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Honesty Testing at Carter Cleaning Company

Group members Tabish Bhat

Raja Bilawal
Usama Zafar Haris Javaid

Employment testing

- Administering written, oral or other tests

Employment testing

- Determines the suitability of a job applicant

Employment testing

- Scores correlate with job performance

Personality tests

Intelligence tests

Job knowledge tests

Job description

Situational judgment tests





Verbal fluency

Job skills

Selection Process

Screening job applicants

To hire appropriate candidates

What would be the advantages and disadvantages to Jennifers company of routinely administrating honesty test to all its employees?

Advantages of routinely administrating honesty test

Identify the culprits

Routine tests

Employees will be more responsible and accountable

Easy and inexpensive

Disadvantages of routinely administrating honesty test

Care should be taken to avoid legal litigations

Employees may feel under pressure and disgruntled

Develop a sense of untrustworthiness

Concern about privacy may develop

Specifically, what other screening techniques could the company use to screen out theftprone and turnover-prone employees, and how exactly could these be used.

Screen out turnover and theft prone

Personality and interest test

Background investigation


Reference check

Honesty test

Q .3
How should her company terminate employees caught stealing, and what kind of procedure should be set up for handling references calls about these employees when they go to other companies looking for the job?

Contract conditions

Make it public

Counter actions

Rules and regulations

Similar past cases

Reference calls

Pros and cons

Pros and cons

Past performances

Organizations image

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