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Professional Growth Plan

Use this form in conjunction with the Standards and Benchmarks for the ESA role in which you serve. Complete one for each standard, including those in which you believe you may meet at this time.

Name: Katherine Parker Date: 5/19/13 District or approved Private School: Seattle Public Schools Building and/or Assignment: Ingraham High School Standard/Benchmarks: 1. Standard 4: Counseling Theories and Techniques Benchmark 4.6 Intervenes and mediates in problem/conflict situations and conducts follow-up sessions. 2. Standard 5: Equity, Fairness, and Diversity Benchmark: 5.1 multicultural competence when working with students from diverse backgrounds. 3. Standard 6: School climate Benchmark 6.4: Demonstrates knowledge of current laws and best practices in the prevention of bullying/harassment, violence, and substance abuse as barriers to student learning. Present Levels of Performance (Includes External Assessment and Self Reflection): 1. Presently I can intervene in conflicts and conduct follow-up sessions. I would like to be able to moderate with more skill when working with students and teachers. 2. Currently I have some multicultural competence but seem to struggle as I do not have a lot of knowledge about certain cultures and their values and would like more skills to support students from different backgrounds than my own. 3. Currently, I know basic information about current laws and a few examples of curriculum that would be suitable for educating students about bullying, violence, etc. I feel I could use more information and training on resources for these topics and a stronger knowledge of the laws around these issues. New skills and/or knowledge needed to meet benchmarks? 1. Training to be a moderator. 2. Exposure to different cultures. More training in supporting students from different cultures. 3. Workshop or training on curriculum relevant to the topic of bullying, violence, etc. I also would like to brush up on the laws and check with the district I work in to be informed about their bullying policy and plan.

Professional Growth Action Plan

What specific growth activities will you engage in to obtain the identified new learning and/or skills? ACTIVITIES RESOURCES NEEDED TARGET DATE Moderator Training Training June 2015 Grief and Loss Training Training June 2014 Crisis Training Training June 2014 Multicultural Trainings Workshops June 2014 Exposure to Curriculum Workshops/ Share June 2014 Resources with Other School Counselors Research District Policies Website/ Principal June 2014 Evidence proposed to demonstrate meeting Standard/ Benchmarks: -Certificate from trainings/workshops -New curriculum to use -Knowledge about district policies and stronger understanding of the laws