flour or corn flour
water which may make them 175ml milk
open and get rid of any 175ml fish stock
grains of sand that are inside 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard
them. black pepper
For the fish stock you can salt
either make your own or buy
some. If you are going to Preparation
make your own do this by First make a white sauce
boiling up some fish bits with using the butter, milk, fish
an onion cut into 4, a carrot stock and mustard. I do this
cut into 4, a stick of celery by putting the milk in a pan
chopped big, a leek cut into and adding the butter, fish
4, 1 litre of water and 150ml
of white wine. Boil this for about 30 minutes then strain it stock, Dijon mustard and black pepper. I heat this gently
through a fine sieve. and then add the cornflour to thicken the sauce and bring
Heat the oil in a large frying pan that has a lid and fry the onion this to the boil. You should make this sauce a little thicker
and garlic for about 2 or 3 minutes. Then put the salmon in the than you want the end result to be as you will be adding a
pan and fry for 2 minutes on each side.
little more liquid to it later. I then reduce the heat and let it
Add the fish stock, wine, lemon juice and chopped parsley
simmer for a few minutes. Check the seasoning and salt if
and bring this to the boil. Reduce the heat and cook for about
15 minutes. necessary.
Add the clams and put the lid on the pan (this creates the heat
which will help the clams to open) and cook for about another If you prefer you can make the white sauce in the more
5 minutes or until the clams open. traditional way of making a roux and then adding the milk,
You could serve this with boiled potatoes and vegetables or fish stock and mustard.
alternatively with crusty bread and a side salad.
Now put the butter and olive oil into a frying pan and heat
Sponsored By until very hot. Keep the heat high and add the prawns,
Serrano ham (or bacon) and the chopped parsley and
cook for about 2 minutes. Add the white wine, bring to the
boil and cook for another 2 minutes. Add all of this to the
sauce, stir well and heat through.
I choose to serve this on boiled rice but you could just as
www.englishshoppingdirect.com easily serve it with crusty bread.

Page 32 Mojacar Magazine April to May 2009

Potaje de Garbanzos - Agua de Valencia Recipe
Chickpea and Spinach Broth
For 3-4 people
For 6 to 8 people For approximately 1 litre/1¾
½kg of dried chickpeas - 1 bottle of Cava – Spanish
½kg of spinach champagne
125g salt cod - Orange Juice – freshly
1 large onion chopped finely squeezed if possible but a
2 medium sized tomatoes carton works almost as well
peeled - Cointreau
3 cloves of garlic - Ice
1 laurel leaf
For a relaxing evening with
friends why not try this
3 soup spoons of olive oil
wonderful drink!
1 soup spoon of flour
1 teaspoon of paprika
As the name suggests Agua
de Valencia comes from the
Valencia region.
Apparently the history of the
drink can be traced back to
Cover the chickpeas in Café Madrid in Valencia in the late 1950s.
warm water and soak them
overnight. It seems that a group of Basques who frequented the bar
used to order "Agua de Bilbao". The owner, Constante
Drain the chickpeas and put Gil, suggested one evening that they try his home made
them in a large pan with 2 cocktail, "Agua de Valencia", which he made up for them.
1/2 or 3 litres of hot water, 2 Today it is a very popular drink on the Valencia bar circuit.
cloves of garlic that have The drink can be quite lethal so take it easy with the
been peeled but not Cointreau and add plenty of orange juice. Some bars may
chopped, the laurel leaf and add vodka or gin rather than Cointreau.

the salt cod. Do not soak the salt cod in advance as this We first made this drink when we were going for dinner
provides the salt for the dish. Bring to the boil then reduce with a few friends and family in Mojacar, many of whom
the heat and simmer for about 2 hours. didn't actually know each other. Everybody met in our
apartment beforehand and we made Agua de Valencia as
Wash the spinach thoroughly and peel and chop the an ice breaker. Needless to say it did the trick and we
tomatoes. Once the chickpeas have been boiling for 2 were all good friends within a very short time.
hours add the spinach and the tomatoes and cook for
another 30 minutes.

In a small frying pan add the 3 soup spoons of olive oil and
fry the onions for about 5 or 10 minutes until they go
transparent. Add 1 clove of crushed garlic, about a
teaspoon of parsley, the paprika and the flour. Mix this well
and continue to fry over a low heat for about 5 minutes
taking care not to burn the mix. Add this to the saucepan,
check that it doesn't need any more salt and add some
pepper. Cook for a further 30 minutes.

Mojacar Magazine April to May 2009 Page 33

Freetime Films & Books
CLINT EASTWOOD has As some of you may
hinted that Gran Torino know I’ve read and
might be his last film as an reviewed Rhys Wilcox’s
actor. He will be 79 this three previous works
year and there are fewer
which have all been part
and fewer scripts that
of the Blood Lust series
attract his interest. If this is
(Blood Lust, Blood Lust
his swansong then it
2: The Carrion and
couldn't be a better one.
Blood Lust 3:
Gran Torino is a powerful Revelations).
melodrama that cannily
reconciles the vigilante ethos It would be fair to say that
of Eastwood's most iconic these three novels are not
what you would call
roles with his more recent reflections on the folly of violence mainstream but rather sit in the cult category; you will
and the evil that men do.
either love them or hate them. With Aftermath Rhys
Wilcox has made a departure from the full on blood and
Eastwood seems to be enjoying himself enormously as Walt
Kowalski, a man who combines the worst qualities of Dirty gore of this series (although there is still plenty for the
Harry and Alf Garnett. A retired car plant worker and Korean fan) and delves more into human nature and how we
war veteran, he has long ago concluded that his country and treat not only those around us but also the planet we live
his neighbourhood have gone to hell. on; all in a darkly satirical way that is his trademark.

His worst fears are confirmed when his Korean-American I’m not going to give too much of the plot away as it
neighbour Thao (Bee Vang) attempts to steal his beloved would really spoil an excellent tale that needs to unfold
1972 Ford Gran Torino. Thao has been bullied into his crime first hand to the reader. In a nutshell Aftermath is a story
by a local gang. The boy's punishment is community service split into three parts; the main element is a courtroom
in the company of grumpy old Walt, but that is enough to drama while the other two are told in flashback as the
start a friendship that will transform both their lives. proceedings unfold. The first of these has Luke
Robinson saving the world while the second replays the
Gran Torino sounds predictable and a little maudlin, but events leading to the reason Luke is on trial, namely
Eastwood has some surprises in store as the film's jocularity murder.
gives way to a much darker story.
One of the main problems for any courtroom story is that
Eastwood's politically incorrect curmudgeon helps to keep
it relies heavily on the dialogue between the parties. I’m
the sentimentality at bay, and the film is both immensely
happy to report that not only does Aftermath deal with
entertaining and quietly touching as it addresses issues that
Hollywood tends to avoid, like all-American racism, the this with aplomb it manages to succeed on all other
indignities of old age and the nature of true heroism. An levels as well. The dialogue in the courtroom is
absolute must if you have ever been a Clint Eastwood fan. extremely clever and at times exceedingly funny, while
the interlaced stories are as different as chalk and
cheese; one is almost slapstick comedy as Luke
struggles for survival (the sex shop scene is hilarious)
whereas the murder offers a much darker social

This all may sound a bit odd but it all comes together
brilliantly. If I had to compare I would say it is the
illegitimate child of The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the
Galaxy, Wilt, High Society and A Few Good Men. An
excellent novel that is seeing the author’s writing talent
going from strength to strength.

Page 34 Mojacar Magazine April to May 2009

The credit crunch meals include burger and chips for 3 Euros
Bar Stop,Turre or various pies and chips for the same price. Bar Stop offers
By Paul Matthews, many choices including a good Ploughman’s lunch for 4
Euros and drinks at reasonable prices.
Well the credit crunch has The 5 euro menu is fairly extensive and more traditional with
well and truly hit the med,
meat and two veg as the main offering, as well as chilli and
very little building work going
rice and the usual café style meals offered to the Brits.
on and people returning to
My wife had steak and ale pie with chips and I had
the UK in droves. I decided to look around for a café bar that
cheeseburger and chips, two coffees and one fanta, cost 9
was catering for the hardest hit people and low and behold I
Euros. Not bad for the price, and in these times where we
found one in Turre.
are all watching the cents I can recommend Bar Stop for a
good basic lunchtime meal. The food was good and served

Bar Stop has been in Turre for at least 5 years but has seen
various proprietors over the years. The café is on the main
street in Turre towards the top end of the Town. From Bar Stop prices will suit the family who have struggled to
Mojacar follow the road towards the pueblo and continue on save for a holiday this year and those who are looking
to Turre, Bar Stop is on the right hand side of the road. budget meals throughout their stay in the Mojacar area.

Until next time


It’s a clean café bar with a fairly extensive choice of food

albeit basic. Breakfasts can be purchased for as little as
2.50 Euros, which will get you, egg on toast or beans on
toast. The full monty, belly-busting breakfast is 5 Euros.

Mojacar Magazine April to May 2009 Page 35

The Mojacar Photo Gallery gives you the chance to add your favourite
photograph, to have yours included email us at info@simplymojacar.com
This months photographs were kindly supplied by readers from our forum
and some of our competition entries.

Page 36 Mojacar Magazine April to May 2009

The Mojacar Photo Gallery gives you the chance to add your favourite
photograph, to have yours included email us at info@simplymojacar.com
This months photographs were kindly supplied by readers from our forum
and some of our competition entries.

Mojacar Magazine April to May 2009 Page 37

If you have a club or society that you wish to advertise in Mojacar Magazine please email us details and we will add it
Free of Charge
Email details to: freetime@mojacarmagazine.com
Oasis Christian fellowship Religious Groups Iglesia Evangelica
Non-denominational services, C/Hermanos Machado, 9 Ceuvas.
Help Groups
Anglican Chaplaincy
11.30am, Sundays. Victorias Spanish, translated into English.
C of E morning servic 11am,
studios, Multicentro, Mojacar Sundays 6.30pm. Contact Carmela
Sunday, San Pascal Church, Agua 950 132 792 A.A. Alcoholics
Playa. Contact 950 615 033 or 950
477 063
de Enmedio, Mojacar (4km after Anonymous
Hotel Indalo). Icar: Canon Hugh Kingdom Hall, Jehovah’s Mojacar area. Meetings
Broad. Contact: 950 478 432 or Witnesses
The Evangelical Church, Turre visit www.mojacarchurch.org Wed/Fri 7.30pm and Sun 11.00am. Tues & Fri 6.00pm.
(www.turrechurch.com) Calle C/Olivia, 15 Vera (Opposite Lidl). Contact 617 878 207
Ramon y Cajal (Opp.Superturre). Aquaviva, Albox Contact 677 857 920
English speaking, Sunday English speaking Christian
11.00am for praise and worship fellowship, Residencia Escolar, Upcoming Events Animal Rescue
with Sunday School. Parents and next to Urgencias, off Taberno FORUM GOLF SOCIETY
toddlers, Fridays 10.00am during Road. Sundays 11am. Contact: PAWS-Patas
school terms. Tel 950 092091 950 122 934 May 1st Marina Almeria Animal welfare. Shop in arcade by
League Match home to Santander bank, Mojacar Playa.
Roman Catholic Church Services Cortijo Grande Tues/Wed/Fri/Sat, 10.30-1.30pm.
Mojacar Village. Mass - Sundays Opposite garden centre, For info or help contact 678 490
May 8th Valle del Este 216 or 678 490 235
and fiestas 12.30. Tues/Thurs/Sat Garrucha/ra roundabout. English
7pm. Priest 950 475 017
Individual Stableford €33
services Sundays 11am.

Health/Sports & Activities

Mojacar Indalo Hash House Harriers - a family running group. HHH is
Clubs and Societies in Mojacar
and the Surrounding Area
a worldwide X country running club with over 2000 groups around the
world. Meeting every 2nd & 4th Sunday of the month, For more
information contact Steve 950 466 239 / 666 027 742 /
skad7@hotmail.com Acclevante (Classic Car Club) .........................629 529 656 / 968 419 256
Albox Computer Club ..................................................................950 064 311
ALBOX SCUBA DIVING CLUB -Meet every Wednesday at 8pm at the Alcoholics Anonymous ................................................................617 878 207
Travellers Inn in the conference room.
Almanzora Group of Friends (Albox) .........................................627 800 350
INDALO Lawn Bowling CLUB Los Gallardos. Visitors are always Almanzora Valley Gardening Club ............................................950 634 488
welcome. Contact Dorene 950 472 227 Almeria Link Solus Friendship Club ...............950 478 899 / 950 617 558
APSA Animal Welfare (Almanzora Area) ..................................600 219 420
WALK & WEIGH , Puerto Lumbreras . Interested in losing a few Bettis Gardening Club .................................................................950 398 162
pounds? Join us on Tuesdays at 10.30. For Further information call 968
Boxers Golf Society (Albox) .........................................................666 847 840
436 458 or 619 453 283
Club Taurino de Mojacar ...................................950 475 261 / 630 740 520
New fitness class - The Sunburn Arms - Piedra Ararilla Nr Partaloa. Cortijo Grande Golf Club .............................................................950 475 509
Thursdays at 3.00pm. Fully qualified Instructor. Beginners upwards. Dames in Turre ...................................................950 478 633 / 950 468 010
Bring own mat or towel. From Albox, 1km past ITV station, turn right The Devine Life Society ..............................................................950 469 122
then 1km on left Call 950 064 084
Duplicate Bridge Club (Mojacar) ...............................................950 615 433
Mojacar Angling Club (MAC) Meet every wed for coarse fishing, sea Elderberries Lunch Club .............................................................950 477 063
fishing by boat by arrangement and organised beach fishing meetings Forum Golf Society .......................................................................666 847 840
are to be arranged in front of the Beachcomber Bar. Further information Indalo Bowling Club .....................................................................950 472 227
call John at the Beachcomber Beach Bar 950 473 099 Indalo Players Theatre Group ...........................950 133 655 / 666 133 217
Marina Golf Members Club .............................627 / 353 281 / 666 119 765
Amigos de los coches clasicos del levante, classic car club. The
club meetings are held on the first Thursday of every month at 3 p.m. in Mojacar Angling Club (M.A.C) .....................................................950 473 099
our club house in Aguilas. More information www.a-c-c.es, tel 629 529 Mojacar Area Cancer Support Group MACS ............................607 598 470
656, 968 419 256 email: acclevante@hotmail.com Mojacar Taekwon-do Club ................................950 069 030 / 670 381 839
Mojacar Indalo Hash House Harriers ...........950 466 239 / 666 027 742
FORUM GOLF SOCIETY plays organised friendly events every 2 weeks
P.A.W.S. Animal Welfare (Coast) .....................678 490 208 / 678 490 235
at local courses. Contact Phil Elam on 666 847840 /
philjelam@yahoo.co.uk, or see www.arboleas.co.uk/forum Mojacar Walking Group ...............................................................950 397 601
Royal British Legion (Albox) .............................950 064 078 / 950 064 811
ALBOX COMPUTER CLUB will still be holding their weekly meetings Royal British Legion (Mojacar) .........................950 473 025 / 950 472 042
each Friday 4pm - 6.30pm at Kats Kitchen, Albox. Everyone welcome Table Tennis Club (Garrucha) ...................................................950 472 567
to come along see our web site www.alboxcc.com

Page 38 Mojacar Magazine April to May 2009

WHAT’S ON Freetime
If you have an event that you wish to advertise in Mojacar Magazine please
Markets and Craft
Fairs email us details and we will add it Free of Charge ads@mojacarmagazine.com

Monday Antas
Car Boot Sales
Arboleas - Albox Road, behind Bar International

Tuesday Albox First Saturday of the month at Kimrick, Mojacar Playa 12 until 4 Telephone: 950 475 198 for
Cuevas Del Almanzora Second Saturday of the month at Camping Los Gallardos Telephone 679 970 399 for details
Los Gallardos
Flea and Art Market, Artisan Centre in Mojacar Village
Wednesday Bedar
El Ejido Nijar, Artisan Craft Fair the first Sunday of every month
Velez Blanco Ballet and Tap Dancing
Daily classes in Ballet and tap for children, adults and teachers in Vera and Los Gallardos.
Teacher and examiner, Royal Academy of Dance, Anita Watson. For further details telephone
Thursday Carboneras 950 45 36 81
Cuevas Del Almanzora
Chinese Kickboxing
Lorca At California Fitness, Mojacar Playa. For information and times please call Sarah on 662 370
Olula Del Rio 829
Roquettes De Mar
Sorbas Craft and Arts Workshops
Card making, Kirigami, Art Classes and much more. Every Wednesday Watercolour
Workshop, 11.00-13.00. Suitable for all levels €8. Every Thursday Oils/Acrylic workshop,
Friday Chirivel 11.00-13.00 Suitable for all levels €8. For more information contact Adrian Tissington, Avda
Garrucha Lepanto 16, Albox, 600 817 352 or email crafthobbyalbox@yahoo.es
Puerto Lumbreras Simple Art
Turre C/Malaga, Albox. Telephone Debbie 662 443 095
Dance and Drama Academy
Julie Bruce Dance/Drama Academy classes for children and adults. Children's classes in
Saturday Aguilas Ballet, Tap, Dance, Cheerleading, Gymnastics, Street dance and Musical Theatre. For Ladies
Arboleas there is ballets and disco keep fit. Classes are held at Club Le Mata on Mojacar Playa.
Telephone 950 462 215 or 697 861 071 for additional information.
Velez Rubio
Ceroc is an easy to learn, fun mix, of modern jive and latin.It’s great exercise and
Vera no previous dance experience is required.
It is a partner dance so it’s preferable (but not essential) to visit Ceroc venues with
Sunday Almeria a friend/partner. However, people are rotated so you get a chance to dance with
each other and make new friends as well.
San Juan De Los Terreros Dance Nights are every Tuesday at Kimrick Bar & Restaurant, so if you fancy doing something a bit
different, want to meet new people, have fun and get plenty of exercise as well, why not go along and
Vicar give it a go.
For further information call Tracey on 687 251799.

Mojacar Magazine April to May 2009 Page 39

FUN & GAMES Freetime
Why not send in your own puzzles, If published you will get a mention in the Mag!

Monthly Wordsearch
Why not take this months challenge and see if you are big enough to complete the
wordsearch, this month a selection of popular words in Spain
The Words are

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the sites. We encourage people to postcomments or business details.
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Crown Rent a Car

Page 40 Mojacar Magazine April to May 2009

To advertise on Here’s My Card contact
us on ads@mojacarmagazine.com

To advertise on Here's My Card please contact us on ads@mojacarmagazine.com

Mojacar Magazine April to May 2009 Page 41

Classified Contents

rward With A Cla ssifie

d Advert

How to Accounta nts

Move Your Business Fo

Esta te Age nts Motor Me cha nic

Advertise Adult Ente rta inm e nt

Ai r Conditioning
Ai rport Pa rking
Ex cursions
Fina ncia l S e rvice s
Fitne ss & Gym s
Opticia ns
Oste opa ths
Pa inte rs & De cora tors

In your...
Ai rports Florists & Ga rde n Ctrs Pa vi ng
Archite cts Fly S cre e ns Pe rsona l S e rvice s
Article s For Sa l e Fune ra l Dire ctors Pe ts & V e ts
Ba ke rie s Furniture Shops Photogra phic Se rvice s
Be d a nd Bre a kfa st Ga rde n Se rvice s Pl um be rs
Bookshops Gla ss & W i ndow s Pools & S pa s
Builde rs Golf Course s Printe rs/Gra phics/ line a ge
Ca r Hire Golf Equipm e nt Prope rty Ma inte na nce
Ca ra va ns & Ca m pi ng Ha rdw a re Prope rty Re nta l
TELEPHONE Ca te re rs He a lth & Be a uty Re sta ura nts
Chiropra ctics Hi re S hops Roofing
All advertisers Cl e a ning Se rvice s Horse Riding Sa te llite TV
Com pute r & I T Hospita ls Se cond Ha nd Shops
+44 1442 409 348 Curre ncy Ex cha nge Insura nce Age nts Softubs
+44 07841 577240 De ntists Inte rpre te rs/Tra nsla tion Sola r Ene rgy
Di ve Ce ntre s Ke nne ls & Ca tte rie s Solicitors
ON LINE DV D & Vi de o Re nta l Linge rie Ve ts
Ele ctricia ns Locksm iths Ve hicle Re pa irs
Engl ish Food S hops Mobili ty Se rvice s Ve hicle S a le s
All advertisers Ente rta ine rs Mortga ge S e rvice s W a te r Tre a tm e nt
ads@mojacarmagazine.com Accountants
Asesoria Lopez...........950 393 071
BY POST Asesoria Torre.............950 472 748
Carlzorla Martinez.......950 479 137
Enigma Design and Marketing Ltd Danniells Fox SL........ 950 478 617
18 Kingfisher Drive, Flores Montoya ..........950 132 577
Kings Langley Gecko Business Ser....617 611 140
Hemel Hempstead Gestoria Soria Bonill....950 478 420
Hertfordshire HP3 9DD Mayor Consulting .......950 615 185
England Villalba .Asesores...... 950 431 720

FAX Adult Entertainment

Mojacar Cracker .........950 475 008
All adverts Lingerie Provocateur ...638 343 729
+44 1442 409 348
Please email beforehand
Welcome on the erotic website of Maurice and Chantal. We are a very
attractive couple, 48 and 27 years old, love the high art of the
DEADLINE eroticism and realise our sexual passion authentically, without taboo
and excessively.
Please call or email for details
On our luxury, private finca at the Costa Almeria we organise regularly
erotic parties, exclusive specials and arrange selected workshops.
We offer an individual, erotic service for single women, men and
Attractive elegant lady fulfils couples. After appointment arrangement you can be spoilt by us in
your erotic wishes on her luxury, private, luxurious ambience. Of course house visits and hotel visits are
We accept PAYPAL, Sterling, also possible any time.
private finca near Mojacar
Euros, Cheque's also Telephone 645 984 400
International Bank Transfers Telephone 669 101 316

Page 42 Mojacar Magazine April to May 2009

To advertise in Mojacar Magazine Please email us on ads@mojacarmagazine.com
645538865 CHEST OF DRAWS - €20 tel:
Architects TV - Flat screen television 32 in 18
months old, Make LG €225 Ring
SOFAS 5 SEATER corner unit.
BROA Studio ............950. 393 894 950528867 Black & beige 270 x 270cm. As
Kaleidoscope .............610 981 805 FANS – 2 large freestanding fans new 400€. 663 660 439
€10 each, 1 table top €5 Tel: COFFEE TABLE, greywhite, with
Articles for Sale 686679265
glass tabletop and magazine
shelf, as new. 84x48 cm, height
PRINTER - HP, "ALL IN ONE" €20. Catalytic Mobile Gas Heater 39 cm, 30 €. Phone 617 58 84
printer,scanner,copier HP €30 (can supply gas bottle and 24 / Veramar 4
PSC3255 with software & valve if required). N-reg 1.9 RHD PS2 GAMES 4 € each,
instructions good condition 50€ Citroen Xantia €300. Tel: ninetendo pocket gameboy 10 €,
ono La Alfoquia Tel 950 437 585 677038829. nintendo game boy carry case
Excessive, insatiable with xp pro also some good spec place. Can be seen working. 21ins
€5, game boy camera 3 €, game
boy games x11 €3 each,
couple (m42/f28 offer hot towers, samsung 17" lcd monitors x 10ins x 8ins. €50. Sold as seen. dreamcast games console 20 €,
sex for women, men and now in stock 100€ call Colin on Contact 950 064 011. dreamcast steering wheel 10 €,
couples (also house and 950 453 622 or 627 717986 4 LARGE OIL FILLED radiators dreamcast keyboard 5 €,
TELESCOPE - computerised €30 each call 950 137 136
hotel visits possible). telescope 14x262/5x c/w 5 SKY SATELLITE SYSTEM - Full
dreamcast controllers x2 5 €
each, dreamcast games x20 3 €
www.couple4sex.com different lenses tripod carry case size dish Plus Box 275 euros Tel each, Tel: 950137136 mob:
Tel: 629 483 618 new €100, Tel: 950137136 mob: 627564741 645538865 (75)
645538865 COMPLETE NURSERY POND PUMP brand new boxed,
FIRE brand new never used,
FURNITURE in Salisbury Pine
bought from Argos, Cot/Bed,
water reaches 4 mtrs €50 (€100
new) Selling due to downsizing
chrome with white pebble or coal Chest of Drawers and Wardrobe, David 680602443 / 950171410
ABC..........................950 479 596
effect still boxed, Tel 686768442 including mattress and Winnie the indcyd@hotmail.com roquetas
ACS Air Con..............685 742 840
Oria, €100 pooh bedding. 300 Euro´s ono. de mar
CD Electrical .............950 064 504
FREESAT DIGITAL BOX, Karen 637 546 973 or skype 0044
Cool Outside .............606 194 945
Goodmans Freesat box 161 408 7041
DJT ...........................686 817 945
GFSAT100SD, New still in box - BED - Double bed, mattress and
D Match.....................950 472 947
JW Airsat ..................950 475 845 not used 60€ La Alfoquia Tel 950 Material base. Hardly used. Bakeries
437 585 V.G.C. 100 euro ono. Phone 950
MGM Electrical ..........950 467 227 Claires Bakery ..........618 864 507
SKY DIGITAL BOX, Amstrad Sky 163 710 or 651 778 846
Williams Electrical .....607 505 928 Dolce .......................950 475 178
wooden table and chairs €150. In The Pasty Shack....... 627 564 741
excellent condition. Selling due to
downsizing David 680602443 /
950171410 indcyd@hotmail.com
Bed & Breakfast
roquetas de mar Aljambra ...................950 064 332
SOFA BED – dark red double sofa Casa Amnarilla ..........950 459 671
bed and armchair 2yrs old €150 Casa Los Arcos .........950 473 165
(€900 new) In excellent condition. Casa Maria ................950 398 216
Selling due to downsizing David Roberts Nest .............687 233 795
680602443 / 950171410 The Retreat ...............619 348 261
indcyd@hotmail.com roquetas de Travellers Inn .............950 523 762
BED - double bed with slated base
mattress metal headboard duvet,
duvet cover pillowcases sheets Bookworms................950 473 086
For a FREE listing email us digital box DRX100 Used with pillows blanket mosquito net €120, Celebrations...............950 475 366
remote Tel: 950137136 mob: 645538865
with your details at Mar Y Sol...................950 475 174
but no card 30€ la Alfoquia Tel 950 BEDROOM FURNITURE - brand Mojacar Learning Ctre .950 615 489
info@mojacarmagazine.com 437 585 (75) new 2 door wardrobe 5 draw chest One Off Cards.............627 046 789
CEILING FANS x 4, €7.50 each in bedside cabinet in light ash still

excellent condition. Selling due to
downsizing David 680602443 /
boxed €120, Tel: 950137136 mob:
950171410 indcyd@hotmail.com WELSH DRESSER ANTIQUE pine Ace Construction........950 634 432
Alicante ....................966 919 000 roquetas de mar (75) 3 draws and 3 doors 150 €, Tel: Aridos Mojacar S.L.....950 393 003
Almeria......................950 213 700 RADIATORS - oil filled radiators x3 950137136 mob: 645538865 Andalucian .................950453 493
Murcia.......................968 172 000 €25 each Tel: 950137136 mob: BEDSIDE CABINETS – 2 Ben Parfitt .................950 069 419
645538865 (75) matching 1 draw bedside cabinets Cantoria Cstrn............950 064 368
Airport Parking FRIDGE FREEZER white large €25, 1 1 draw bedside cabinet €10 Dry Lining...................950 618 767
fridge small freezer very good Tel; 686679265 Garden Slns...............950 468 145
AA Parking ...............950 290 651 condition 100 €, Tel: 950137136 BOOKCASE - €25 tel; 686679265 Grandy Building ........ 950 458 887
Park & Fly ................902 887 306 mob: John Blackmore .........950 449 068

Mojacar Magazine April to May 2009 Page 43

To advertise in Mojacar Magazine Please email us on ads@mojacarmagazine.com


Extension Specialists
All types of roofing and repairs, patios, reforms,
tiling, block paving and more...
Building in Spain for 8 years Phone For Special Rates Wide Range of Vehicles
Cars Delivered to Almeria & Alicante Airports
For a Professional Product
Vehiculos Entregados a los Aeropuertos
call Peter on 950 132 793 or 687 814 358
pmorganbuilding@hotmail.com Diesels & Automatics Available
Avda de Alme ria, 17 Bajo
Almericar ..................950 234 966 04639 TURRE (Almeria)
Car Hire Rucar .......................950 333 104 Tel 950 468 004
From UK 00 34 950 468 003
Tropicar ....................950 334 400 E-mail andacar@bitmailer.net
Auriga ......................968 414 582
Andacar ...................950 468 003
Smarty Paints ...........660 125 457
Caracola ...................950 473 157
Crown Rent a Car ......950 478 976
Mo-Car ....................950 478 307
Cleaning Services
Mojacar ...................950 478 832
Upholstery Cleaning
Sofas, Rugs, Carpets
Guardian Angels Property
Mattresses, Car Valeting, Management Service is owned
Floor Polishing and run by Derrick and Carol
Towlson and family who now live
Mobile: 627 635 full time in San Juan de los
Terreros and offer a
519 comprehensive property
Also Entertainment with CJ’s Mobile management service tailored to
suit your requirements
DJ, Karaoke, Casino Nights
TEL:950 466 396 or 950 466 239
or mobile 600 470 778
and 663 641 044

Computer & IT
Ciber Max.................649 516 903
Compleo Personal IT
Centre.......................950 393 689
Caracola ...................950 473 157 CYG..........................950 133 908
Crown Rent a Car ......950 478 976 Digitek Mojacar...........950 472 191
Mo-Car ....................950 478 307 DMM Web Design.......697 317 665
Mojacar ...................950 478 832 Enigma Design
Solvi Car ...................950 478 151 (Web Design) ....+44 1442 409348
A1 Services...............950 472 528 Info Venus 2000 .........950 475 712
Amazing Long Term Rental Deals Ashby Property Svs....950 439 174 Mi PC........................950 633 015
Clean Sweep..............950 398 820 Neosystems...............950 121 035
D&D Cleaners ...........666 814 913 Premier Tech ...........950 064 2156
DcGc Options............950 472 837
Squeaky Clean ...........28 760 783
Enigma Design and
Marketing Limited
Fresco Services Vera
We offer a full Web Design
Our aim is to provide you, the Service and FREE advice.
customer with excellent value for Hosting, HTML, Metatags,
money and a professional
and more call +44 1442
For a free consultation

Page 44 Mojacar Magazine April to May 2009

To advertise in Mojacar Magazine Please email us on ads@mojacarmagazine.com
Electro Torres ............950 472 898
DVD & Video Rental Mark Cooke ...............637 974 662
Mick Groom ..............667 039 805
Movieland...................950 475 003 Suckling Elect ...........661 642 993
Real Entertainment.....950 449 635
The Word................. .950 479 438 Wayne Powell............607 150 095
Total Entertainment.....950 615 596 Knowles & Abt ...........650 137 208

Albox Turre Mojácar

A venida L epanto 2 4 B Avenida de Almería 27 P as eo del M editerráneo
04800 Albox 04634 Turre 04638 Mojácar
Almería Almería Almería

totalalbox@ hotmail.c om totalturre@ hotmail.c om totalmojac ar@ hotmail.c om

Tel: 950 121 318 Tel: 950 468 295 Tel: 950 615 596

Video / DVD Club
Most Areas Covered
New releases €2.50 for 2 nights

Open 11am-2pm &5pm - 9pm, Mon-Sat 5pm - 9pm Sundays

Guardia Vieja Complex, Mojacar Playa Tel: 950 475 003


Williams Electrical
Based in Turre
Established Since 1998 & Fully Legal
All Electrical work undertaken, Anti-
Surge Protection, A/C Supply&
Re-Wire, Ceiling Fans, Bathroom Heaters
Currency Exchange Why not advertise your business on Mojacar Magazine email is on mojacarmagazine@aol.com for details...

Currencies Direct ........950 478 914

Money Corp ...............692 413 814
Dentist Tel: 607 505 928
Money Exg ................950 324 243 Clinical Dental............950 478 534
Nadal Perez ..............950 479 444 Email: frankw92@hotmail.com
Global Currency .........950 133 697
Valero Martinez..........950 132 047

Mojacar Magazine April to May 2009 Page 45

To advertise in Mojacar Magazine Please email us on ads@mojacarmagazine.com
English Food

Beer Emporium.........950 472 622
Mr UK .....................950 475 850 Coastal Properties
UK Shopping.............950 473 224 Mojacar
Brendan O Dee.......... 950 069 264 38 Multi Central Playa
Captain Sunshine .........950618034 04638 Mojacar Spain
Clive Sarstedt .............950 398 825 Tel: 0034 950 475 235
Keith Night .................950 069 248
Professionally Qualified Estate Agents
Mattis DJ ...................950 391 660
coastalproperties@telefonica.net Over 20 years of service, Integrity & Sound Advice
Molles Munecas..........950 133 806
Tom Lee ....................950 462 059 Excellent Range of New & Resale Apartments, Townhouses, Villas & Exclusive Developments.
New Life ....................667 044 173 Holiday Rental Holiday Rentals & Property Management

Estate Agents Management Open Mon - Fri, 10am - 1.30 &4.30 - 7pm, Sat, 10am - 1pm

Property Telephone: 950 478 915

Coastal Properties...... 950 47 5235 Management
1st Choice .................950 472 002
Gatehouse Intern.........950 473 176
Remax / Keyfinder.......950 473 074 Maintenance Re/Max Monarch 2
Management of
Price Brown...............950 478 915
Long Term Rentals
Avenida del Mediterraneo 465
Prime Properties Local
.................................950 475289 Property Mojacar 04638 Almeria
Veritas Homes...........950 472 430
Management Tel/Fax: 0034 950 473 074
Why not advertise your business on Mojacar Magazine email is on mojacarmagazine@aol.com for details...
Refurbishment & Mobs: 0034 610 614 561
Construction 0034 605 256 568
Kevinspain.................950 064 464
Mojacar Estates..........950478 935 http://www.coastpropmojacar.com/ www.key-finder-properties.com
Mojacar Homes..........950 478 834
New One Stop ...........950 473 040
Polansky & Associates
.................................950 478 915
Mojacar Quad Treks...678 006 460
4 X 4 Tours ...............950 292 092

Financial Services
Email: Anglo Spanish Finance ...686 257 481
info@sunflowerhomes-almeria.com Avalon Europe .................966 799 070
Website: Blevins Franks .................965 705 502
Danniells Fox ....................950 478 617
www.sunflowerhomes-almeria.com Mortgage Solutions ........950 472 032
CIMM ................................950 398 078
www.blueseavillas.com Office Tel/Fax: 0034 950460873 Mobile: 0034 600227460 Offshore Investments .....950 064 695
VFS Europe ...................... 950 478 617

Page 46 Magazine April to May 2009 Mojacar Magazine April to May
To advertise in Mojacar Magazine Please email us on ads@mojacarmagazine.com

Mortgages The No Sweat workout, call us now for your FREE trial
Financial Services Open Mon - Fri, 8am to 5pm
Tax and Accountancy Saturday, 9am - 1pm
Tel: 950 478 617 Fax: 950 475 029 Level 2, Parque Comercial, Mojacar
Local 89, Parque Comercial, 04638 Mojacar, Almeria Tel: 664 550 661
www.dannielsfox.com (Wheelchair & lift access available)
Specialist Mortgage Brokers, Regulated Independent Financial Advisors and Tax Accountancy Servive Providers in Spain

Fitness Florists & Gdn Ctrs

Iron Art Group

established for 20 years on
the Costas
Garden/patio furniture at wholesale
Gates, rejas, railings, gazebos, all
your ironwork made to any size,
design, colour etc and all
El Real Industrial Estate, Antas
Mon-Fr 10am-5pm
Sat 10am-1pm
MOJACAR PLAYA www.ironartcostablanca.com
email ironartantas@yahoo.co.uk Tel 637 259 033
Next to Viva &
Harrys Bar
Floresteri ..................950 344 169
Veveros Hortiflor ........950 478 985 Funeral Services
Tel.: 950 475 403 Lucia.........................950 479 496
Funeraria Perez.........950 478 102
Funeraria Soriano.......950 410 413
Mob.: 687 245 485 La Glorieta ................950 391 927
For a FREE listing
Fly Screens email us with
your details at


The Only
Way is up

by taking
an advert
in Mojacar
Mister Screen............637 159 249 Magazine
We Fit.......................950 475 419

Mojacar Magazine April to May 2009 Page 47

To advertise in Mojacar Magazine Please email us on ads@mojacarmagazine.com
The Emporium............950 472 790 Berbel Oller ..............950 121 123
Furniture Shops International Hair.........950 475 452
Taller Daydo .............950 459 116
Central Motors...........950 959 489
English Pine .............950 475 419 Penthouse Studio.......950 475 915
Furniture Mart ...........950 393 244 Wacky Barber ...........667 961 645 Opticians
Homes and Beyond....950 132 458
Weight Watcher..........666 224 501 Multi Opticas ............950 472 285
Linen Store................950 475 419 The 5 Bone Hotel, Turre Optica Villazer...........950 472 783
Mac Night .................950 468 263
Stock X Change.........950 475 937 Hire Shops Tel: 630 234 556 Optica Mahis ............950 390 777

ces Lingerie Osteopath

El Pinar Can Can ....................950 472 396 John Morgan...............666 157 942
Enreque Arias ...........950 472 974

Parque Commercial Associated Painters....677 046 624

A Very Large Selection Mojacar Peter Dowling.............647 587 846

Legs and Co based in
Mojacar Playa, in the
At Reasonable Prices
Costa Almeria, Spain
Los Carasoles, Zurgena (on the main road to Albox)
are now able to provide
Tel: 950 104 272 Also at Viator all your UK High St
Mojacar Hire ..............950 475 003 Branded Lingerie, Swim
Garden Services Hire Shop ..................687 845 993 wear and clothing here
Mojacar Landscap2.....627 864 092 in Spain
Albi Servico................950 478 708 Horse Riding www.legsandcospain.com
Eden Landscapes.......950 634 463
Viveros Hortiflor...........950 478 985
Floristeria Lucia..........950 479 496

Glass and Windows

Lessons & Trekking
Cristaliria.. ................950 475 376 Livery & Loan
All Ages & Abilities Welcome
Golf Courses Excellent Rates
Desert Springs ..........950 467 411 BHS Qualified
Marina Golf ...............950 133 235 Contact
Cortijo Grande ...........950 479 176 Partaloa Near Albox
Valle De Est Golf.......676 256 923 Erica
678 838 547
Golf Equipment Desert Riders..............950 066 084
The Full Swing ..........950 459 009
The Complete Golfer....950 472 376
Didi Arias ..................950 468 911 Locksmith
Sanctuary Limaria.......628 239 696
Marcus Tuition ...........610 526 671 Cortijo Grande ...........950 479 176 24 Hour .....................666 949 213
Gareth Edwards .........950 479 176 Valle De Est Golf........676 256 923 Larry .........................667 244 022
Tuition Valle De Est ....676 256 923
Insurance Agents Mobility Services
Hardware Stores Abbeygate Insurance..965 745 097 Mobility Matters.........950 615 432
Ferreteria Gonzalez......950 390 855 Knight Insurance.........950 121 943
Ferreteria Longo ..........950 430 064
Lloyd & White.............950 478 598
Mojacar Insurance.......950 615 037
Mortgage Services
Ferreteria Lopez...........950 615 026
Rose Financial ..........950 478 617
Ferreteria Mojacar........950 473 111
Kennels & Catteries
Health and Beauty Country Kennel ...........950 473 011 Motor Mechanic
Five Bone Hotel ..........930 234 556
Creative Nail Bar........950 475 403 K9 .............................950 168 015 Albox Service Ctre......950 431 600

Page 48 Mojacar Magazine April to May 2009

To advertise in Mojacar Magazine Please email us on ads@mojacarmagazine.com

Peter Dowling
I am an independent, local handyman who can do a
variety of jobs, in all of which I take great pride. I am a
professional painter and decorator. I am reliable and
carry out a professional job to the highest of standards.
Coastal Properties

Taking a different view in rentals

Wall Tiling Interior & Exterior Painting

Avenida del Mediterráneo,

General Property And

Mojacar - Almeria - Spain

38 Multi Central Playa

Carpentry Maintenance Decorating
04638 Mojacar Spain

+34 950 473 183

Please call for a friendly service and a FREE no obligation Tel: 0034 950 475 235

363 - 04638
Mobile: 6475 878 46 Apdo de corres email:
Verahandyman@hotmail.com 323 coastalproperties@telefonica.net

Coastal Properties.......950 475 235

Pets and Vets Complete Holiday Care Holiday Rental
..................................950 478 612
Clinica Veterinaria......950 472 252
Elite Property Srv .........697 532323
Centro Veterinaria.......950 475 213
Espagna Homes .........950 466 044 Property
Holiday Homes ...........950 120 210 Management
Mojacar Estates .........950 478 935
Mojacar Holiday Service Property
..................................950 478 832 Maintenance
Management of
Mojacar Long Long Term Rentals
Term Rentals Property
Plumbers We have properties Management
that you can rent in and Refurbishment &
Derek Smith................950 468 041
Knowles and Abbot......950 137 197 around Mojacar for Construction
Mojacar Plumbing........607 356 520
Winter, Summer and all http://www.coastpropmojacar.com/ This is a lovely apartment
Pool/Spa year round! Situated in Turre. A Typical
Spanish village, only 5 min by
Sol Y Agua ................638 574 145 We have a selection of car to the Resort and
Pedro Suarez .............950 478 786 mojacarlongtermrentals.com Beaches of Mojacar and the
Real Covers ...............950 478 763 apartments and villas to rent fishing port of Garrucha. Our
in the beautiful seaside apartment is newly built and
provides everything you
resort of Mojacar. should need, Air-con/Heating,
Sky TV (BBC1, 2 and 3 plus
Ranging from 1 bed roomed ITV 1,2,3 plus Channel 4),
apartments to 7 bedroom stereo, DVD, microwave,
washing machine, fridge,
villa’s with private swimming iron, etc. Two Bedrooms, 1
dbl, 1 Twin, nicely furnished
pools we can arrange any kind lounge/dining area. Mountain
of accommodation for you views from balcony on
Lounge and double bedroom.
Simply email us at Sprb restaurants and bars
within walking distance.No
The Property Shop children under 10 or pets.
Property Rental ................................950 475 241 and let us know what
Real Services ...........950 475 779 Email:
Coastal Properties.......950 475 235 Rent Mojacar.............950 615 042 you are looking for, we
Complete Holiday Care RLT Properties ..........950 615 042
.................................950 478 612 Susanas Properties....649 759 053
will do the rest

Mojacar Magazine April to May 2009 Page 49

To advertise in Mojacar Magazine Please email us on ads@mojacarmagazine.com
Mesa.........................950 472 948
Linnitt Properties Restaurants
Old Tavern.................950 478 958
Management and Services, S.L.L 22 Restaurant ............950 473 058
The Palacio................950 472 208
* Property Sales and Rentals Asador Ayerbe............950 472 951
Ramo Del Limon.........950 472 659
* Property Maintenance Bistro Breton.............950 478 008
and Cleaning Services Res Algeria................950 615 064
Bar Esencia.............. 666 710 124
* Insurances Restaurant Sur...........950 615 437
* Building Services Beachcomber.............950 473 099
Rusty Nail Bar............950 472 786
Avda.de Almeria, no 78 (Turre) Tel: 0034 9504 79054 Bengal Palace ...........950 615 181
Pizuela.....................950 615 524
www.linnitt-properties.com info@linnitt-properties.com Casa Egea ................950 472 190
Sitio Bar....................687 265 518
Café Sol.....................662 258 822
Apartment and beautiful sea Smugglers.................687 489 145
view, Cowboy Cocina9.......9500 472 924
Swimming pool and garden Solo .........................950 475 389
Gala’s ...................... 669 813 418
Sotovoce ...................950 475 739
Harrys Café Bar..........950 478 439
Tabern Pacifica...........950 634 533
Kimrick .....................950 475 198
Tlk of The Town..........678 661 850
La Cabana..................950 615 179
The Irish Rover...........950 472 664
These newly built and Lua............................950 472 224
Café Lala .................950 473 128
furnished apartments Lykes........................950 478 736
A well appointed, privately
which are just a 5 minute El Palacio..................950 472 846
Mediteranio................950 472 268
owned, modern 2 bedroom walk from the beach, bars
apartment within walking and restaurants. Our
distance of unspoilt sandy apartments all have 2
beaches with superb
swimming pool. With 2 bedrooms sleeping up to
bedrooms, a double with 4/5, bathroom, kitchen
queen size bed, and a triple and lounge diner with
with single and double beds,
newly furnished and air large balconies
conditioned it overlooking the 3
accommodates 5 in comfort. swimming pools 3 toddler
Full bathroom, kitchen and
living room with satellite TV pools landscaped
and UK channels, the garage gardens, tennis court,
parking is on the same level fantastic sea views. The
as the apartment, and there
are lifts to all floors. kitchen is fully equipped.
Contact Lynn on +44(0)1609 All apartments have a TV,
748468 or dvd player, radio/cd
Email: player ,SKY tv and safes.
Email: gknight324@aol.com

We have a selection of apartments and villas to rent in the beautiful

seaside resort of Mojacar.
Ranging from 1 bed roomed apartments to 7 bedroom villa’s with
private swimming pools we can arrange any kind of accommodation for
Simply email us at
mojacardreams@aol.com and let us know what you are
looking for, we will do the rest

Page 50 Mojacar Magazine April to May 2009

To advertise in Mojacar Magazine Please email us on ads@mojacarmagazine.com

CR Comida Rapida CR B ar
E sencial
Fast Foods, Cooked by ba Qualified Chef at affordable prices
Open 7 days from 12pm to very late eat in or takeaway
Find us next to Price Brown on the beach

Choose from our delicious varied menu, check

Live Music see the board

for daily specials! “the only real pub in town”
Choose from our Succulent Kebabs THAI CURRY
tasty range of Chicken Tandoori All served with All sports showing
burgers served Vegi kebab basmati rice or
with chips and a Falafel & Salad
Coming soon... The largest
choice of side selection of Vodka in Mojacar
Mojacar Southern Cod Gougons
Open all week until late, except
All served with a
Fried Roe & Chips drink & ice cream, Mondays
Pizza Burger Pukka Pies & just 5 euros!
Greek Burger Chips Parties Catered for
Cowboy Burger
Minty Lamb Telephone Cal 667 805 880
PIZZAS orders
Burger Try our Kebab email
Pizza 647 820 991 Nici237@yahoo.co.uk

Downstairs on the seafront below Crown Rent a Car

Menu of the Day & Night Only
Choice Cours
of 7 starters
3 Course
Main Courses rately
se p a Multi Choice
Vegetable stir fry with Pineapple & Sweet Chilli Sauce with Rice or Chips
Southern Fried Chicken Breast & Coleslaw with Chips or Salad
Pork Steak with Peas & Chips or Mash or New Potatoes & Gravy (Yorkshire
Pudding - extra 1€)
Liver & Bacon, Mash or Chips, Fried Onions & Gravy (Mushy Peas, Peas or
Baked Beans - extra 1€)
3 x Sausages (or battered) Chips or Mash, Baked Beans or Peas & Gravy
Freshly Battered Fish & Chips (Mushy Peas or Baked Beans - extra 1€)
Chef’s Salad of the Day (Vegetarian or not so)

In addition to this w e also hav e a full menu including Chicken

Choice Curry, Mixed Grill, Steaks, Wraps, Sandw iches, Burgers,
Of 6 Desserts Breakfasts, Salads, Jacket Potatoes & so much more!
3 Course Sunday Lunch - Only 12.00€

Mojacar Magazine April to May 2009 Page 51

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Roast Served All Day

2 Course: €11
3 Course €13.50

Vegetarian Menu

Open 7 until late

Closed on Tuesdays
618 539 500 / 950 472 308

Mojacar Playa, Next to Mojacar Homes

Tel:950 472 944

There are some great bars and restaurants in Mojacar all which
offer great value for money and a wide variety of food.

There are times though when you want to ‘Grab and Go’.

Here at Super Polo we offer a fantastic alternative. We have a

wide range of pre prepared meals that offer great value for
money and tongue tingling tastes.
Typical Spanish
On offer we have for example:
Spaghetti, Lasagna, Fish Salad, Tuna Salad, Roast Lamb, Mediterranean
Roast Chicken, a wide variety of Fish, Roasted Vegetables,
Paella, Curry’s,and a delectable choice of puddings. We also Menu
offer a variety of tasty set meals.
Menu del Dia Sea Views
All you need in most cases is to microwave or oven cook.

Mojacar Playa
In addition to this we offer vouchers that enable you to earn
great gifts.

Tel: 950 475 941

Super Pollo
Excellent Choice, Excellent Value & Excellent Taste

Page 52 Mojacar Magazine April to May 2009

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syedpur Auto Refinishing

Indian Cuisine
Crash Over 20 years'

Now Open Sundays Repairs

Panel Beating
6pm -12, 7 days a week
Booking Recommended Spraying
Call: 950 120 606 Welding
Take Away Available
For a FREE quotation
call Jim on 650 617 595 or 950 478 934

Vehicle Sales

06 Renault Megan Scenic 1.9 Dci, a/c, cd, low km’s........................18,999€

Our stock list is

05 Ford Galaxy Tdi, 130bhp, metallic blue, cd, a/c............................16,999€
04 Hyudai Santa Fe in blue, a/c, 4 x 4................................................14’999€
06 Peugeot 307 sw 1.6Hdi Est, black, a/c, cd...................................13,999€

constantly changing.
07 Peugeot 207, in silver, a/c, cd, low km’s.......................................12’999€
05 Citroen C4 1.6 Vtr automatic, Cd, a/c, metallic blue...................12’999€
04 Saab 9-5, 2.0 Turbo, a/c, cd, leather, met. merlot..........................9,999€
03 Nissan Primera 2.2Di Visia, hatchback, cd, silver........................9,999€

For Information on
04 Renault Laguna 1.9 Dci Express, a/c, cd,......................................9,999€

Advertising please
Solicitors 03 Ford Focus Estate Tddi 1.8, a/c, Metallic Silver...........................8,999€
03 Citroen C3 1.4 Hdi, a/c, cd, white...................................................8,999€

email us on Alonso & Haro ...........950 392 208 Call us for an up to date
03 Citroen C5 2.0sx Hdi Est, cd, a/c, metallic silver..........................8,999€
04 Seat Ibiza1.9 Sdi Stella, a/c, metallic silver...................................8,999€
07 Ford Ka 1.4, a/c, cd, low km’s, metallic grey..................................8,999€
mojacarmagazine@aol.com Angelas Morale...........950 478 984
or call us Casas Almeria ...........950 134 434 list and ask us about our
03 Ford Focus 1.8 Tdci Estate, a/c, red..............................................8,999€
98 Chrysler Voyager 2.4 LX, automatic, metallic grey.......................7,999€
03 Ford Focus Est 1.8 Tddi, air con in blue........................................7,999€
Davies Solicitor...........950 472 775
+44 1442 409348
05 Fiat Punto Activa, a/c, cd, metallic silver, low km’s........................7,999€

Ruiz Orozco ..............950 390 282 bargain basement!

03 Opel Astra 1.7Dti Est. a/c, cd, white...............................................7,999€
01 Opel Vectra 2.0 Tdi Elegance Est, a/c, cd.....................................6,999€
Saugar Aboga........... 950 615 038
Roofing Vehicle Repairs
ARC Roofing .............950 618 767
Jim ...........................950 069 041 Albox Service .............950 431 600
Central Motors ...........950 393 776
Satellite TV Crash Repairs ............950 478 934
Mojacar Motors ..........950 478 335
Cuevase.....................950 523 740 Talleres Azor .............950 478 519
Dmatch .....................950 472 947 Albox Centre ............950 431 600
Enti Sat ....................950 064 609
Europa Sat ................950 133 233 Albox Service Centre Almeria Engines........950 069 213
Autocorner ...............950 069 198
J & A Multi Serv .........667 292 227 Coastal Cars ............950 459 136
JW Air Sat ................950 475 845 Diagnostics Brakes Tyres Clutches Repairs Servicing
Mojacar Motors......... 950 472 056
Skystars ...................687 042 335
Nissan .....................950 430 856
Solo Sat ....................699 909 737
Premier Autos ...........666 160 692
Tel Air .......................950 393 116
Taller Daydo .............950 459 116
Softubs Talleres A..................950 478 519

SolyAgua ..................950 139 573 Vets

Solar Energy Astrid .......................950 472 252
Costa Indalo .............950 475 213
Egestra Centro .........950 411 208
Alternia .....................950 475 876 Workshop Tel: 950 431 600 Mob: 662 093 051
D Match ...................950 472 947 Europa .....................950 132 200
Teletek .....................950 459 007
Matriculations/Transfers: 620 474 919 Veravet ....................667 304 876

Mojacar Magazine April to May 2009 Page 53

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Astrid Schroder, Veterinary Surgeon
Paseo Del Mediterraneo, 313
Tel: 950 472 252 / 629 099 920
Emergencies: 629 099 920

Please make an appointment

his 50's needs work of some
description just to get me out maintenance work Antas
of the house!! Please I will and Albox area. Tel
consider anything. Even 663375342
Water Treatment cleaning! As I do most of this
Casa Rusticas ...........950 469 620 at home anyway as my wife MALE 20 YEARS
is out to work. Mojacar
Piscinas Octopu ........950 121 927
SolyaAgua ................950 139 573 /Turre areas. I have refs.
Pele Tek ...................950 459 007

S I F I E D S Please call
looking for work, would do

Water Solutions .........950 615 200 bar work, willing to try
625 245 771.
anything else. Please call

Jobs WORK!
QUALIFIED CHEF looking Mike on 677830074
for work in the Antas , Albox
area 20 years experience
good all rounder. Tel Looking for work? Post your details on Mojacar Magazine, email us at ads@mojacarmagazine.com


The Perfect Job....? Perhaps

We are looking for some sales people to sell both Simply Mojacar and Mojacar Magazine. You will need to be self motivated and have a
desire to succeed. There are no set hours, no set targets just an opportunity to meet a lot of interesting people in a relaxing holiday

You will need a vision though and that vision will be to promote and market our portfolio of ground breaking products to people in Mojacar.

If you are interested and have the time on your hands why not drop us a line and tell us a bit more about yourself.

The pay? We offer a great commission structure and an opportunity to work with some very dedicated people.

Page 54 Mojacar Magazine April to May 2009

Min and Motors
To advertise in Mojacar Magazine Please email us on
The Renault Megane Convertible
Spring has come back with a vengeance in my neck of the
woods. March is supposed to come in like a lion & out like
a lamb but we seem to have had the reverse here in sunny
Northamptonshire. The month has started with over a week
of clear blue skies and no wind. Temperatures have felt like
a summers day with youngsters lazing around on grassy
meadows, people taking time out on their allotments to get
their affairs in order for the upcoming rush of the growing
season and every type of animal has been calling out for this
seasons mates.

I have been dusting off the cobwebs of my motorbike and

paying up another years insurance so I can take in new
country roads and new areas I haven’t yet explored. There The all round vision was excellent with the roof up and this is
has been a rush in holiday bookings for the seaside as we a rarity with convertibles. What springs to mind is the
all look longingly to the near future and the two weeks mid useless vision of the new MX5 that when the roof is up you
year break we will all spend months saving for but will be may as well be driving a Transit for the same all round vision.
over in a blink of an eye.
I smirked at the engine size of this motor. Why go to the
trouble of making a sporty car and then putting a 1600cc
lump in it???? I was to eat my thoughts on this as the car
was responsive and nippy all the way through the six speed
gearbox. The handling was not as tight as I would have liked
but I am sure this must have been softened so the
hairdressers and girls who would be attracted to this motor
would have an easier time applying their make-up whilst
driving along. Now I pulled over and took the top off...
This was now a great fun little car that gave me the all
important experience of driving at speed with the wind
blowing around my face. And it was just blowing around and
not trying to pull my head off of my shoulders even at speed.
I can see why people go for them as the sensation of the
So what could be worthy of this late to be written article? open road really comes into play with all of the sights sounds
What could I jump into and test drive without losing much and smells of the countryside I was driving through feeling as
time in this rarest of warm springs? if they were inside the car with me.
It had to incorporate a bit of fun...ok alot of fun, handle well So would I buy one???
and still let the earliest of our warm light shine upon me.
I opted for the Renault Megane Convertible. Don’t get me wrong this was a great laugh for a couple of
hours on a warm and sunny spring afternoon. The car
I was told we had to first have a drive around with the roof sounds great and all round it wasn’t too bad but......
up. Why I wanted to know as the whole point was to keep I would rather get my bike out of the garage and I would not
the sun on my face but I soon realised a point was soon pay the £20,000 price tag even for a six speed box!
proven that the roof was not your usual convertible rubbish. Save your money and grab an MX5. They are smaller more
The glass topped roof seemed air tight. There was no fun to drive and even though you will still look like a girl
rushing of air coming through hidden gaps and the road driving one you wouldn’t feel quite so ripped off.
noise was at a minimum. It was warm inside and the
heater was exceptional. Why would I try the heater you may
ask but convertibles can be an icebox in the winter but this
seemed more than capable to keep up.

Mojacar Magazine April to May 2009 Page 55

Property To advertise in Mojacar Magazine Please email us on


Agent Review...

...no nonsense estate agents

coastal chaos, many can be found at The weather...Aaah...the weather, you

About us... the Tuesday morning market in the town can usually add at least 10°C to
of Albox, the main social event of the whatever you've got in England; winter
...Well... about me really; I work by
area! barely lasts for three months; for six
myself, covering all aspects of
months, it's an occasion if a cloud is
buying & selling land and houses in The scenery of Oria is dominated by the spotted in the clear blue sky; then
one small rural area of Almeria. I rugged mountains always in the there's the summer nights (excuse me if
operate using an excellent web-site background, but softened by the fields this sounds like something from
built for me by Dezert Dezine, a lap- of almond trees, the main local 'Grease'!), 30ºC...watching the stars in
top computer, a mobile phone and a produce. At different altitudes, the a pair of shorts and sandals...G&T by
digital camera, from the side of a scenery can change dramatically; you your hand...towel nearby to mop it up
mountain, miles from a phone line. can be in a desert canyon expecting when you spill it all over yourself...
So it can be done (it wasn't easy "Clint" to step out from behind a Suffice to say that in the UK, I took at
and I still can't find the phone I boulder, within fifteen minutes, you can least two painkillers every day, ten
threw down the garden), but please be lost in the middle of a grove of months of the year, to enable myself to
be patient when waiting for a reply orange trees and fifteen minutes later continue working; in the two years since
as the phone signal still goes still, you can find yourself in an area that I moved here permanently, I have taken
tetas'p'arriba sometimes! looks just like Wales with pine & oak about half-a-dozen, usually after a
forests AND SUN! particularly strenuous days work on my
I operate in and around an area called house...It's a good life..
Oria, 80 km NNE from the city of The local history is rich and varied; .
Almeria. It is a rural area encompassing many Moorish buildings dating from the As far as access is concerned, we
the beautiful "Sierra de las Estancias" eleventh century are dotted around as are 1 hour from Almeria airport, 2
mountains & foothills. The majority of well as some earlier Roman ruins. Much hours from Alicante & Murcia airports,
the area is still very Spanish, though of the terrace walling and the miles of 40 minutes from the beaches of
once you begin to look around you will irrigation channels still used today were Mojacar and Garrucha, 50 minutes
find a surprising number of ex-pats originally installed by the Moors from 'Cabo de Gata' national park
secreted in farmhouses and villages between the eleventh & thirteenth and 1 hour 45 minutes away from the
throughout the vicinity. Most are here for centuries, an incredible feat of beautiful city & skiing of Granada.
the sun and mild winters away from the engineering!

Page 56 Mojacar Magazine April to May 2009

Tel: 950 473 040 Fax: 950 472 412
New One Stop www.newonestop.com
Paseo del Mediterraneo 1 33, Mojacar Playa, 01 638,
A lmeria

·· 1000m2 Rustic plot of land · 2 beds, 1 bath luxury Golfing apt · Luxury Penthouse 50M
· with sea & mountain views · Lge complete fitted & equipped kch · 1 double bed & 1 bath
· good access road · Large front terrace of 30m² · large Terrace 39m sea view
· 5 minutes from beach, · Pre-installation of A/C all property · fully-fitted kitchen
· perfect for caravan · 2 Communal pools & garden. · Fully furnished & A/C
· possible to built 50m · Large external patio · private locked garage
· PRICE:…….…35.000€ · Easy parking & close to amenities · south facing and sunny
· BARGAIN:…………99.950€ · PRICE NOW :……..…95.000€

· Wooden houses of 50m · Luxury golf apartment ·· Los Atalayones Apartment

· On a fenced plot of 800m · 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom · 2 double beds, 1 bath
· include caravan · Terrace and private solarium · 35m terrace with sea views
· swimming pool · Fully furnished, fully A/C · complex with 3 pools & tennis crtt
· electric solar panel · Communal pool and garden · Private parking space
· Drinking water well · 50 meters to blue flag beach · Secure complex.
· Nice mountain views · Excellent investment · 2 minute walk to all amenities.
· Full deeds & registry · PRICE: ………... 129.500 € · REDUCED:……...132.000 €
· PRICE: ................... 79,000 €

Mojacar Magazine April to May 2009 Page 57
Polansky & Assoc.
Est. 1969
The very first, and most recognized real estate developer,
property consulting agency, and land developer; in Mojacar.
“Over 35 years of excellence in Mojacar.”
Sale enquiry call: 950-478-086
or call our mobile at: 600 97 80 24

Special Offer For Sale La Bella no1

Fantastic Value at just 106,000 Euros
including IVA, Notario and Registration!

2 gigantic Bedrooms
and large Salon
• 2 Baths
• Fully Furnished
Paseo del Mediterraneo 201, Edif. Guardias Viejas 1, Mojacar Playa
04638, Almería, España.
Tel: 950-478086 Fax: 950-478138

Page 58 Mojacar Magazine April to May 2009

E: info@netforcespain.com www.netforcespain.com

Price: 360.000 € Price: 149.950 €

An outstanding property situated centrally in the picturesque Spanish Wonderful townhouse on Valle del Este Golf course. 2 bedrooms 2
village of Bedar.The property consists of 5 large bedrooms four of bathrooms, fully fitted kitchen with all the white goods, lounge-diner,
which are en-suite, the master bedroom is 51 sqms (the size of an roof terrace, private terrace, garden and private parking, Communal
apartment) and has an en-suite and leads onto a terrace with glorious garden and swimming pool. This spacious property is pre-installed for
views of the mountains, sea and coastline, There are two huge lounges air conditioning and benefits from satellite tv. It is set in a wonderful
on both floors, fully fitted kitchen/diner with white goods, huge storage location on the golf course. Priced to sell
room, carport, three terraces with great panoramic views.There is also
the chance to buy additional land adjacent to the property if required.

Price: 146.500 € Price: 265.000 €

Well presented Villa set elevated on a private plot of 615 sqms in the Beautiful restored large Cortijo of 188 m2 on a 15.000 m2 plot with a
ever popular Los Higerales.The property has two double bedrooms, 2 lot more possibilities. Outbuildings for conversion, would be the golden
bath rooms, one of which is en-suite, fully fitted kitchen with white opportunity for a B&B 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, fully fitted Spanish
goods, good size L-shaped lounge-diner with fireplace and French kitchen, lounge with fireplace, dining room, terrace and splash pool.
doors to a large outside terrace with spectacular views of the This property is located in the mountains of CARBONERAS with
surrounding countryside.There is plenty of space for a pool, garage mountain and sea views to die for. Only 10 min. away from the lovely
etc, and the property also benefits from Air-conditioning, ADSL, Sat beach of Carboneras and all amenities. At this price the property must
T.V and fly screens. be seen It represents a real bargain

Price: 199.950 € Price: 490.000 €

Second reduction for early sale. This lovely detached villa has three Just on the market a detached luxury villa designed in co operation
double bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, fully fitted kitchen with all the white with the areas leading architect and built just 5 years ago by a top
goods, good size lounge-diner with fireplace, terrace, roof terrace, local builder. The villa is located in a prominent position in the
carport, mature garden and swimming pool, all within a 900sqm plot desirable and sought after village of El Pinar. With exceptional views,
with stunning views of the country side. the property consists of private master suite with two further bedrooms
in a guest wing, private pool and detached garage. The property is
centrally heated and has aircon.

Mojacar Magazine April to May 2009 Page 59

Veritas: f rom the Latin 'v erus' - true principle of belief . Truthf ulness. The reality

Ref. 1264 Price €119,750 Ref. 1011 From: €127,900 Ref: 1262 Price €160,000
Puerto Marina, Mojácar Playa Vera Playa Los Atalayones – Mojácar Playa
1 bed / 1 bath Penthouse Apartment 2 bed / 2 bath Apartments and 2 bed / 1 bath Apartment
Immaculate condition Townhouses East facing with great sea views
Fully furnished Brand new – Fully furnished Allocated parking space
Incredible sea views 2 minutes drive to the beach 2 minutes walk to sea and
Very large sea facing terrace Private covered parking space promenade
Private lockup garage Close to supermarket and Communal swimming pools and
Communal swimming pools international school tennis court.
Unbeatable asking price Indoor and outdoor swimming pools An absolute bargain
Communal gardens An early viewing is recommended

Ref. 1119 Price: €170,000 Ref. 1258 Price: €175,000 Ref. 1255 Price: €209,000
Altos del Cantal - Mojácar Playa Cortijo Grande Golf Resort Residencial Samay - Mojácar
2 bed / 2 east facing Townhouse 2 bed / 2 bath Townhouse Playa
Private underground Lockup garage Uninterrupted views of the golf course 3 bed / 2 bath Townhouse
Great Sea views from solarium Dining room with open fire Open plan kitchen
Private Garden 95 Mts² built on 2 floors Large east facing terrace
Air Conditioned 10 minutes drive to the coast Private drive – Private garden
Communal Swimming Pool and On golf course 147 mts² Plot
Gardens Lovely views of the Idyllic Sierra Communal pools and tennis court
Walking distance to sea and Cabrera 2 minutes walk to the beach and
amenities amenities
By Phone (Spain) 0034 950 47 24 30 / 0034 950 47 51 93 or By Phone (In The UK) 0044 (0) 151 544 0268 / 0044 (0) 208 180 3240
By Email info@veritashomes.co.uk By Fax 0034 950 47 25 12
Paseo del Mediterraneo, 261 - Estrella del Cantal 5-A-1 04638 - Mojacar - Almeria - Spain

Page 60 Mojacar Magazine April to May 2009

nt il
a b le U 9
Avail r 200
Not ptemb


FARMHOUSE Ref: FOC-0727-FA. Price: 295000 € APARTMENT Ref: FOC-0871-AP. Pri 63 m2 Build APARTMENT Ref: FOC-0939-AP. Price: 179950
170 m2 Build Size 30000 mtrs. Dist. Beach. Size 200 mtrs. Dist. Beach. 2 Bedrooms. 1 + 0 Eur. 64 m2 Build Size 250 mtrs. Dist. Beach. 2
5 Bedrooms. 3 + 0 Bathrooms. Bathrooms. ce: 145000 € Bedrooms. 2 + 0 Bathrooms.



DUPLEX Ref: FOC-0902-DU. Price: 195000 € ATTIC Ref: FOC-0315-AT. Price: 250000 € VILLA Ref: FOC-0916-VI. Price: 159000 €
149 m2 Build Size 0 mtrs. Dist. Beach. 3 118 m2 Build Size 450 mtrs. Dist. Beach. 80 m2 Build Size 0 mtrs. Dist. Beach. 2
Bedrooms. 2 + 0 Bathrooms. 3 Bedrooms. 2 + 0 Bathrooms. Bedrooms. 2 + 0 Bathrooms.

Tel: 950 478 555 Fax: 950 478 728

E-Mail info@K7mojacar.com

Mojacar Magazine April to May 2009 Page 61

Apartment For Apartment For
Sale in Mojacar - Sale in Turre - Ref
Ref no: no: MEAP20507

3rd floor apartment Large top floor

of 101m² well apartment situated
situated in a front on the main street
line urbanization in Mojacar Beach, close to local in Turre. Comprising: 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, lounge-
amenities. The property is comprised of 3 bedrooms, diner, newly fitted kitchen with all the white goods and
bathroom, cloakroom, a spacious lounge-diner, modern terrace. Communal roof terrace. Sold furnished. Small
fitted kitchen, utility room and a wide covered terrace. community of only 4 apartments. Views towards the
Furnished. Communal Pool. mountains.


Ref: mh08 Ref: mh05 mh18 mh23

Mojacar Playa - Marina Golf II Mojacar Playa, Miramar de Mojacar Playa 2 Bedrooms, 1 Mojacar playa 2 Bedrooms, 1
2 Bedrooms Sleeps 4 Marina Golf 2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms Sleeps 4 Bathrooms Sleeps 4
Communal Pool, Disabled Access , Bathrooms Sleeps 4 Communal Pool, Entry Phone, Air-Conditioned, Communal Pool,
Entry Phone Long Let Considered, Air-Conditioned Communal Pool , Long Let Considered, Near Beach Dishwasher , ong Let Considered,
Near Beach On Golf Course, Dishwasher, Near Beach, Near Near Golf, Satellite, Sea Views Near Beach, Near Golf Satellite Sea
Satellite, Terrace/Balcony, TV, Golf, Satellite Sea Views Solarium, Terrace/Balcony, TV Washing Views, Solarium Terrace/Balcony , TV
Underground Parking Washing Terrace/Balcony TV, Underground Machine Underground Parking, Washing Mcne
Machine round floor apartment Parking Washing Machine A 2 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment in a Top floor apartment overlooking golf
overlooking the golf course of Marina A brand new top floor apartment, new complex with UK satellite TVwith course and with panoramic sea
de la Torre. The property comprises: 2 with 2 bedrooms & 2 bathrooms lovely views from the terrace. views.The property comprises:
bedrooms, 1 complete bathroom, 1 (one en-suite), fully fitted kitchen, Community pool and parking. only 10 2bedrooms, a complete bathroom,
shower room, fully equipped kitchen, inc washing machine, dishwasher, minutes drive to Marina de la Torre golf utility room, lounge with TV & video, fully
lounge and two terraces. fridge/freezer & microwave. Lounge, course, another 3 courses within approx fitted kitchen, terrace and sun terrace on
Underground parking space. terrace overlooking swimming pool, 20 minutes drive. Short walk to beach, the top. Air con and central heating.
Communal swimming pool and spiral staircase to roof top solar supermarket, bars and restaurants Communal pool. 

Page 62 Mojacar Magazine April to May 2009

Air-Conditioned, BBQ, Dishw asher,
Garden, HiFi / Radio Near Beach Near
Golf Private Pool Sea View s Solarium
Terrace/Balcony TV Washing Machine
Very Spacious Traditional Detached Villa
situated close to all amenities
accommodating 8 people, the property
has 3 double bedrooms w ith air
conditioning, fully equipped kitchen, dining
room, 1 full bathroom, circular lounge
w ith direct access to private terraces of
large pool and garden area, access to
4 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms large roof terrace, also there is a self
APR01 – Apartment – 2 APR09 – Detached Villa – 3
contained 1 bedroom apartment w ith full
bathroom and air conditioning
Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Roof Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms,
Accommodation for 8 Terrace, Communal Swimming Swimming Pool, Covered
Pool, Desert Springs, €400 per Terrace, Satellite TV, Air
week, No Smoking, No Pets, Conditioning, Long Term Rental
Air-Conditioned Communal Pool No Children Under 12 €650 per month plus bills, No
Garage Garden HiFi / Radio Near Pets, No Smoking
Beach Near Golf Sea View s
Terrace/Balcony TV Underground
Parking Washing Machine
Beautiful first floor apartment offering
2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms,fully
fitted kitchen, large lounge/ diner
leading directly to the very large
terrace w ith superb sea view s.
Communal pool w ith lush gardens. o-
nly 50 m to the beach and close to all
2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms amenities, the property boasts air
conditioning and private underground
Accommodation for 4 parking
APR22 – Apartment – 1 APR12 – Detached Villa – 3
Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms,
2 Beds 1 Bathroom 2 Beds 2 Bathrooms
Communal Swimming Pool, Swimming Pool, Satellite TV,
Air-Conditioned Communal Pool
Secure Underground Parking, Air Conditioning, Long Term
Communal Pool HiFi / Dishwasher HiFi / Close to Beach, €350 per Rental €800 plus bills, Holiday
Radio Near Beach Radio Near Beach
Near Golf Satellite Near Golf Satellite Sea month plus bills, No Pets, No Rental €450 per week, No Pets,
Smokers View Smokers Smoking, No Children No Smoking
Terrace/Balcony TV Terrace/Balcony TV
Washing Machine Washing Machine
Inviernal Azul La Cum bre

2 Beds 1 Bathroom 2 Beds 2 Bathroom

Air-Conditioned Air-Conditioned
Communal Pool Communal Pool

HiFi / Radio Dishwasher Garage

Near Beach Garden HiFi / Radio

Near Beach Near Golf

Near Golf Tennis
La Mata Lance Nuevo Sea Views

2 Beds 1 Bathroom
2 Beds 1 Bathroom

Communal Pool HiFi /

APR14 – Detached Villa – 4 APR27 – Villa – 2 Bedrooms, 1
Communal Pool
Radio Near Beach
Near Golf Smokers
Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, 1 Bathroom, Communal
HiFi / Radio Near
Terrace/Balcony TV Beach Near Golf Cloakroom, Swimming Pool, Swimming Pool, Roof Terrace,
Washing Machine Satellite
Satellite TV, Long Term Rental Close to Beach and Amenities,
Terrace/Balcony TV
€750 plus bills, No Smoking, €350 per week, No Pets, No
Las Araucarias Los Geranios
No Pets Smoking.
Professionally Qualified Estate Agents
Over 20 years of service, Integrity & Sound Advice Edif Maloan
Excellent Range of New & Resale Apartments, Townhouses, Villas & Exclusive
04660 Arboleas
Holiday Rentals & Property Management Almeria
Open Mon - Fri, 10am - 1.30 &4.30 - 7pm, Sat, 10am - 1pm Tel/Fax 950449158
Telephone: 950 478 915 E-mail info@arroyoproperty.com
Sales@pricebrown.com www.pricebrown.com Website www.arroyoproperty.com

Mojacar Magazine April to May 2009 Page 63


Office Tel/Fax: 0034 950460873

Mobile: 0034 600227460

Office hours: Mon to Fri 10 to 2

(or by appointment)
Saturday - by appointment

Two Bedroom Apartment Two Bedroom Apartment Detached Park Home

San Juan de Los Terreros Vera Town Oria
Furnished Furnished Furnished
• Sat TV •Sat TV • Air-con/Heating •Air-con/ Heating • Sat TV
•Garage Parking •Garage Parking • Pool • Large Enclosed Plot
2 Bedrooms & 1 Bathroom 2 Bedrooms & 2 Bathrooms • 2 Bedrooms • 1 Bathroom
400 euros pcm + bills 420 euros pcm + bills 285 euros pcm + bills

Valle del Este - Vera Two Bedroom Apartment Garrucha

Furnished Apartment or Duplex Turre Penthouse Apartment
•2 & 3 Beds Furnished Furnished
• Air-con/ Heating •Ground Floor •2 Bedrooms • 1 Bathroom
• Pool• Sat TV• Garden • Sat TV • Garage Parking • Lift
•Communal Pool • Secure Parking • 2 Bedrooms • 1 Bathroom 400 euros pcm + bills

From 350 euros pcm + bills

Professional Management For Long Term Rentals
Office: Av Maricielo No4 Vera Playa, 04621, Almeria, Spain

Page 64 Mojacar Magazine April to May 2009

l u de ns ...!
s i nc i s s io
p rice o m m
r &c
l c os
...no nonsense estate agents

Casa Pastor Reference KIS-1396

An apartment in the Albanchez area
Apartment•Detached•Sweep and Move in
One bedroom One bathroom Total Rooms -
A village house in the Oria area K1640 A village house in the La Cinta area K1475 3 rooms Water: Mains Electricity: Mains
Village House•Semi-detached•Renovated Village House•Terraced•Renovated Floor Telephone: Possible Internet: Possible
Land area - 83 m²•Floor area - 166 m² 4 area - 110 m² 2 bedrooms 2 bathrooms This Property Would Suit Couple with a 4x4
bedrooms One bathroom Total Rooms - 7 Water: Mains Electricity: Mains .One bedroomed property. Built to a high
rooms Water: Mains Electricity: Mains Telephone: Possible Internet: Possible standard. Annexe at the side of the owners
Telephone: Possible Internet: Possible A newly renovated, fully furnished village property. Very quiet area . Close to the
Unfurnished. Four bedroomed house in house in the snoozing hamlet of Los village of Almanzora. €319 per month
small hamlet. 300 euros per month plus Terreros.
bills. For sale and Rent.

Apartment in the Almanzora area K1532 A villa in the Oria area K1328 A villa in the Oria area K1329
Apartment•Renovated Floor area - 85 m² 3 Villa•Detached Land area - 120 m²•Floor Villa•Detached Land area - 1,000 m²•Floor
bedrooms One bathroom Water: Mains area - 1,000 m² 3 bedrooms 3 bathrooms area - 120 m² 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms
Electricity: Mains Telephone: Possible Total Rooms - 6 rooms Water: Mains Total Rooms - 8 rooms Water: Mains
Internet: Possible A first floor apartment with Electricity: Mains Telephone: Possible Electricity: Mains Telephone: Possible
three double bed rooms and a huge lounge.
Internet: Possible 3 year old villa. 1 Internet: Possible 3 year old villa
Fitted kitchen with walk-in pantry. Fully
furnished including Sky TV. There's even bedroom plus 2 bedrooms with ensuite walking distance from Oria, 3 bedrooms, 1
central heating, and if that isn't enough it's shower rooms, family bathroom, open plan family bathroom, 1 ensuite, lounge kitchen
inclusive of bills! lounge kitchen diner, utility and toilet. diner, utility, roof terrace.

Mojacar Magazine April to May 2009 Page 65

Apartment in Mojacar 350-600 €
A fantastic holiday home, in a
prime location on Mojacar beach.
2 double bedrooms, 2 bathrooms.
Everything you need for a holiday
in the sun. Less than a minutes
walk from the golden sandy
beaches and reataurants.

Apartment in Mojacar 350-600 €

This is a brand new apartment in
what is considered to be one of
Apartment in Alfoquia 375 € PCM the most exclusive resorts on the
2 bed, 2 bath apartment with a communal pool, in Alfoquia. Med, set among lush palm trees,
A lovely 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment in Alfoquia. while so close to the beach. 2
Will make a beautiful, comfortable home. Fully furnished. bedrooms, 2 bathrooms.

Duplex in Valle De Este 475 €

PCM A superb duplex for long
term rent on the elite Valle De
Este Golf and Leisure Complex!
2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom. A
superb duplex for long term rent
on the elite Valle De Este Golf
and Leisure Complex! 2 Bedrm2
Bathroom,and white goods.
Apartment in Vera Playa 575 €
PCM A real piece of quality
Villa in Mojacar 1600 € PCM living in Vera Playa on the Al
A truly special villa, oozing with luxury, in one of Mojacars Andaluz Hill complex. 2 Bed 2
most sought after areas. Relax in the soft tub/jacuzzi with a Bath A real piece of quality in
glass of sangria while soaking in the panoramic views of the Vera Playa! 2 Bed 2 Bath
ocean and mountains. Private pool. A fantastic villa in the apartment in the exclusive
perfect location. urbanisation of Al Andaluz Hill.

Telephone +34 950 473 183

Avenida del Mediterráneo, 363 - 04638
Mojacar - Almeria - Spain

Page 66 Mojacar Magazine April to May 2009

Recommendus.es is Spain’s Newest Premier
User Friendly Business Directory

local to your area, so you don't have to wade through

unrelated search results to find someone near.

As an extra addition, businesses on Recommend Us are

positioned according to their star rating. When a business
receives a good customer feedback, their rating goes up,
a bad one and it comes down. So you know, if a business
appears at the top of your search results, they have good
feedback from knowing customers and are more likely to
provide you with a good service
There is always lots of publicity about "cowboy" builders
and dodgy, rip off tradesmen. It's good that there is, but
when you want to hire a good plumber, builder, electrician,
or find a nice restaurant or pub in your local area where do
you look? Well you might ask your friends for a
recommendation. Good thinking, but how many people
can you ask?
This is what Recommend Us.es is about. We're about
word of mouth recommendations. All businesses that are
listed can be recommended if you think their quality of
service warrants it and if a business is not registered with
us and you feel it should be then let us know.
Businesses with the most recommendations will go to the
After many months of research, testing and late top of the list within their relevant category. This should
nights www.recommendus.es was finally launched reduce your risk when searching for a particular service,
and is a chance for the many quality and professional
on the 9 th of January this year and we welcome you
businesses and trades people to shine.
to the newest way to find your way around the
business world in Spain.
Already in a very short amount of time since launch we
have had some really good feedback and many local
The brainchild of Kevin and Richard, two English businesses signing up and the best part of all is that
businessmen living and working in Spain who forever people are saying the reviews are really helpful.
faced the question, "do you know a local business
who...", Recommend Us is designed to answer that We have had many businesses come back to us and
exact question. More than just a business directory, thanking us as they have already got their return on
Recommend Us is designed to search businesses for investment in such a short time proving that people are
you, even if you don't know the business name. This is using the website and also many small businesses are
done by putting in relevant keywords of that service and already getting a presence on the Google search engine
then your postcode into the search bar. Recommend Us courtesy of the recommendus.es site.
will be able to find services that are listed in our database
with those keywords within a set distance of your location. Recommendus.es will not be just another static site with
out of date information as we encourage all our members
What's more, Recommend Us only shows you businesses

Mojacar Magazine April to May 2009 Page 67

to login and make use of the many tools that are offered
to help in market their business. For example we Forum News
encourage use of our logo on other advertising media to
let potential customers know that they can get Simply Mojacar and Mojacar Magazine has a great forum associated to the
recommendations about the business from past sites. We encourage people to post comments or business details.
customers via Recommend Us. Our forum is a friendly place where you can express yourself and your views
about Mojacar
As well as encouraging our members to keep their profile
fresh, we are also working tirelessly to keep the website The forum link is:
as a whole fresh. We have recently introduced a
messaging system for our members, so every time a
member logins to there profile page they will have a
message tab where our members can read any message
that may be of relevance to their service or business and
we have other services and products currently in
production and testing stages ready to launch at various
stages throughout the current year and beyond.

This is the sort of growth that we believe makes our

directory a very unique product for businesses and for
the end user from what has been on offer up to now in
Spain. With every step forward, we encourage feedback
from our members and visitors alike in a bid to keep
Recommend Us as user friendly as possible, whilst
integrating fresh, new ideas to make their advertising
and searching experience as painless and easy as

Our goal is simple – to sort the best in the area, and to

get our paid members their Return On Investment
back as quick as possible whilst building a brand name
that everyone will recognise and trust to use.

If you would like your business on recommedus.es

simply go on line www.recommendus.es or
alternatively contact Kevin 672 019 219 or Richard
600 284 975.

Page 68 Mojacar Magazine April to May 2009

Interesting Stuff you may not know!
Today, Spain is an constitutional monarchy consisting of a
The official nomenclature of Spain is the Kingdom of Spain. parliament with two legislative chambers and a hereditary
Spain is located in Southern Europe and has two enclaves, monarch. A council of Ministers is presided by the President of
territories surrounded by other countries in North Africa. The Government for the executive branch, whereas the legislative
origin of the names Espania and Spain is said to be rooted in branch consists of a Congress of Deputies. The President of
the Roman name 'Hispania'. Here are some interesting facts Government post is equivalent to the post of a Prime Minister in
about Spain. other countries.

Spain is bound by the Meditarranean Sea on the south and the The Congress of Deputies consists of three hundred and fifty
east. It shares it borders with the Bay of Biscay on the north members, all of them elected by popular voting. They serve a
and is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the west. It's four year term. The Senate in the legislative branch is consists
terrestrial borders are shared with Morocco, Gibraltar, of two hundred and fifty seats. Two hundred and eight seats are
Andorra, Portugal and France. Spain is the largest of all the elected by popular vote, whereas the other fifty one are elected
sovereign states making up the Iberian Peninsula. by the regional legislatures. They serve a four year term.

The Iberians, Basques and the Celts were the original Spain is the eighth largest economy in the world. The
inhabitants of Spain. It became a part of the Roman Empire in purchasing power parity as of 2006 is estimated to be more
206 B.C. It was later ruled by Visigothic rulers, Muslims, the than one thousand billion dollars. The real growth rate as of
Franks and the Christians. 2005 is estimated to be about three percent. The purchasing
power parity per capita is about twenty six thousand dollars.
In the 1600s, Spain ruled the entire Iberian Peninsula, a
number of Caribbean Islands, most of central America, South
America and parts of North America. The Spanish Empire, as
it was known then, also included Austria, parts of France,
Germany, Italy and the Netherlands.

Spain is the country nearest to Africa. Spain has contributed a

lot to world history and culture. In ancient times, the
Pheonicans traded with spain for minerals. When Spain was
ruled by Islam, it was famous for its learning. Cordoba in Spain
became the global centre for studying literature, philosophy,
medicine and science. Eusaska, the language spoken by the
Basque population, is one of the oldest living languages in the
world. The Basque people live in the Pyrenees in North Central

Spain has been instrumental also in the discovering of places

and other important landmarks in the extension of the globe.
Ferdinand Magellan, a Portuguese explorer was the first to
complete a circumnavigation of the globe. He was financed by

Christopher Columbus was financed by King Ferdinand and

Queen Isabella, who then ruled Castille and Aragon in Spain
for his journey to America. Spanish Explorers also have
claimed a number of countries in the early sixteenth century.
Francisco Pizarro invaded Peru, while Pedro de Mendonza
colonized Argentina and Hernan Cortes annexed Mexico.

The Spanish have contributed a lot towards literature as we

know it today. Ernest Hemingway wrote the famous novel 'For
Whom The Bells Toll' about the Spanish Civil War. 'Don
Quixote', which is considered by some to be the first modern
novel, was written by the Spanish Miguel de Cervantes. The
oldest known Spanish poem is about the Eil Cid, an eleventh
century hero from Castille.
Call: 670 59 60 85

Mojacar Magazine April to May 2009 Page 69

Breaking News
More than 32 Million Americans Could Benefit The new left handed WHOPPER® will be launched in a full-
Burger King Corporation today announced the launch of the page ad in USA TODAY on Thursday. Initially, the Left-
new Left-Handed WHOPPER®, which will become available Handed WHOPPER® will only be available in the U.S.,
nationwide tomorrow. America's most preferred premium however, the company is considering plans to roll it out to
hamburger will feature the trademark build of lettuce, tomato, other countries with large left-handed populations.
onions, pickles, mayonnaise, ketchup and 4-ounce flame Industry analyst, Myron Katz, expressed doubt about Burger
broiled hamburger patty, but the newly designed sandwich King's latest offering. "The new left-handed WHOPPER®
has been re-engineered to fit more comfortably in the left will probably be a dismal failure like last year's left-handed
hand, thereby reducing condiment "spills" for left-handed straws."
hamburger lovers. It is estimated that more than 1.4 million Jim Watkins countered his claim by explaining that "the left-
left-handed customers visit U.S. Burger King® restaurants handed straw campaign failed because it was 'too
each day. successful.' It's a well know fact that lefties tend to hoard left-
handed items. When word got out on the streets, we were
literally swamped with lefties at all of our locations. It was
impossible to re-tool the straw factories quickly enough to
meet the demand for left-handed straws, so we cancelled
the campaign and used the resources to fund this year's Mr.
Potato Head® promotion."

The new left-handed sandwich will have all condiments

rotated 180 degrees, thereby redistributing the weight of the
sandwich so that the bulk of the condiments will skew to the
left, thereby reducing the amount of lettuce and other
toppings from spilling out the right side of the burger. The
Sinaloa Bar &
exact method of rotation is a closely held proprietary secret,
and Burger King officials would not allowed it to be viewed
Delicio u s Califo rnian
by members of the press. & Mexi can Cu i si ne
• All the sports, Irish & English, on 3 giant screens
"We have always been proud of the fact that we offered • Pool and Darts knockouts
1,024 ways to order our flagship WHOPPER® sandwich. • Daily Specials and Tapas
Now we are offering 1,025 ways. It's the ultimate 'HAVE IT • Tuesday Argentinean steak special €10!
YOUR WAY'® for our left-handed customers," said Jim • Early Bird Dinner Specials: 6.30 -8.00
Watkins, senior vice president for marketing for Burger King
Corporation. Thursday night - Darts Knockout
It is estimated that approximately 13 percent of the U.S. Friday Night - Pool Knockout
population (or 32.5 million people) is left-handed, making this 7, Las Marinas de Garrucha
consumer group one of the largest--and one of the most Between Beer Emporium & Reservations 649 214 397
over-looked--minority segments in the country. Mercadona

Page 70 Mojacar Magazine April to May 2009

Sport in Focus
(Closing Date 13th June)
Forum Golf Society
On Friday March 27th Forum Golf Society played a medal July 3rd Marina Individual Stableford
competition at the challenging Valle del Este course, and €28
some good performances saw 3 players all scoring net 69s,
with the day's winner being Bill Gibb on countback from (Closing Date 27th June)
Malcolm Simm & Malcolm Fenwick, second & third
respectively. July 17th Alboran Team Irish Fourball
Fourth place went to Jason Peel, who carded a gross (& (Closing Date 11th July)
therefore net) 73 playing off scratch, one better than fifth-
placed Keith Bailey who had a net 74 (gross slightly more!)
July 31st Marina Pairs Betterball Strokeplay
Nearest the pin prizes were claimed by Jim Bridge, Tom
Haywood, Marie Vickers & Jason Peel, John Bridgen was (Closing Date 25th July)
nearest the pin in 2 on the tricky eighteenth and John Farley
eagled the Par 5 tenth to win the nearest the pin in 3. Booking/ payment for events can be done at any event,
or between 10.30 & 11.30am on any of the closing dates
Best gross of the day was Jason Peel's 73, ahead of listed above at Rumores Café Bar / Restaurant in
Malcolm Simm (76) & Bill Gibb (79). Avenida Lepanto, Albox, opposite Octopus Piscina

For further information on Forum Golf Society come and see For further information on the Forum Golf Society come and
us at Rumores Cafe Bar in Albox between 10.30 & 11.30 on see us between 10.30 & 11.30 on the Saturday morning
the Saturday morning prior to any of the above events, or before any of the above events at Rumores Cafe Bar in
contact Phil Elam on 666 847840 or Albox, or contact Phil Elam on 666 847840 or
philjelam@yahoo.co.uk. Alternatively, have a look at our philjelam@yahoo.co.uk. Alternatively, have a look at our new
website, www.forumgolfsociety.webs.com. website, www.forumgolfsociety.webs.com

Upcoming events are:

April 17th Marina Almeria League Match away to Marina

April 10th Marina Team Orange Ball €28 (Closing Date 4th
April) (Marina Members €3) Mojácar Area Cancer Support

April 24th Marina Pairs Combined Joker Stableford €28 Confused? Worried? Afraid?
(Closing Date 18th April) (Marina Members €3)
MACS is an informal, friendly group of cancer patients
and survivors in the Mojácar area, providing support to
May 1stMarina Almeria League Match home to Cortijo each other and to others needing help or advice. We
Grande have pooled our own experience and can offer:

May 8th Valle del Este Individual Stableford €33 Help with interpreting/translation
(Closing Date 2nd May) Advice on the Spanish medical system
Moral and emotional support for both patients
and carers
May 22nd Marina Flag Competition €28 (Closing Date 16th
May) MACS is a registered charity working with similar
organizations elsewhere in Spain. We can help lighten
June 5th Aguilon Team Traffic Light Scramble the load. You can contact us at:
(Closing Date 30th May) General enquiries 607 598 470 10 am – 4 pm
June 19 th
Marina Double Par Medal elaine@avired.com
€28 www.macscancersupport.com

Mojacar Magazine April to May 2009 Page 71

Sport in Focus
News from Cabrera Lawn
Bowls Club March 2009
Our AGM was held on 14 February, when a new captain -
John Sephton and a new vice captain - Doreen Hall were

The Basil Withers Open Mixed Pairs competition was held

on 12/13 March when 44 pairs competed over two sunny
days. The final was held between Viv & Ken Sykes
(Almeria LBC) and Jan Dando & Mick Johnson (Indalo BC).
Jan & Mick won the competition.

On this page you will find a selection of winners and runner


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