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fun 5: 1.magnetic relay spares how to ordr 2.asked me have you done DD I said no then he said he will ask qns on DD only...:F? Checks and things to be done by shore staff n elec staff in DD? lot of qns why n hw? 3.Synchornus motor n Induction motor differences, plenty crss qns 4.star n delta connections why n hw, details abt them 5.typs of fuses their ratings, dwngs

5. alternator safeties, synch motor ,diff betn induc n sync motor contruction soft starter - i drew d diag then cross q y u will use soft starter so expenive on motors and on

10.what is alkaline battery?what is difference between alkaline and lead acid battery?what mainenace you do on both?what is the difference between them? 11.what maintenance you do on started?wehy silver coating?why not gold or platinum? 12.battery charging circuit?

Fn 5 1. Msb trips... Said reverse power trip, uvdervoltage trip.. He said 1 more mistake n v procede to next q.. Got confused dnt knw wat to say.. Said high freq... Cross next q

2. Wat spares u wl order for overhauling of magnetic relay.. I said its a small relay wl replace d whole relay.. Smiled n told me u r working wid ownership company... Hahahaha... Den I said I wl order magnetic coil n contactors.. Again asked wat type of contactors?? I Had no answr 4. How u wil check dat motor windings are star conectd o delta conetd... Ansd dis correctly..

Fun 5 1. How will you change the speed of an ac induction motor? Where this motor can be used? Draw a working diagram of the circuit? 2. Major safeties for alternator in msb , and how to test reverse power trip? 3 what is air gap? Why air gap? How to measure .


2. ESb under which chapter of solas n accordingly tell me the ESb safeties. 3. How u try out reverse power trip, no volt trip n over current trip. 4. Do the gen stop after trying reverse trip, after reverse trip, ur c/e ask u to take gen on load, wat will u do.... Wants to hear only about reset. 5. Avr draw n explain fn 5 1. Wat is wrkin of echosounder ans. it works on piezo electric effect..transmitter vibrates and send sound waves to da sea bed, from where it is reflected BK and received by receiver. 2. navigation lights diagram ans, find in MC George for electrical 3. alternater name plate ans. all da points properly write..don write KW, instead write KVA 4. MCB trips ans. I cud ans only 1, reverse power trip.. he said no to following ansunder o over voltage trip under n over frequency trip short circuit trip overload trip manual trip FN5 1 condition for paralleling, how blackout would occur during paralleing, if all conditions are normal how blackout would occur he wants to hear accidental opreation of manual trip. 2 Engine room blower in supply n exh mode , y time delay is given when switch over , how direction changes 3 how is esb connected with msb , hw emerg gen comes on auto load, can v give power frm esb to msb , y emerg gen cannot run in parallel or not made to run parallel with main gen .. ans there are no trips on alternator side which r require to run in parallel operation . y no trips r provided. 4 precaution while enetering battery room which all battries are kept in battery room . what was battery capacity in ur last ship how it is measured , significance of amphour fn5 mcb safties. how will u check overcurrent, reverse power and no voltage. types of fuses. where used on board fn.5. mcb safeties external? mcb comes solas which chapter? acb safties? do not tell him under voltage trip don't agree with that's no voltage trip. how will you check all trips and value and timing? type of fuse on board? how will you check fuse is working condition? Dutta and budwal 1. Difference between ac and Dc gen 2. Checks on motor and alternator 3. Avr Function 5 1. Esb Safties 2.Battery charging circuit diagram 3. AVR working explain with diagram. Function 5. 1. Main switch board safeties.

2. Main circuit breaker tests and how to test them. 3. Fig for star delta and value for line and phase voltage and current. 4. How is electricity generated on board. func 5 ac and dc generator working? alternator maintainance carried out? safeties of alternator and how to try out? safeties of msb? synchroscope working? how to obtain 220v single phase from 440v 3 phase? armature reaction and how this affect is reduced?how r the interpoles arranged?how interpoles reduce armature reaction? transformer principle and working?what is humming in transformers? fn 5 1) types of fuses onboard.. hw to test? hrc n catridge type, tested by using multimeter in resistance mode 2)ESB safeties as per imo 3)MCB trips 4) refer comp safeties Fn-5 1. Esb regulation which chapter of solas. esb safeties, and type of esb . 2. mcb trips and how to try out 3. type of fuse used onboard and how to test them if they are faulty or not.

fn 5 1.explain alternator construction 2.draw and explain brush less alternator. 3.fn of AVR. voltage in AVR 4. ship is at anchorage for last 4 weeks,now suddenly 4hr notice comes tell me all the preparation.basically he wanted to hear checks on motor before starting. 5.ballast p/p power rating,ballast p/p starting arrangement, star delta starter,why,draw and explain?

function 5; 1) how does salinometer of Fwg work.. again this time i was silence .. said i am not sure sir but i guess it work on the principle conductivity and capacitance principle conductivity changes with ppm.. no reaction from other end 2) 2 generator same rating taking same power but different current... said the generator taking more curent is supplying more KVAr current and little funda on KW , Kva and Kvar... including powerfactor was satisfy 3) if alternator is supplying power factor for 0.6 is there any problem for alternator can we design such... said no problem we can do it but since power factor is less it will draw more KVar load and this power is waste so we are wasting our alternator power in unnecessary power... he asked what should be done next said arrange a capacitive circuit of capacitor in parallel to it 4)how under voltage trip mechanism work... i was blank for the timing said not sure sir i dont know.. still asked him for 2minute... i drew diagram of 3 main wire from genartor arrange a step down transformer and at the end i drew a coil which when energised will pull a lever by magnetic force and this pull is connected to small breaker with a spring so that when magnetic coil is energised the small breaker kind of thing will close and allow generator to close with bus bar...when magnetic force decreases with current value drop the spring force will cut the breaker out and voltage trip will take place...some rough diagram i drew but still he wanted more.. he said working principle is same but little more .. i said sir this is all i know for the timing

Funcn 5: ( got all ticks!!) 1) type of fuses, sir hrc n rewirable. Ok draw rewirable n where its used. I said sir on small motors... He was livid to hear this said this is never used onboard. 2) motor lying in w/s by opening terminal box identify star/delta type... Ditto again. 3) esb safties as per imo.. don't gv me manufactured answers.. Dead front swbd, rubber insuln mats, ebonite rods, no pipe line above swbd, @ aft 0.6 m space left X-q Whre will u find requirement? Sir solas ch II-2 Wt title name of ch 4) mcb trips? Wats mcb n funcn? After explng mcb he wntd trips 1)over current 2) reverse power 3) undervoltage Over current testing @ dry dock Wt current injecion equipment. Reverse power trip.. dig.. hw to test? Sir reduce setting @ controller frm normal setting 10% to 1/2%, start gen, parallelling in manual mode n turn gov handle to reduce load of incoming gen after 5 sec delay it Wd trip. Xq will gen stop? No sir only mcb trip n gen still running. Suppose nw u want to paralllel this gen thn Wt to do? Hw to reset alarm? Sir there is a reset on mcb, bring reverse power trip to normal setting n tk gen on load.