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Ministerstwo rodowiska ul.

Wawelska 52/54 00-922 Warszawa Poland

European Parliament Rue Wiertz 60 B-1047 Brussels Belgium

28th June 2013

Dear Prime Minister Donald Tusk, Dear Minister of the Environment Marcin Korolec, We are writing, as Members of the European Parliament, as a matter of urgency regarding the return of Chevron to the area of Zurawlow, seemingly to continue work to develop a shale gas well, near Zamosc in South Eastern Poland. As you will be aware, the people of Zurawlow, supported by campaigners across Poland, are currently gathered at the Grabowiec concession to protest the return of Chevron to this site. To our knowledge Chevron has not been granted a drilling permit, and its previous permit was cancelled in June 2012. It is therefore with deep regret, and also some confusion, that we have received news of Chevron's return to this area. Local residents are not ignorant to the dangers that shale gas extraction presents to their livelihoods. Shale gas extraction can cause pollution of air, land and water. Indeed, the people of Zurawlow have first-hand experience of this. During previous seismic tests, the use of on-site explosives caused pollution of the water, rendering it unfit for consumption. Shale gas extraction activities by Chevron pose a considerable threat to the safety of the Zurawlow residents, and their determined protests are an appeal to you to protect them. We ask you to honour that appeal. It is clear to us that the concerned communities of Zurawlow believe it is crucial that you recognise the considerable risks that shale gas exploration presents to Polish citizens. Yours Sincerely,

Keith Taylor MEP

Reinhard Btikofer MEP

Sandrine Blier MEP

Michle Rivasi MEP

Pavel Poc MEP

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