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MediPorter MPT3.9 and MPT13.

Re-useable shippers for same or next day deliveries
Cost effective return to base shippers Lightweight solution Pre-qualified temperature control for up to 36 hours Refurbishment kits available Only one size of rigid bottlepack used per system Easy to assemble On-Site training available

MediPorter MPT

The MediPorter MPT3.9 and MPT13.7 combine the robust, re-useable outer case of our MediPorter.range with re-designed insulation material. This makes them a cost effective solution for sending temperature sensitive products on same or next day deliveries. The MediPorter MPT3.9 and MPT13.7 systems use a specially developed material designed to keep weight to a minimum. The material features a graphite component resulting in a very robust product.

The new MediPorter systems are available in two sizes, both of which are qualified to maintain a constant temperature for products for up to 36 hours. The systems are ideal for making short duration shipments where a return to base infrastructure is in place. Refurbishment kits are available for both systems, extending their service life still further. For further information please contact us.

External Dimensions (mm) MediPorter MPT3.9 MediPorter MPT13.7 400 x 300 x 340 600 x 400 x 340

Volumetric Weight of System (kg) 6.8 13.6

Available Product Available Dimensions Product Volume (mm) (ltrs) 240 x 95 x 170 438 x 188 x 167 3.9 13.7

Weight of System (kg) 4.6 8.1

Duration (hours) 27 36

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