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2004 Advanced Practice Nursing Retreat Focuses on Nursing Sensitive Outcomes

Diane Cope, PhD, ARNP, BC, AOCN Fort Myers, FL ecope@attglobal.net

The 2004 Advanced Practice Nursing (APN) Retreat was held March 18 20, 2004, in Tucson, AZ. The theme of the retreat focused on nursing outcomes. Planning team members included Laura Fennimore, RN, MS, (ONS director of education), Barbara Lubejko, RN, MS, OCN (ONS education associate), Barbara Holmes Gobel, RN, MS, AOCN and me (co-chairs), Janet Fulton, PhD, RN, Mary Pat Johnston, RN, MS, AOCN, Sandra Mitchell, CRNP, MScN, AOCN, and Janet Van Cleave, MSN, ACNP-CS, AOCN. The keynote speaker, Diane Doran, RN, PhD, associate dean of research and international relations at the University of Toronto in Ontario, Canada, and editor of the book Nursing-Sensitive Outcomes: State of the Science (Jones and Bartlett), opened the retreat with a lecture and discussion presenting the concept of nursing sensitive outcomes, applications to patient care, and study findings. Outcomes, which involve how patients and their healthcare problems are affected by nursing interventions, have been identified and are described as nursing sensitive outcomes. Nursing sensitive outcomes are those stemming from, or significantly impacted by, nursing interventions. The interventions must be within the scope of nursing practice and integral to the processes of nursing care. Nursing sensitive outcomes represent the consequences or effects of nursing interventions and result in changes in patients symptom experience, functional status, safety, psychological distress, and/or costs. Because of the chronic and often life-threatening nature of cancer, as well as the cost of curative and palliative therapies, examining outcomes that describe quality of life, performance status, patient satisfaction, and cost is important. ONS, recognizing the need for nurses to document the quality of their contributions to patients health outcomes, has developed the ONS Outcomes Project Team. Retreat participants had the opportunity to advance their knowledge of nursing sensitive outcomes by working with the ONS Outcomes Project Team faculty and authors to review recently developed oncology nursing sensitive outcomes templates. Faculty involved in the template development and present at the retreat were Verna Rhodes, RN, MED, EdS, FAAN, Jeanne Erickson, RN, MSN, AOCN, Chris Friese, RN, MS, OCN, and Meg Bourbonniere, PhD, RN. Other presentations at the retreat included, Evidence -Based Education Guidelines, by Lubejko, Education Outcomes, by Rhonda Scott, PhD, RN, CS, Medication Safety Outcomes, by Ginette Pepper, PhD, RN, FAAN, and ONCC APN Role Delin eation Survey Results, by Barbara Rogers, CRNP, MN, AOCN. The 2004 APN Retreat was the last of four scheduled retreats funded by a grant from the ONS Foundations Center for Leadership, Information and Research with support from

Aventis. The overall objective of these retreats has been to provide an innovative and creative opportunity for APNs to network and grow as individuals and as a community of advanced practice professionals. Previous APN retreats focused on strategies to implement evidence-based practice outcomes as well as to provide a forum for new and experienced APNs to network and mentor one another.