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----- Original Message ----From: Atam Kapoor To: psvirk@mit.

edu Sent: Thursday, September 16, 2004 1:51 PM Subject: Application Dear Prof. P. S. Virk, I am a B. Tech student studying in my 3rd year Chemical Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology, explore the real time applications of the knowledge I gained in Institute propels me to apply for a summer Internship at has been vindicated by my academic performance at I.I.T of 9.0/10 with a Major (Chemical Engg.) GPA of 10/10.

in the Department of Kanpur. My drive to the last two years in my your place. My decision Kanpur as I have a CPI

The challenging and ubiquitous application of the Fluid Mechanics inspires me to research in this field. My first experience with independent research in this field was when I got an opportunity to do a project on Turbulent Drag Reduction under the guidance of Dr. Debopam Das. I am still continuing this project which aims at finding whether dimples instead of bumps on surfaces prone to turbulent flows also lead to Drag Reduction based on the near-wall Turbulence theory. I am well equipped with the basics of this field from the courses I have done in this regard. The unexplored possibilities in this emerging field has made me enthusiastic about looking my future in this field. So, I want to extend my sphere of knowledge in this field concerning improvisation in this field.

I would be completing my B.Tech from Indian Institute of Technology in the year 2006. I want this internship to serve me as an inspiration to pursue my higher studies at your place next year. I consider myself as being worthy of a consideration for appointment to your esteemed organization for a summer internship for a period of 12 weeks (5 May to 28 July, 2005). Henceforth, I am attaching my resume with this mail and I would like to request you that please give me an

opportunity to prove the talent and hard-working capacity I have. The more detailed information about me can be found on my web-page http://home.iitk.ac.in/student/atamk . I can also provide you with letters of references on request. Working with you would be one of the most honored positions I can receive. In anticipation for your reply, Sincerely yours, Atam Kapoor. Department of Chemical Engineering, IIT-Kanpur - 208016. India.