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Drawing The Line

By Karina 9-3
When do we draw the line A barbed wire fence of a divide A thoughtless, reasonless divide And what puts me on this side? As you shoot for my heart Do you shoot for the star? Is that how you justify it to yourself? Who draws the line? Dividing nations, families, friends In a war that never ends Fragmenting families, killing kids Who die after never having lived As person turns on person No, I am no further defined by my star Than they, by their crosses Though I carry the cross, Through the toiling arduous tasks you force me into. Through each task that paves the path to my death. Why? Why do we draw the line Like a brick wall it divides I am still human, but you cant see that through the walls. If you kill another human, for his faith How does it serve your God How do we draw the line How can one dictator do so much damage? How can you just obey him, Do you not see the pain this is causing? When we draw this line A barbed wire fence, a brick wall, a rift, a divide How can you return to your family Knowing you took me from mine? I plead, I implore you Break the wall! Oh, this wall, A wall of ignorance! Will you?

Beyond a Line
When I wrote this poem, my intentions were to show the reader how awful the holocaust was and just how much discrimination hurts. My line when you shoot for my heart, do you shoot for the star? explains how they were not killed as themselves, but as a part of a religion. They were treated as less than human, purely because they believed differently. The last stanza of my poem was a reference to the visual, and to the way discrimination is like a wall between two people. To elaborate, when someone discriminates he is not seeing the other person beyond that first impression, beyond whatever prejudice he has. Its as if a wall is between the two, with only a small hole for them to see each other through. The sad part is that people discriminate all the time, and in the end, were all still human, right? No matter what a person believes, he has more to his life. He may have loved ones, hopes, dreams, a passion, a profession. He is more than a religion, a gender, a colour, an age. Going back to the holocaust and religious discrimination, we all believe in something, whether its a deity, or a lack thereof, or something else entirely. Its the most extreme ethnocentrism to see your beliefs as superior, or to see those who believe something else as deserving to die. My poem was written to explain that. My visual is in homage of the aforementioned wall and all it symbolises. Its covered in words, in both English and French, representing all the causes and consequences of discrimination. The shooter is to decide whether he is going to shoot, but all he can see through the miniscule hole in the wall is the star. It represents how a person can be blinded by their prejudices. Can the shooter see a person? No, he perceives only a star. All the things Ive decorated the victims side with represent the things that were important to her. I did this as a contrast to what the shooter sees. He cannot even distinguish her as an individual, much less understand her, yet he is given the task of taking her life. My model is three dimensional because I wanted to show the different perspectives. I wanted to have multiple ways of seeing the model to correspond with the perspectives of the two people and also provide an omniscient perspective of both. Unfortunately, there is a second reason, my ulterior motive, if you will. I have little faith in my drawing abilities. Now that I have explained my visual, I will move onto the reason behind it, Discrimination. In my opinion, what we need to know above all else about discrimination is that it still happens. It was not limited to Annes time. Discrimination is like seeing a multifaceted crystal as one of its facets. I can only speak for myself, but I feel as though I am more than any one side of me. I have always detested being seen as no more than one facet, one side of me. Discrimination in any form hurts, but I see discriminating by religion as more painful than some other forms. Religion is, to many people, a very important aspect in their lives. Religion can be a lifeline in those darkest moments, or that feeling that a person is never truly alone. Everyone has the right to believe what they want to. What people should learn about discrimination is that were all human, all equal no matter what we look like, how we think, what we believe. An example of discrimination by religion from today is that is some states (in the US) Atheists cannot run for public office. This is just like the wall, they are not seeing Atheists as people, they are painting them all with one brush and seeing them only as a religion. It is for things like these that happen in todays society that we need to tear down these walls of discrimination.

Dessiner la ligne
Par Karina 9-3
Quand dessinons-nous la ligne Un clture de fil de fer barbel aliment ce division. Un ligne sans pense, sans raison Et pourquoi suis-je sur ce ct Quand tu tiras mon cur, Tiras tu ltoile? Es-ce la faon dont tu te le justifie? Qui dessine cette ligne? En divisant des nations, des familles, des amis Dans une guerre qui ne finira jamais Qui fragmentait des familles et tuait des enfants Qui na jamais vraiment vcu Quand des gens blessait des gens Non, je ne suis plus reprsent par mon toile Que eux pas ses croix. Mais, cest moi qui entrane la croix, Jusquau bout des tches ardues que je devrais faire Chaque tche qui pavait le chemin mon fin. Pourquoi ? Pourquoi dessinons-nous cette ligne Comme un mur impntrable qui divise Je suis encore humain, mais tu ne pourrais jamais me voir vers ses murs vides. Si tu vas me tuer pour mon foi Comment est-ce que ton dieu est aliment Comment dessinons-nous cette ligne Comment est-ce quun dictateur peut causer tout cette douleur Comment peux-tu lobir sans question, Es-tu aveugl au souffrance ? Quand nous dessinons cette ligne Une clture de fils de fer barbel, un mur impntrable, un crevasse, un division Comment peux-tu revenir ta famille En sachant que tu mas pris de ma famille Je supplie, je timplore brise cette mur ! Oh ce mur atroce, Ce mur dignorance! Iras-tu?

Plus quune ligne

Quand jai crit cette pome, mes intentions ont t de montrer au lecteur comment atroce lholocauste a t et comment la discrimination peut nuire des gens. La ligne Quand tu tiras mon cur, Tiras tu ltoile ? sexprime comment les juifs na pas t tu pour eux-mmes, mais comme une partie dune religion. La dernire strophe a t une rfrence mon visuel, et la faon que la discrimination est comme un mur entre deux gens. Pour laborer, quand quelquun fait la discrimination il ne va pas voir lautre personne sauf la premire impression, ou au-del de son prjuge. La partie triste est que les personnes faites la discrimination tout le temps. Au fin, nous sommes tous humain nest-ce pas? Il y toujours plus un personne que ce que tu peux voir. Pour revenir lholocauste et la discrimination de la religion, nous croyons tous dans quelque chose, a peut tre une dit, ou dans lexistence de rien sorte de dit, ou quelque chose totalement diffrent. Cest lethnocentrisme trs extrme pour penser que tes croyances sont suprieur, ou de penser que des personnes qui croyait quelque chose diffrent doivent mourir. Mon pome a t crit pour montrer ca. Mon visuel est en hommage du mur prcit et tous que ce mur signifie. Cest couvert en des mots qui reprsentent les causes et les consquences de la discrimination. Lhomme chez la fuse doivent dcider sil veut tirer sur la personne sur lautre ct du mur, mais tous quil peut voir vers le trou minuscule est ltoile. On reprsente comment des personnes peuvent tre aveugl par leurs prjuges. Est-ce que lhomme chez a fuse peut voir une personne? Non, il peroit seulement une toile. Toutes les choses sur la ct de la victime sont les choses quelle a aim. Je lai montr pour le mettre en contraste chez ce que lhomme chez la fuse peut voir. Mon modle est trois dimensions parce que jai voulu montrer les perspectives diffrentes pour correspondre chez les perspectives des gens dans la modle. Malheureusement, mon arrire-pense est que je nai beaucoup de foi dans mes talents dessiner. Maintenant que jai exprim mon visuel, je vais la raison pour tout ce projet, la discrimination. Dans mon opinion, ce que nous devrons savoir propos la discrimination est que cest un problme daujourdhui. Ce nest pas limit au temps dAnne. La discrimination est comme visant un cristal de multiples facettes comme seulement une des facettes. Je peux parler seulement pour moimme, mais je sens comme je suis plus quun ct de moi. La discrimination dans tous les formes nest pas enjoyable, mais je pense que la discrimination de religion est la plus pire. La religion est, beaucoup des personnes, une partie trs importante de la vie. La religion peut tre une corde de scurit dans tes moments les plus sombres, ou la sentiment que tu nes jamais tout seule. Tout le monde avait la droit de croire ce quils veulent. La chose que des personnes doivent savoir propos la discrimination est que nous sommes tous des humains, tous gal peu importe notre apparence, comment nous pensons, ce que nous croyons. Un exemple de discrimination par religion daujourdhui est dans quelques tats (aux tats Unis) les Athes ne peuvent pas se prsenter aux lections. Cest comme la mur encore, les personnes qui ont fait cette rgle ne voient pas les Athes comme des humains, ils lev voie comme un entier. Cest pour les choses comme a qui se pass dans la socit aujourdhui que nous devrions dtruire les murs de discrimination.