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CHDV 150 Introduction to Curriculum Small Group Activity Form

Name of Activity: Where is Pumpkin Book

Curriculum Area:

Language and literacy

Length of Activity: 15-20 minutes Learning Objectives (specify at least three): -The child will be able to answer questions in a complete sentence. -The child will be able to show understanding of: Above, below, beside, on. -The child will be able identify front cover, back cover, and proper orientation of a book.

Material/Equipment Needed: Enough copies to make one book for each child in the class, enough construction paper to make front and back pumpkin cover, Pieces of yarn for each book, and crayons for the children to color.

Preparation (What do you need to do beforehand?): -Put the books together

Procedures (step by step) Be Specific *Beginning (How will I introduce activity?) -I will first introduce the activity during circle time, I will show the book to the children and tell them they will be getting one of their own during small group time. -Each of your books has a pumpkin attached, we get to move these pumpkins through the book, and put them different places as we read together. -When we are finished reading our book together we can color in each page. -After each child has sat down at the table and has their book, I will start by asking, Who knows what a title is? I will read the title to them, and we will begin the book.

*Middle: (How will I support/enhance/scaffold?) The person reading your lesson plan should be able to identify what you are saying or doing to support your stated learning objectives. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. - I will encourage the children to put the book in front of them correctly. Can you show me how we place our books in front of us? - The questions I plan on asking the children, are asking them which is the cover, the back, the proper way to turn the pages, and how many pages we turn at a time. -While I read to them, I will encourage them to put their pumpkins on the correct places in their books. Everyone place your pumpkins above the cat. -Encourage them to repeat their answers in a complete sentence. -If one child is putting their pumpkin on the correct spot and another is not, I will ask the student to help the other put the pumpkin where it needs to go. -While the children are coloring their books I will encourage them to retell the story to each other.

*End: (How will I bring this activity to a conclusion and transition to the next activity? Be very specific in how you will transition the children.) - While they are coloring their books I will let them know they have 5 minutes to finish coloring before it is time to clean up and move on. -When it is time to clean up I will have each of the children put the crayons they were using back in the cups, and put their books in their cubbys -As the children are cleaning up I will let them know after they put their books in their cubbys it is free choice and they will be able to pick what area they want to go.

Throughout the day/week, what opportunities will the children have to reflect back on this activity? -I would make some extra copies of the book and put them in the library center for the children to look at. -Throughout the week I can ask them questions while they are playing. If they are outside on the equipment I can ask, Are you above or below the other children right now? -During story time I can ask, Can anyone show me the cover of this book?