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Scientific Name: Ammodaucus leucotrichus

Location: East of Laâyoune , Morocco

Sahraoui [Hassaniyya] Name: ‫[ الكمون الصفي‬Kamoun es – Sofi] Photographed: May 2013
Brief Description: An annual that is found throughout the Sahara. There is growing concern, however, that the species is becoming endemic. It is often present at wadis and in sandy-gravel soils. Hassaniyya speakers distinguish between two different types, (1) the ‘Kamoun es – Sofi’ (pictured above) which is present along wadis and its fruits are covered with shorter hairs compared to (2) ‘Kamoun er – Reg’ [‫ ]الكمون الرڭ‬which is found at the top of hamadas and fruits have longer hairs. With both types the fruits are collected and used as either a condiment in tea or in flavoring meats before cooking.