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A Taste of Penair

WItChes In ctoexs with IndIVidual broomselcxs Headland noeet is famous for itS iconic location and is home to the famous movie the Witches. Keeping in mind this hiStoric conneceton here is a recipe that blends the beSt Of boen the worlds. prep time: 10 minutes COOKtime: 20 minutes


16 small Canned Water cneseoues 16 slices Of thin-cut StreaKY bacon 16wooden toOthpiCKS English museard If limes SWeet chilli jam as dipping sauce Tender Stem broccoli

MethOd 1 Get a grill or broiler good and noe while vou wrap the cnesenues. Blanch the tender Stem broccoli broom StiCKSin salted water. 3 TO maKe unecnes in blanKetS, spread a spOOnfUl Of English mustard on each slice Of the bacon, wrap 112 a piece Of bacon around the small cnesenues and secure it with the toOthpiCK. Overlap the edges Of the bacon by abOUt an inch if vou can.

Grill or broil over high heat and crisP the bacon, 5 minutes on the firSt side, anoener 2 once vou turn them over. you will need to turn them once or tWice to get a good crispiness on all sides.

5 As soon as they come Off the heat, squirt with the lemon or lime juice and serve noe with sweet chilli dipping sauce, and tender Stem broccou broom StiCKS.
Yield: Serves a crowd Of witch hunters


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