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Index of Left-hand Accompaniment Patterns

Boogie Blues Shuffle

This is by no means a comprehensive list of boogie, blues, and shuffle accompaniment patterns, but rather, simply a resource for teachers, students and performers. Feel free to adapt these patterns to fit your particular needs or playing style. Each pattern is shown only in C and often, the written octave was primarily chosen for readability. You will need to adjust the octave or transpose the pattern to fit the chords or the key of the music you are playing. Boogie on!

-Mark Mellis

Triad + sixth ascending

Fats Domino

Triad + sixth with descending Choo Choo Ch Boogie

Fats Domino/Jimmy Yancey

Boogie Bass - walking

Barrelhouse or Simple Shuffle

Boogie Bass - broken octaves

Left-hand Shuffle

Boogie Bass - pseudo-broken octaves

Jerry Lee Lewis Shuffle

Rolling Shuffle

Bumble Boogie - variation

Texas Boogie (Cow Cow)

Lucille Bass

Cow Cow/Shuffle Mix

New Orleans Bass

play with or without grace note

Cow Cow/Shuffle Mix - variation

New Orleans Bass - variation

Country Shuffle or Cowboy Shuffle

Alternative New Orleans Bass

Slow Shuffle


Bumble Boogie or Boogie Rock

can be swing or straight eighth notes