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Go Wireless with Reliable Cellular Monitoring from ADS.

Why Go Wireless?
No need for traditional phone lines Improved security due to lack of vulnerable, exterior phone line Excellent alarm communication speed No cabling, trenching or unsightly wiring Can reduce monthly costs associated with maintaining your system Supports enhanced services like ADS Aniware and ADS Home Control Great for remote locations like a boathouse, cabin or barn

No phone line? No problem. Choose wireless security system monitoring with ADS EverLink. EverLink is a reliable cellular communication solution that sends a wireless signal to the ADS Monitoring Center to report alarm activity instantly and securely. In the event that your phone line goes down, or you decide to cancel your landline phone service, ADS EverLink provides uninterrupted security protection for your home or business. ADS EverLink wireless monitoring is ideal for places where phone line access is not available, such as a boathouse, warehouse, barn or garage. Furthermore, EverLinks wireless monitoring allows you to take advantage of enhanced services like ADS Aniwares mobile alarm notications via text message or email. No security system is complete without ADS EverLink wireless monitoring. Call ADS today to learn more about EverLink and the superior protection it can provide your home or business.

Business Owners and Managers!


ADS EverLink oers a cost saving solution for companies that want to use wireless monitoring as their primary security communication. Pay only a minimal charge for wireless service instead of leasing multiple dedicated phone lines.

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