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There are many stories with an interesting plot. And there are many interesting character in the stories. One of the main characters in the novel, Holes, written by Louise Sachar was Stanley Yelnat. He was a helpful and patient boy, but sometimes he was fearful and discourage. Stanley Yelnats was an innocent boy. When he was in school, he was friendless. No one wanted to stay near him because of his size and outward. The reason why he was sent to Camp Green Lake was a misunderstanding. He didnt steal sweetfeet shoes but he accidentally founded it. Thats why the police thought that he was a thief. He just a boy, who didnt know anything. When zero ran out from the camp, Stanley ran out after Zero. He cared about Zero and he was the only friend whom Stanley trusted in. Finally Stanley met Zero and he helped Zero when he was sick. At the school Stanley was bullied by others, but in the other hand, he wanted to make friends, and helped others. Zero got sick when he escaped from the camp, Stanley helped him by carrying Zero to the base of the mountain. He also found foods (onions) for them to eat. Zero got better and came back to camp safely. In the beginning of the story, Stanley didnt know anything about dig a hole. So Zero dug for him, and Stanley learnt how to dig. Stanley wanted to thank Zero for helping him, so he taught Zero how to read. This showed how Stanley has patience to his friends. When Stanley asked waster from Mr. Sir, nut he didnt give him any, Stanley didnt get angry at Mr. Sir. Many times Stanley showed patience to others, this should be an example of a good boy. Before Stanley Yelnat was sent to Camp Green Lake. He was a discouraged boy. He was never brave in anything. Then in the beginning of the camp, he still didnt have any courage to face anything. Stanley didnt want to talk with other boys, because he afraid that he was going to say something wrong. The first time that Stanley met Mr. Sir. He told Stanley that, when Stanley met Mr. Sir, he needed to call his name. Stanley nodded his head and with trembling sound. But after he had sent to the camp for a while, he became stronger and more brave. Because ha faced with many adventures, and he passed them. Many traits of Stanley helped the story and his character interesting to the readers. One of them is naughtiness, his naughtiness make him to be in trouble. And that is the beginning of his adventures. For examples, when Zero ran out from the camp so Stanley went and help him. But Zero got sick so he helped everything to let Zero felt better. This scene make the reader feel interest in Stanley that have courage to help his friend. Also when they reach the camp, they hide in the hole that has many of rattle snakes. This scene made the readers feel excited and they wanted to continue reading. And this novel also taught to the reader to became brave, be a good person, help and love each other.

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