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1 Computer Hardware/Computing History

Written by M.Britland

Learning Objectives
To learn about the components inside a computer To understand the difference between input and output devices To learn about the impact of Alan Turing on modern computing To learn about Tim Berners-Lee and the birth of the world wide web To learn what the four generations of computers are

Learning Outcomes
A collection of informative digital publications A multiple choice quiz An evaluation using feedback from your peers

Tasks: Publications
Using what you have learnt in lessons and research from internet, create several publications on www.smore.com. Use How Stuff Work, Computer Dictionary and a search engine for research into computer components. You should cover the following: Hard Drive (HDD)/SSD Optical Drive Monitor CPU RAM Motherboards Inputs/outputs Touch Screens Tim Berners-Lee - Research Alan Turing - Video The four generations of computers


Taking an iPad Apart

Alan Turing

Tim Berners-Lee

The Four Generations of Computers

The Four Generations of Computers

The Four Generations of Computers

The Four Generations of Computers

Tasks: Evaluation
Evaluate your work Ask your friends what they think of your publications Fully evaluate your work using your own opinion and feedback What do your friends think? What do you like about your publications? What don't you like about it? What would you do to improve?