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Protect Your Property with ADS Premier Wireless Network.

Why Go Wireless?
No need for traditional phone lines or cellular services Improves reliability and redundancy due to multiple network communication paths Exceptional alarm communication speed No cabling, trenching or unsightly wiring Can reduce monthly costs associated with maintaining your system Compatible with most existing alarm systems UL864 listed and NFPA compliant

Go wireless with ADS EverLink Pro premier property protection that you can rely on. No more worry about cut phone lines or cellular network failures that leave your property unprotected. In fact, with EverLink Pro you no longer need to maintain traditional phone lines. Rest easy knowing that EverLink Pros wireless network oers more reliability and redundancy than any other wired or wireless network on the market. All alarm signals are communicated to the ADS Monitoring Center swiftly and securely through EverLink Pros wireless mesh radio network. Multiple network communication paths and self-healing technology assure reliability of communication to the ADS Monitoring Center. Less vulnerable to communication loss due to inclement weather. No worry about cut or damaged phone lines. Contact ADS today to schedule your complimentary consultation and learn how Everlink Pro can improve the protection of your property.

Business Owners and Managers! adssecurity.com

Are you maintaining a commercial re system that relies on traditional phone lines? Contact ADS to nd out how Everlink Pros UL864 listed and NFPA compliant network can improve protection and reduce monthly bills.

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