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Ks Class



JUNE 3-7, 2013


Congratulations to Isaak, Alicia, Deb, and Leticia for being the Poetry Race Champions!


In Unit 9 students have learned about Coordinates, Area, Volume, and Capacity Our test will be on Friday, June 7th. At home students should be reviewing their Vocabulary Quilt for definitions of words they are still not sure of. In this unit students will practice plotting points on coordinate grids and June 5: EAC Music Academy Concert 7 pm will be introduced to transformations of June 14: Business Day figures in a plane. We will review and June 18: 5th Grade Graduation and Last extend knowledge of area, volume, and Day of School for 5th Graders capacity as well.

Math: Unit 9 Coordinates, Area, Volume, and Capacity

Monday 6/3: Spelling Test Friday 6/7: Unit 9 Math Test Tuesday 6/11: Online Weekly Test Due Friday 6/14: InMo Project Due

Upcoming Assessments

Important Dates

Weekly Words

Reading Vocabulary: adorn, cleanse, spoonful, lifeless, precious, realm, unforeseen, valuable, outcome, repercussion Math (Unit 9): area, axis of a coordinate gird, capacity, coordinate, coordinate grid, formula, latitude, longitude, ordered number pair, perpendicular, rectangle method, transformation, volume

LEFT: Isaak was the Giant Award winner for respecting others and the planet. Way to go Isaak! RIGHT: After reading the leveled reader books last week we had some very interesting discussions. This week we will be conducting an experiment on a McDonalds cheeseburger. We will be observing what happens to it if we leave it out for 2 weeks. What is your hypothesis?

Reading and Writing: King Midas (Unit 6 Week 3)

For the remainder of the year we will focus on finishing the Reading Street textbook. The weekly story this week is King Midas and the concept question is how do humans effect nature? The skill of the week is comparing and contrasting and and the reading strategy is story structure. Students will be expected to log onto pearsonsuccess.net take their weekly test online by next Tuesday, June 11th.

In writing students will be working in groups to create a persuasive glog (http:// mrsk5a.weebly.com/2/post/2013/05/persuasive-glog-assignment.html) from our leveled readers last week. We will also be working on Writers Workshop.

Science : Scientific Method

In Science we will be conducting an experiment on McDonalds cheeseburgers. We will go through the Scientific Method and students will be responsible for creating accurate sketches and writing observational data. Students will also be using Science time to complete their Glogs that are due on Friday.

InMo Projects

Students has been working on InMo (Intrinsic Motivation) Projects for the past couple weeks. The purpose of this assignment is for students to answer questions they are curious and passionate about. Ask your child what questions they asked and how they are searching for their answers. On June 14th students will share their InMo Projects with each other.


We will have our Business Day on June 14th from 12:45-1:45. Business Day is a chance for students to create their own business and products to sell to other students. Their products can be anything from games, services, food, drinks, or any other marketable product. The best products are normally the easiest/cheapest to make, the low costs increases your profit. There will be a 50 RMB limit for supplies. Please encourage your child to be creative and cost effective. Check out my new class website, http://mrsk5a.weebly.com, I hope it is more user friendly. Please let me know how you like it or what I can improve.