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1. Which kind of wave (electromagnetic vs. mechanical) does not require a medium to vibrate to transfer energy? Electromagnetic 2. Which kind of heat transfer requires can happen though outer space Radiation 3. Professor Tobin put the black core that represented the earth in a vacuum and heated it up to above room temp (it was close to the temperature that would make water boil). Only one kind of heat transfer can explain why the metal cores temperature dropped because no atoms or molecules were near the core. Which method of heat transfer MUST have been occurring since there were no atoms or molecules around the core? Radiation 4. If you double the frequency of a wave what will happen to the waves period? a) increase b) decrease c) stay the same d) stop

5. Arrange the following in order from lowest frequency to highest frequency: microwave, gamma wave, visible light, x-rays, ultraviolet rays, radio waves, infrared waves. <<<<<<<<<lowest frequency..highest frequency>>>>>>>>>>>> Radio, Micro, Infrared, Visible, X-Ray, Ultraviolet, Gamma

6. Label the parts of the wave pictured below Crust (Top Part of a Wave)

Amplitude (Distance from the Crust to the Equilibrium)

Trough (The Bottom of the Wave)

Equilibrium (The Middle of the Wave)

7. What determines the speed of a mechanical wave? a. The amount of energy being transferred b. The properties of the vibrating material c. The frequency of vibration d. The amplitude of the wave


In an experiment to determine the speed of a wave on a 4 meter string, Lexus finds that the fundamental harmonic has a frequency of 12 Hz. Since the wavelength is 8 meters, what is the speed of the wave? 96 m/s

9. The crests on a long surface water wave are 10 meters apart. In 30 seconds, 15 wave crests pass by. What is the speed of the wave?

2 m/s

10. The wavelength of a vibrating guitar string is 1.2 meters. If the wave travels at a speed of 288 m/s down the guitar string what frequency is produced? 240 Hz

11. Consider the diagram below. If it took 1 second to create the number of wavelengths in the graphic to pass a certain point, what is the frequency of this wave?

12. In a longitudinal wave, does the medium vibrate back and forth parallel to the waves motion, or does it continue to move along in the same direction of the wave.

Parallel 13. Calculate the wavelength of violet light that has a frequency of 740 x 1012 Hz.