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Kimberly Tolbert Special Education Teacher Byron Nelson High School 2775 Bobcat Boulevard Trophy Club, Texas


May 14, 2013 To Whom It May Concern: I am the Content Mastery Teacher at Byron Nelson High School and I met Britney in August of 2013 when she was hired as one of the paraprofessionals in the Content Mastery room. Britney will be receiving her Bachelors in General Studies. I observe her working with our students every day in the Content Mastery room. The students that she impacts the most are those that struggle to control their behavior. She is able to walk them through a difficult minute or day and help them to see that they are strong and capable of being successful even when they feel like they are carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders. Britney is applying to be a SEAC Teacher, as well as a Special Education Applied or Inclusion Teacher. The training that she has received as a paraprofessional has prepared her to be successful in either position. She is stern, yet caring. She is thoughtful and kind. She is respected by her students as well as myself, and the other professionals at Byron Nelson. She sets a high standard for her students and they do their best to meet that standard. I strongly recommend Britney Trice to teach Special Education. She goes above and beyond to make a difference in each of her students lives and she doesnt take for granted that she has the opportunity to do so. I will be disheartened to lose Britney as a paraprofessional, but I know that wherever she receives a position she will touch lives and make an incredible impact every day. Please feel free to contact me if necessary to receive additional information. My classroom phone number is 817-6985781. My email address is ktolbert@nisdtx.org.

Sincerely, Kimberly Tolbert Special Education Teacher

To Whom It May Concern: I would like to take an opportunity to offer a formal recommendation for Britney Trice. For the past two years, Ms. Trice and I have worked closely together on the same middle school campus. As an administrator with eleven years experience, I know that Ms. Trice would be a valuable asset to any campus and school district. She would enhance the Special Education team whose mission is to provide a quality education to each and every student. I feel confident that she would be a valuable asset to any campus and school district. Ms. Trice worked closely with our Special Education teachers, providing them support when needed. She immediately demonstrated initiative and a passion for students, their learning success, and the determination to positively impacted instruction. She has become a strong dependable instructional leader and an advocate for student learning. Ms. Trice has from the very onset of becoming a Teacher Assistant been involved in supporting and building a great school. She has helped to implement and support new programs for our students with behavior problems and learning disabilities. She is great at resolving difficult conflicts among students and staff.

I believe Ms. Trice exhibits the many qualities that are essential to school Assistants. I highly recommend Britney Trice for any position as a Teacher Assistant. The district that hires her will be blessed with an employee who is dedicated to students, learning, and professional development of herself and her staff.

Barbara Barnes, Assistant Principal Fossil Ridge High School

To Whom It May Concern: Britney Trice would be a valuable asset for any school. I have worked alongside her for two years. This letter is very difficult for me. I cannot imagine working without her alongside me. I teach the Social Emotional Adjustment Class and she works with me in this class as the paraprofessional. She anticipates what needs to be done to deescalate a situation like a certified behavior specialist would. We had a very tough group of kids this last year and she knew just what to say to calm them down. It is a special gift that I have not seen in any other teacher. I have a Masters degree in Special Education with a graduate academic certificate in behavior and everything that I have learned in school comes absolutely natural to her. Britney provided support to our Special Education department and always helped out where she was needed without any questions. She is truly at the school to help kids and it shows in her work and attitude. She is a very positive role model for the kids and even the toughest kids respond well to her. She is a natural at helping resolve conflict among others. I believe Britney will be an asset to your students, teachers, and administrators. Any school that she works for will be very lucky to have her work for them and I am confident that I could not ever find anyone to replace her that would even come close to what she has to offer. Please feel free to call me if you have any further questions. My summer phone number is 817-675-6823. Shelia Taylor, M.Ed. SEAC Teacher Chisholm Trail Middle School 817-215-0613

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