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BEFORE reading, decide what you think the poem will be about, using the title ALONE Summarize the poem either lineby-line or by stanza.

Notes comment using the analysis instructions

I think this poem will be about a story of a knight, considering the title says knight in it plus the word tale. I think it will describe what the knights personality is like. 1. The first line reveals who the main character is and who he is known for in the story of the poem 2. The second line reveals how he is a dominate character and how he rules most of his kingdom 3. This line reveals who he is trying to achieve to love and how he conquered his love for this woman 4. This line describes how fortunate he is and how much honor he has achieved through having fortune, friends, and an army 5. This line tells us how his kingdom is proud of being on top; however, it took much effort and blood to achieve this level 6. The last line reveals what is happening and how the female army are having a war and things the reader cannot bear to see The overall meaning of this poem is to show the character of a man named of Theseus and how is in love with a woman; however, there is war that is getting in between them living peacefully. n/a

Example lines from the poem

Title Paraphrase


Using the paraphrased version of the poem, decide what the OVERALL meaning of the poem is, BEYOND the surface meaning. Decide what the attitude or TONE of voice is conveyed by the speaker and/or poet? Provide proof. Look for: euphony, cacophony, diction, mood



Take note of any shifts or changes in how the speaker sounds, the poets attitude and tone of voice. Provide proof. Look for: diction, line length, change in speaker, dialogue.

In the line A chief, who more in feats of arms excelled is a metaphor saying how this man has achieved many things by doing things better than anyone else and surpasses anyone else. This shows that the speaker wants to make the character, Theseus, to be known and to be known as a powerful good person. In the line The town besieged, and how much blood it cost, it uses cacophony. The words besieged and blood is known to be negative words that make these lines seem darker. These words help the speaker describe the negative feeling of what is happening in the poem. The poem starts of as a characteristic understanding of the character, Theseus, and how he is powerful and courageous; however, in the end of the poem it seems to go into a negative direction with war and blood.


Now that youve considered the poem in greater detail, have your thoughts on the title and its meaning changed at all? Does the title have a stronger significance now? Determine what themes the poet is trying to explore with this poem. Remember, theme is the overall message or topic of the poem.

This poem is about a man and his life, in a story. There are good things that happen and bad things. It describes how he lives and what affects happen throughout his kingdom.


This theme is about courage, skill, and strength, but then changed into sorrow and madness.

ENG 1DI Poetry Analysis, An Introduction

With your netbook partner, select a poem from the ones made available to you and following Mrs. Baileys example, fill in the TP-CASTT organizer below. Save and upload to the designated space on Edmodo.

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