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Hundred Years War ends Constantinople falls to Turks Mantegnas fresco Saint James Led to Martyrdom Mantegnas fresco the Martyrdom of St. James Donatellos Mary Magdalene Mantegna paints frescoes in Ovetari Chapel Invention of movable type by printer Johannes Gutenberg Fra Filippo Lippis Madonna and Child with Angels Albertis Santa Maria Novella Papacy of Pius II Mantegnas Agony in the Garden Mantegnas di sotto in s perspective Mantegnas Dead Christ Mantegnas in scurto perspective Death of Donato Donatello Death of Fra Filippo Lippi Brothers Giuliano and Lorenzo de Medici rule Florence Leonardos Annunciation Papacy of Sixtus IV Death of Leon Battista Alberti Camera degli Sposi. Mantegnas Room of the Bride and Groom in the Gonzaga Palazzo Ducale Birth of Michelangelo Death of Marquis Ludovico Gonzaga Leonardos Virgin of the Rocks Birth of Raphael Papacy of Innocent VII Michelangelos Madonna of the Steps Papacy of Alexander VI Michelangelos Piet Leonardos Last Supper Michelangelos David Papacy of Julius II Raphaels Marriage of the Virgin Leonardos Mona Lisa Raphaels Madonna of the Meadows Death of Andrea Mantegna Leonardos The Madonna and St. Anne Michelangelos Sistine Chapel ceiling In Praise of Folly by Erasmus Raphaels School of Athens