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This book focuses on 10 Italian Renaissance artists, each selected because of advancements in painting, sculpture, or architecture from the fourteenth to the sixteenth century. Each artists entry provides a brief biography and details on some of his important works and contributions to the history of western art. Arranged in alphabetical sequence, all entries are easily accessible. For further reference, the book provides a bibliography at the end of each entry. Also, although unusual terms are dened within the text, a glossary gives extended denitions. Finally, the subject index includes the names of other important and involved persons, general vocabulary mentioned in the text, and key words and phrases. Always, before anything else, thank you to Ed Earls. A special thanks to the memory of Edgar Ned Newman, New Mexico State University. Very special recognition goes to Debby Adams at Greenwood, who worked especially hard to begin the project. Thanks to Edward DeZurko, University of Georgia, my endless inspiration; and Fernand Beaucour, Centre dtudes Napoloniennes, Paris, who is always there for details. Also, thanks to editor Rob Kirkpatrick at Greenwood, who patiently read the entries and made important suggestions; Liz Kincaid at Greenwood, who handled the books photographs; Audrey Klein; and the employees at Impressions. Finally, thanks to librarians Sandra Steel, Connie Maxey, Ann Black, and Judy Schmidt, who have always gone beyond the call.