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Yazaki North America, Inc.

General Terms and Conditions of Purchase Supplier Acknowledgement

In consideration of any purchase of products, goods, materials, services, fixture and any deliverables provided therewith (collectively, goods) whether directly or indirectly by Yazaki North America Inc., and its affiliates, (collectively Buyer) from the undersigned party (the Supplier), Supplier covenants and agrees for the benefit of Buyer: 1. Effective as of the date of your receipt of this communication, whether or not with respect to any goods that Buyer may purchase from Supplier, the Supplier shall comply with Yazakis General Terms and Conditions of Purchase 2. Acknowledgement that Suppliers commitment to and compliance with high ethical standards is an essential and mandatory part of its business relationship with Buyer and that its failure to comply with the standards set forth in the General Terms and Conditions of Purchase shall entitle the Buyer to terminate without liability any contract or purchase order between the parties for the procurement of goods Please acknowledge your commitment to abide by the General Terms and Conditions of Purchase set forth in this document by signing and returning a copy of this acknowledgement to Buyer within 10 business days.

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