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Alex Cook

Unit 37: The Functional Music Keyboard

Although a MIDI keyboard is used mostly for production in the studio, a Midi Keyboard has multiple purposes around the studio as well as during live sound performances. The most common use of the MIDI keyboard, is its use for inputting MIDI data. The keyboard is hooked up to a computer and used through a DAW such as Logic, Fruity Loops or Cubase and can be connected via USB or less commonly through MIDI inputs which are sometimes included on pieces of hardware in racks or converters, once this has been achieved often MIDI keyboards need unowledge of how to play a piano or are simply starting out when producing music. On a lot of MIDI keyboard there are also macro controls which the user can assign to different synths to alter the cut off, ADSR, volume or any other pots on the synthesizer. These are especially helpful as it helps keep your computer screen clear of multiple synths being opened at once and makes producing music much easier.