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The performance Appraisal System will be used to assess the performance of employee and to plan for their development.

As is apparent from what has been stated above, the investigator has confined the study to performance appraisal system of W/S Industries ltd only. Although appraisal as a vital tool covers all employees of the organization, for the purpose of this study, the area has been confined to that of executives & non-executives both. So far as appraisal of nonexecutives employees of the organization is concerned, no definite objectives have been specified by the management besides seeking to know the promo ability or otherwise of an employee. This is more or less of the nature of a subjective evaluation of the personality traits of the employees by their superiors. Again, within the area of performance appraisal, the study is confined to the existing system and the manner in which the system is operating so as to identify how far it has been effective for promoting personal development and effectiveness of managerial personnel in W/S Industries ltd.