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Congratulations Jose!

You have taken an important step to learning more about the most important discovery ever made about the human body. This may sound like a bold claim, but once you understand how fast and easily you can begin to help your body heal itself, you will know this is the most advanced healing science and information available today. Thank you for requesting more information and this is the first of seven free mini-educational messages that will reveal life saving knowledge to you. Please read on to learn more about the greatest discoveries ever made about the body and the healing process. Dr. C. Samuel West, D,N., N.D., P.M.D. Chemist and Lymphologist is recognized as being the Father of Process-Based Healing. He authored the highly praised and powerful book entitled, "The Golden Seven Plus One," which unravels seven mysteries that reveal the "Key" to "Speed-Healing."

The Discovery
There has never been a scientific discovery that will have a greater effect upon human kind than the new discovery concerning the blood proteins. The scientific discovery is: If the blood proteins cannot be removed from the spaces around the cells by the lymphatic system, they can cause our death within just a few hours. If the blood proteins and water can cause our death within a few hours, could they also be the cause of every disease on earth? Yes! And if this sounds complicated to you do not worry, because it will all become very clear. With this original discovery Dr. West unraveled six major discoveries and was able to write what is now called the "One Basic Formula." These seven discoveries and the basic formula were put together in a book called, "The Golden Seven Plus One." The discoveries reveal why and how trapped blood proteins around the cells produce the conditions that cause pain, loss of energy, viral infections, bacterial infections, allergies, parasites, heart disease, cancer, obesity, stroke, high blood pressure, polio, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, and the other crippling and killer diseases, as well as what must be done to prevent and if possible reverse these conditions. We have now come to know that life, and death are both part of the blood stream. The blood brings oxygen and nutrients to the cells but disobedience to the mental, nutritional, and physical laws of health will trap the blood proteins around our cells; block the circulation, upset the chemical balance in the cells, and produce the conditions that cause loss of energy, disease, and death. These discoveries have opened up a new science called Lymphology. This art reveals what people must do mentally, nutritionally and physically, to untrap the blood proteins and keep them circulating in the body via the lymphatic system. For the first time in recorded history, this new science teaches what must be done to prevent and if possible reverse pain, loss of energy, and disease.

We now know that approximately 4,000 people per day, or 120,000 men, women, and children are being killed by trapped blood proteins every month in the United States alone! In 1980 the massive increase in disease could not be ignored any longer when less than one out of five were dying with a serious disease. The television news media was reporting that by the year 2000 a staggering 9.8 out of 10 or almost 100% would have a serious disease before they die. Are we there? Yes! That is an astronomical increase in disease in just the last 20 years. The medical field is one of the fastest growing professions, and the cost of medical care and insurance is spiraling out of control. Diseases that were sparse or non-existent at the turn of the century are coming upon us with lightning speed. Disease is a weapon of mass destruction that is killing more people faster than any war and is being accepted as if it is normal. It is not normal it is an epidemic! Without this research, it is impossible for people to know how to eliminate disease, because they do not know how to stop the blood proteins and water from coming out of the blood stream, which produces lack of oxygen at the cell level. This is where all the pain and suffering from disease and death is taking place. What is the first step to learning how to create "Speed-Healing" in your body? The first step to Speed-Healing is to listen to the Free presentation from Dr. West. Go to the website at http://www.ial.org and listen to a recorded presentation from Dr. West, or call the toll free recording at 1-800-570-4229. Once you have heard the presentation if you wish to speak with a Certified Lymphologist to answer your questions please call 1-800975-0123 or 1-801-226-0123 and we will be happy to assist you. Regardless of your financial circumstances you will not be denied this priceless life saving research.

Why is it called "Speed-Healing?"

Baby blind and brain damaged: Healed in five days! Bad Heart with five bypass valves: Healed in 2 months! Arthritis- 10 years on crutches, crying in pain: Walking in one hour without pain or crutches!

Get the Facts! Visit the IAL web site and click to listen to a Free Presentation from Dr. West or call the toll free 24 hour recording listed below now! Once you have heard the presentation, or if you wish to speak with a Certified Lymphologist right away to get all your questions answered please call today! You owe it to yourself and to your loved ones to get more information. Find out how people who have suffered physically, financially, and emotionally with pain and disease for years are healing themselves. If 9.8 out of 10 will have a serious disease before they die, can you afford to be without this information? Learn what you must do to prevent, and if possible reverse disease with breakthrough scientific research. Make the decision to say No to pain, loss of energy, and disease today!

Jose, we are here to help you any way we can! Don't forget the Speed-Healing Course makes a great gift that keeps on giving for a lifetime. Watch for the next "Speed Healing" lesson with some very powerful information. It is very important you read each lesson carefully as each one builds your knowledge and will help you understand. In the unlikely event you do not receive a lesson please check to see your ISP filter has not entered them into another category. Please let us know if you are not receiving your lessons and we will get them to you. Special Offer! We now offer a "Introductory Course or Special Needs Package" that we consider to be like a "Life-Preserver" - so nobody is turned away regardless of finances! It consists of a four audio CD series entitled Living Well with Fundamental Principles of Lymphology, AND another book written by Dr. C. Samuel West entitled Introduction to The Science of Lymphology & The Art of Lymphasizing. Please donate as close to $77 as you honestly can and we will send that package to you or a loved one as a gift. Many people have donated $1,500.00 or more for the Complete Applied Lymphology Course materials and had a life changing or saving experience. However if you call the 24 hour recording and leave your name or call us to donate today we will send you the basic course that covers all of the fundamentals with bonus materials (while supplies last) for a donation of only $277.00. If you donate $497.00 we will rush you the entire course. If you wish to become a Certified Lymphologist so you can speak with credibility and authority our suggested donation amount is $746.00 to include the Certification Process. Remember, donation plans are available. We look forward to hearing from you soon! Dear Jose, Thanks again for requesting more information and for staying with us for the second lesson in the free seven lesson educational series. Hopefully you have had an opportunity to go to the website and listen to the Doctor Presentation to hear the powerful life saving information. It is easy to understand how the fast pace of daily life can distract you, nevertheless every single person on the planet needs to learn this information if they want to learn how to heal. If you are a pet lover it works on pets' too!

Once you truly understand how powerful this research is and what it can mean for you and your loved ones, you will want to tell everyone who will listen. Please continue on your journey to learn how to unleash the healing power of the body.

Have you ever wondered why we die without oxygen?

The World-Wide Blood Protein Research Society Reveals Revolutionary Medical Research that is answering questions.

Where does your heart get the power to beat? Where does the pancreas get the power to produce insulin so you don't get diabetes? Where does the brain get the power to work? Where do the muscles get the power to move? Where do your eyes get the power to see? Where do the white blood cells get the power to kill the cancer cells and the viruses? Everyone in the entire world needs to know the answer to these questions to prevent and if possible reverse disease. The answer to these questions hold the "Key" to Life, Death, Pain, and Disease.

Did you know that most pain is associated with lack of oxygen?
Everyone knows they die without oxygen, but very few people in the world know why. Please keep reading, because it is important that you understand the process that must happen anywhere in the body that you have pain or disease. Disease for the purpose of our discussion can be thought of in terms of any virus, ailment, or sickness anywhere in your body.

Why do I need to know all this science stuff?

You are most likely here because you, or someone you care about is suffering from disease, or you are interested in learning all you can about maintaining a healthy body. Your health affects you physically, financially, and emotionally. All the money in the world is worthless if you do not have your health to enjoy life. It is important that you understand the research so you can understand the process that must take place for disease to occur and for you to heal. With this knowledge you will have the understanding, faith and desire to do what is necessary to activate the healing power of the body. I.E. If you have chronic pain and you experienced immediate relief, but it came back soon, with the understanding of the process you will know why, how, and what you need to do. Having said that please read on to learn more.

What are these Blood Proteins you keep talking about?

In the blood you have what are called Plasma Proteins (Blood Proteins) which are made up of protein and amino acids. They are called the Albumin, Fibrinogen, and the Globulin. The blood stream is made up of primarily water. The main purpose of the blood proteins is to hold the water in the blood stream. The blood vessels are actually capillaries, but for simplicity we will call the capillaries blood vessels. The blood vessels are full of tiny pores that deliver oxygen and nutrients to the cells. To help you create a picture of this in your mind think of it this way. Picture one of those flat green garden hoses with tiny holes that deliver the water to your garden or lawn as your blood vessels. Think of the blood proteins as golf balls in that flat hose that are too big to get through those tiny holes.

To help you visualize this please download the following flier: http://www.ial.org/images/weboptialcellecoflier.pdf OR look at the simplified diagram below. The top line represents your blood vessels (the flat garden hose we talked about). The bottom line represents your lymphatic vessels which run parallel to the blood vessels. The cells are in between the blood vessels and the lymphatic vessels. _____________(Blood Vessels)
00000000000000000----(Cells) _______________(Lymphatic

Vessels run parallel to blood vessels and healthy cells are held tight and close together inbetween) It was believed that blood proteins were too big to go through the tiny pores in the blood vessels. However the research done at three major medical schools revealed that excess blood proteins and water leave the blood stream under shock, stress, poison, or injury. The research was done by Dr. Cecil K. Drinker at theHarvard Medical School; by Dr. H.S. Mayerson at the Tulane School of Medicine; and by Dr. Arthur C. Guyton at the Mississippi School of Medicine. Their research reveals that the blood proteins and water must be removed from the spaces around the cells by the lymphatic vessels to keep the cells in what is called the "Healthy Dry State." This is the state healthy babies are born in. If this does not happen, the blood proteins and water around the cells will alter the "Dry State" to the " Diseased Wet State." This produces lack of oxygen at the cell level which could cause our death in about twenty-four hours, and it can happen within just a few hours.

If the blood proteins and water can cause death in twenty-four hours, could they also cause every disease on the face of the earth? The answer is Yes! Only the Lymphatic Vessels can remove the blood protein and water!
If this sounds complicated to you think of it this way. If a puddle of water sits in your yard, or a field for too long it drowns and kills everything. When Blood Proteins come out of the blood stream and become trapped they bring the water with them and surround the cells, thus like a puddle of water they create internal drowning and create the conditions that foster disease. Only the Lymphatic Vessels can remove the blood protein and water. The

lymphatic vessels may need help to do this, or the water will sit there damaging your cells. The good news is that we have learned how to activate the lymphatic system. This is what the speed healing course shows you how to do.

Many people know they have lymph nodes under the arm, in the neck, and in the groin, but that is all they know. To eliminate disease people must learn that in every organ, and every part of our body there are tiny blood vessels bringing oxygen to all the cells, furthermore there are lymphatic vessels that parallel these tiny blood vessels with the cells in between.

What are Lymphatic Vessels?

As important as the lymphatic vessels are there only a handful of people in the entire world that know lymphatic vessels exist. Lymph Nodes are only a small part of the vital function the lymphatic system performs. The Lymphatic Vessels have little branches that reach up between the cells. Their main purpose is to pull out all the dead cells, poisons, excess blood proteins and water from around the cells to keep them in what is called the "Dry State" so the cells can get oxygen. In the Dry State there is no pain or disease. You can look at the diagram above and visualize those tiny branches from the lymphatic vessels reaching between the cells. Think of them like a vacuum cleaner pulling the cells tight and close together next to the blood stream. This enables the blood stream to irrigate all of those cells more efficiently. Dr. Mayerson and Dr. Guyton proved that the cells have to be in the Dry State to get oxygen from the blood stream. The research reveals blood protein and water around the cells will produce lack of oxygen at the cell level and cause death, pain, cancer, heart disease, diabetes and every other crippling and killer disease. With this knowledge several other mysteries still remained to be unraveled. There is not a College, University, or Medical School in the United States teaching the life saving discoveries that reveal how important lymphatic vessels are, and what they do to ensure the cells get oxygen from the blood stream.

Dr. West in doing research discovered top surgeons who knew nothing about the lymphatic vessels. How can you find the solution to a problem if you do not look at the primary cause and the process that made it happen? You can't! It is sad that the order of the day is the treatment of the symptoms of disease and not prevention and research of the primary cause. Why? The answers to these questions put a lot of people making money on disease out of business.

There are many wonderful people in the medical profession who truly care, and there are times when everyone should be grateful for their knowledge in time of crisis.

The dream for our society is that someday all fields of therapies will cooperate and share knowledge for the best solution for the people who are suffering. It would be fair to say that often a Medical Doctor makes a diagnoses of your condition and prescribes a drug to treat your symptoms. A surgeon may cut out a part of your body, but the problem that caused that part of your body to become diseased is likely still there.

All of the healing arts involve getting oxygen to the cells. It has taken 37 years to unravel mysteries and discover powerful ways to activate the lymphatic vessels. The SpeedHealing Course goes into great detail on what you can do mentally, nutritionally and physically to keep the blood proteins circulating in your body so it is possible to heal.

For the first time in recorded history it is possible to know what must happen to prevent and if possible reverse disease with this knowledge. All of the healing arts involve getting oxygen to the cells so the healing process can begin. The key is to stop the inflow of blood protein and water and keep the cells in the Dry State long enough so it is possible to heal.

Please call the 24 hour toll free recording at our expense or go the IAL website at ial.org and listen to the presentation first, then click on the testimonials, read about the sodium-potassium pumps, and call us with your questions. You will not be denied this priceless life saving research regardless of your financial circumstances. The only thing we ask before you call us is to listen to the presentation if you are able.

How can you put a price-tag on learning the process that must happen for pain or disease to take place and whether you can heal or not? The financial, physical, and emotional damage that pain and disease brings is immeasurable and not something many can comprehend until it comes upon them. If 9.8 out of 10 will die with a serious disease, can you really afford to be without this research? We urge you to call the number below to hear the 24 recorded message, or if you go to the website please click on the presentation and then listen to some of the testimonials.

We hope you found this lesson informative and are looking forward to another in just a couple of days. You will have completed the free introductory lessons before you know it. Jose, we are here to help you! We look forward to serving you in the near future. Testimonials:

Cysts in breasts disappeared: Deb Shephardson; Morgan Town, Pennsylvania I had cysts in both my breasts. My doctor, a Naturopath, told me it was a lymphatic condition. After 3 months of applying Dr. West's techniques--suddenly no more cysts in my breasts. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Had a problem with hypoglycemia, high triglycerides & hypertension: Marie Nave I was diagnosed Hypoglycemic. I had high triglycerides and hypertension. I was taking between 8 to12 pills a day. I had a feeling of exhaustion and was just not interested in life, but went through the motions out of necessity. After one month of applying Dr. West's techniques I have a new desire to live and help others. My energy is almost frightening at times. My blood pressure at this time is 120/85. I feel great, have no allergy problems, and do not suffer from any symptoms of hypoglycemia. I am losing inches very fast and to date have lost 11 lbs. The pain in my back is gone, also I could not cross my legs before. That is just a couple of the testimonials that IAL receives there are many, many more. Get the facts! Best wishes, Hello Jose, Thank you for continuing with your valuable free speed-healing mini-lessons. The information you have already received is extremely valuable and as your knowledge grows so will your confidence. Please continue on your quest for ultimate health for you and your loved ones. In the last couple of lessons you have learned about Blood Proteins and Water, the Lymphatic Vessels, The Healthy Dry State and the Diseased Wet State. To help you continue on your journey to understanding, you must learn that the human body is actually an electrical being! Your body is made up of cells, and anyone who has taken premed and biochemistry knows that every cell in your body has a sodium-potassium pump in it, and that it takes oxygen to make those pumps work. We die in minutes from lack of oxygen because the sodiumpotassium pumps in the cells of our body do not work. That is where the Life and Death Process takes place. What the research reveals that is not being taught anywhere in the world is that those pumps are actually Electrical Generators!

How is oxygen converted to power at the cell level?

It takes oxygen to turn on the (Na+) Sodium-(K+) Potassium pumps in every cell, which generates the electricity that gives your brain the power to work, heart the power to beat, eyes the power to see, muscles the power to work, white blood cells (immune system) the power to kill the cancer and the viruses, pancreas the power to produce insulin etc. This is the same for every organ of your body. This should help you to understand how electrical energy is used by your brain to process information faster than a super computer. Important: The "key" to life, death, health, sickness, and whether you can heal depends on those pumps. The formula may appear to be relatively simple, but it took many years and countless hours of research to put together the pieces of the puzzle. In 1976 during his seventh year of teaching chemistry, Dr. West saw a film which showed a man with electrodes going from his brain to a little electric train. The film showed that he could stop, start and speed up that little electric train just by thinking about it. This film proved that there was enough electric energy in the magnified thought wave to stop, start, and speed up a little electric train. The question not revealed in the film was where did the electric energy to do this come from? To find out where the electric generators were Dr. West spent hundreds of hours researching everything he could find on energy and electricity. He ended up with a stack of articles out of Scientific American Journals. One of these articles was titled "Electricity in Plants." It was published in October 1962, which was fourteen years before he did this research. He tried to order another copy but it was out of print. Without this article the greatest discovery on earth that has been made about the Life, Death and Speed Healing Process now being taught by the International Academy of Lymphology (I.A.L.) would not have been discovered. Dr. West opened up the article called "Electricity in Plants" published in October 1962. The article was written by Bruce LH. Scott. The first sentence of the first paragraph contained the most important discovery ever made about the human body. You have already learned the "Life Process" of the cell is in the sodium-potassium pump. The first sentence of the first paragraph said, "The Life Process (sodiumpotassium pump) has been found to generate electrical fields (electricity) in every organism that has been examined." The first sentence in the second paragraph said, "It takes a very delicately balanced distribution of inorganic salts (or minerals) in and a round a living cell, whether plant or animal to account for it's electrical properties."

What keeps the delicately balanced distribution of inorganic salts (or minerals) in and around a living cell?

This is the question Dr. West began to think about. With his premed and biochemistry background he knew there was a sodium-potassium pump in every cell of every bone, organ or other part of the body, and that this pump is what maintained the delicately balanced distribution of sodium and potassium in and around the cells, without which we would die. He knew as a chemist that atoms are electrical. The body is made up of atoms, therefore he came to the realization that the human body is actually an electrical being. The sodiumpotassium pumps in every cell of the body are actually electrical generators. The whole body works electrically off these pumps, therefore life, death, health, sickness and whether you can heal or not depends on these pumps. It was in 1976 that Dr. West is credited as being the first person in the world to teach that the sodium-potassium pump, in every cell, of every organ, in every part of the body, is able to generate electric energy. The electric energy gives every organ and part of the body the ability to function properly.

What happens to the eyes, brain, heart, muscles, pancreas, and white blood cells if something produces lack of oxygen in those areas? If that happens in the eyes your pumps will shut off and you will go blind. If the eyes of a blind person were dead they would rot, but they don't. The eyes are not dead they are just sitting there out of power. The same could be true for any organ and part of your body. Isn't that interesting? What would happen to the blind eyes if there was a way to increase the oxygen content at the cell level? If there was a way to get oxygen back to the cells of the eyes, they would be able to produce the electric energy that would give the cells of the eyes the power to see again. Since the process is electrical, the healing process could take place and the eyesight could be restored in seconds. Isn't that exciting? In order to cause healing to take place in your body faster and easier than you ever dreamed possible your cells must remain in the "Dry State" where they can get oxygen and nutrients in abundance to remain healthy and strong without degeneration. With pain and disease so abundant in society it is imperative that people learn this information and apply it if human kind is to avoid destruction by disease. The Speed Healing Course will teach you how to get into the "Healthy Dry State" and stay there. Jose, we are here to help you any way we can! One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and those you care about most is health. Don't forget there is another free lesson coming with more powerful information so watch for it. If you haven't already please go the website and click to listen to the presentations and/or testimonials and call a Certified Lymphologist to get all your questions answered today!

For a limited time we have a very special offer that has never been offered before. You can increase energy, clarity of thought, get fit and learn how to create speed healing in your body. The information and techniques are so important that we do everything possible to enable you to get the course. We offer ongoing support, the course is tax deductible, and it makes a great gift for someone you care about - so act now! The next lesson has some mind boggling information so look for it. Testimonials: Severe back problem gone: Carolla Parkin I had a severe back problem last summer. I was limping around dragging my left leg. After applying your method, I walked away and I was well. I cannot believe it. It really works! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Severe migraine for over 60 years: Norman C. Faringer; Mesa, AZ I have suffered from severe migraine headaches for over 60 years. I had a headache for 3 days when I came to see Dr. West. After he told me what to do, the headache was gone before I got home. I don't know what it is to have a headache anymore. Thanks for making me my own doctor. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Food allergies under control: Carl Pister, Apache Junction, AZ I get severe headaches after eating certain foods. After studying Dr. West's techniques, which I learned from the Home Study Course, I applied the principle of deep breathing and mentally directing energy into my sinus problem. I no longer take any medication. Now I simply follow the techniques until the sinuses clear. We look forward to hearing your testimonial soon.