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Moola Mantra Dr.

I hope you have been enjoying the Light Body audio tracks in preparation for the Live Global Forum on April 6. In addition to these techniques, I would like to share a new sound that Dr. Pillai gave today on a special Google Hangout. This mantra, known as the Moola Mantra, is the password to awaken God-realization. Dr. Pillai shared that this new mantra is the most important and powerful mantra to use every day. When you use this mantra, you will be protected, you will attain union with God, you and others will receive miracles, and the earth plane will be renewed. You can mentally think, or sing! this beautiful mantra 108 times a day, or even do this practice both morning and night. When you use the mantra, you will have a more powerful experience if you focus on the midbrain in the center of the head. You can also enhance the impact of the mantra if you use mala beads while chanting the mantra. Most optimally, keep the mantra in your mind and heart continually, and watch miracles arise in your life! OM AIM HREEM SARVA LOKAYA ADITYAYA SIVA SATGURU BABAYA SWAHA OM - OM is the primordial sound which created all of the galaxies. When you say or think OM, you are one with the entire universe. AIM - AIM is the mantra for consciousness, life, and creation; from OM comes AIM. It is also the mantra for the Goddess of Education, Saraswati. HREEM - HREEM is another Goddess who also comes out of OM. She is the most powerful Goddess because she gives birth to five different Gods. Three forms of Siva including: Sadasiva, who creates everything by thinking it; Maheswara, who is the great Siva; Rudra, who is the powerful and courageous form of Siva. The other two Gods are Vishnu, the Protector, and Brahma, the Creator. SARVA LOKAYA - Sarva means all and Lokaya means galaxies. ADITYAYA - Adityaya means the Sun. SIVA SATGURU Satguru means the true Guru. The most powerful, authentic Guru is Truth; is Siva. BABAYA SWAHA- Baba means the father who removes papa or sins. Swaha means I invoke you. I encourage you to listen to, or chant the Moola Mantra as often as you can before the Live Global Forum on April 6 when Dr. Pillai will share his comprehensive vision of the Light Body as a lasting solution for personal and global peace and evolution. During the Forum, Dr. Pillai will also be giving an empowerment into the foundational stage of the Light Body.