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Quiz 2.

Gas Absorption/Desorption in Packed Column

Air containing 4 mol% NH3 at a total flowrate of 20 kmol/hr enter a packed column operating at 20C and 1 atm, where 90% of the ammonia is removed a countercurrent flow of 1500 kg/hr of water. (a) Calculate the number of overall gas phase transfer unit required for the separation. (b) If the value of Kya is 0.1 kmol/m3s and the column diameter is 0.4 m, calculate the height of a transfer unit, and therefore the total height of packed column required. (c) Calculate the pressure drop for the whole column assuming the F p is 180 for the packing being used (which is 25 mm ceramic Raschig rings). You may assume in this case that f(L) = f(L) = 1