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Forward the below questions to all our students ,form a group in a class and discuss it and answers forward

to this mail.

1) 2)

What are the different Penalties under various Acts? Which system is better among Contract Labour System and Casual

System? 3) If one particular area is declared to be "PROHIBITED AREA", by the

appropriate government, where already Contract Labour system is existing, what are the steps to be taken to sort-out that issue? 4) If Conciliation failed, what are the steps to be taken for

Employees, Employers and Appropriate Government? 5) 6) Who is the appropriate Government for Hindustan Shipyard Limited? If any employed got injured, WHILE ON-DUTY and they are demanding

more money and better settlements, how you can sort-out that isse under ESI as well as WC Acts? 7) 8) What is the difference between 12(3) and 18(3) under ID Act? How to get the contractors regulization and what are the

responsibilities of the Principal Employer?

Pl give a clarification about the following questions and send to me same with answers.

1) How you develop your fellow worker through motivational concepts which your read in your studies?

2) What are the best leadership style and which style you support for effective leadership?

3) Domestic enquiry process lays down in which act/Code?

4) What is the objective of Hawthorn studies and what was the result of those experiment which were conducted in Western electric company 1927-32

5) Could you explain about change process?

6) Explain about Theme of Abraham Maslow Need Hierarchy theory?

7) Difference between the Act and Rules? 8) Contract in and Contract out of Sec 12 and 17 of W.C Act, 1923, pl explain about those things? 9) Conflict stages and process? 10) Notifible disease under factories act. 11) Notional Extension period in WC Act 1923. 12) Inspectors and enforcement authorities under various labour laws. 13)Group Formation