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Nombre Admiral (U.K.) Agnus Ahtanum Amarillo Apollo Bor Bramling Cross (U.K.

) Bravo Brewers Gold Brewers Gold (Alemania) Bullion Cascade Centennial Challenger (U.K.) Chelan Chinook Citra Cluster Columbus Crystal El Dorado Eroica First Gold (U.K.) Fuggle (U.K.) Fuggle (U.S.) Galena Glacier Golding (U.S.) Green Bullet Hallertau Hallertauer (U.S.) Hallertauer Gold Hallertauer Mittelfrh Hallertauer Tradition (Ger.) Harmonie Hersbrucker (Alemania) Horizon Kent Golding (U.K.) Liberty Lublin (Lubelski) Magnum Marynka Millennium Mount Hood Mt. Hood Nelson Sauving Northdown (U.K.) Northern Brewer (Alemania) Northern Brewer (U.S.) Northwest Golding Nugget Olympic Palisade Perle (Alemania) Perle (U.S.) Phoenix (U.K.) Pioneer (U.K.) Polish Lublin Pride of Ringwood Pride of Ringwood (Australia) Progress (U.K.) Rubin Saaz (Czech) Saaz (U.S.) Santiam Satus Simcoe Simcoe Sladek Sorachi Ace Spalt (Alemania) Spalt Select (Alemania) Spalt Select (U.S.) Sterling Strisslespalt (France) Styrian Golding (Slovenia) Summit Super Galena Target (U.K.) Tettnanger (Alemania) Tettnanger (U.S.) Tillicum Tomahawk Tradition (Alemania) Ultra Vanguard Warrior WGV (Whitbread Golding Variety) (U.K.) Willamette Yakima Cluster Zeus

Alpha Acidos 13.5% a 16% 14% 4% a 6.3% 8% a 9% 17% 8% 5% a 7% 15,50% 7% a 8.5% 6% a 7% 6.5% a 9% 4.5% a 7% 8% a 11.5% 6.5% a 8.5% 13% 10% a 14% 12% 5.5% a 8.5% 11% a 16% 2% a 4.5% 15% 9% a 12% 6.5% a 8.5% 4% a 5.5% 4% a 5.5% 10% a 14% 5,50% 4% a 6% 11% 4,50% 3.5% a 5.5% 6% a 6.5% 3% a 5.5% 3.5% a 5.5% 6% 3% a 5.5% 11% a 14% 4% a 5.5% 3% a 6% 4% 13% a 15% 10% 15,50% 5,50% 3% a 8% 12,20% 7.5% a 9.5% 7% a 10% 6% a 10% 4% a 5% 11% a 14.5% 11% a 13% 7,50% 6% a 8.5% 6% a 9.5% 4.2% a 5.5% 8% a 10% 3% a 4.5% 5,50% 7% a 10% 5% a 7.5% 12% 3% a 4.5% 3% a 5% 5% a 7.9% 12.5% a 14% 12% a 14% 13% 6% 10% 4% a 5.5% 4% a 6% 3% a 5% 6% a 9% 3% a 5% 4.5% a 6% 17% 15,50% 9.5% a 12.5% Todas las ales y lagers 3.5% a 5.5% 3.4% a 5.2% 13% 15% a 17% 5% a 7% 2% a 4.1% 4% a 5.67% 15% a 17% 5% a 7% 3.5% a 6% 6% a 8.5% 13% a 17% Ale, stout Ale Ale Lager, pilsner Lager, ale Lager Pilsner Pilsner, lager, trigo Australian lager Ale, bitter, ESB, porter Pale ale, porter, lager Todas las ales, porter Trigo Ale, ESB Ale Inglesas ESB, Bitter, Pale Ale Ale

Estilo Tpico

Sustituto U.K. Target, U.K. Northdown, U.K. Challenger Magnum, Taurus, Columbus, Target Conocido por su potencial amargo


High alpha variety with relatively large beta content, this hop is descended from Sladek. Floral, ctrico, Acido y a Pino. Ctrico, floral. bittering and stores great. When used for aroma, lends strong grapefruit and hoppy notes. This hop is now primarily being substituted with Premiant, which is more stable with respect to alpha content and yield.

Ale, IPA

Cascade, Centennial Nugget, Columbus/Tomahawk/ZeusClean

U.K. Kent Golding, U.K. Progress, Whitbread Golding Variety Columbus/Tomahawk/Zeus Bullion Northdown, Northern Brewer, Galena, Bullion Columbus, Northern Brewer, German Brewers Gold Centennial, Amarillo, possibly Columbus

Bastante suave. Aroma Frutal , a pasas de Corinto. Bittering hop with fruity and floral aroma. Amargo con aroma neutro. A pasas negras, frutal, especiado. Rico, usado primariamente para amargor con un intenso aroma a grosellas. Agradable, floral, especiado y ctrico. Puede tener sabor a pomelo. Medio con tonos florales y ctricos. Suave a moderado, bastante especiado. Bittering hop with a lot of beta acid. Suave a medio fuerte, especido, pino y pomelo. Released in 2007 as a dual-purpose variety, this hop does well as a bittering hop due to low cohumulone content, and high alpha acids. When used for aroma, it lends tropical fruit and citrus characteristics. Medio y bastante especiado. Agradable con aroma acre o agrio. Medi y agradable, especiado y floral. Emerged in 2011. Described as having a watermelon candy, pear, and passion fruit flavor.

Ale,Estilos mas pesados de lagers alemanas IPA, ESB, stout Pale ale, IPA, porter, barleywine

Todos los estilos Ale, se ha utilizado en cervezas de trigo Cascade, possibly Columbus Estilos ingleses, porter, stout, ESB, bitter U.S. or German Perle, Northern Brewer Galena Pale ale, IPA, stout, porter, lager Nugget, Columbus, Northern Brewer, U.K. Target

Ale y lager (Buen aroma para Ales y buen amargor para lager) IPA, pale ale, stout Lager, pilsner, ESB

Galena Nugget, Chinook, U.K. Target, Northern Brewer Mt. Hood, Hersbrucker, French Strisslespalt, Liberty, Hallertauer

Galena, Nugget, Chinook U.K. Kent Golding, maybe Crystal U.S. Fuggle, Willamette, Styrian Golding U.K. Fuggle, Willamette, Styrian Golding, U.S. Tettnanger Nugget, Pride of Ringwood, Chinook Willamette

Fuerte pero de aroma agradable. De la familia de los Golding; especiado. Robusto, no muy picante, agradable. Suave y agradable, terroso y frutal. Medio pero de agradable lupulacin, ctrico. Dual-purpose, well balanced with pleasant aroma, this is used in stouts, porters, bitters, ESBs, and English-style pale ales. Suave, extremadamente agradable, y delicado. Has a raisiny character. Mild, pleasant and slightly flowery. muy suave, agradable. Un poco floral y algo especiado. Conocido por sus propiedades aromticas similares al Hallertauer. Suave y agradable. Conocido por sus propiedades aromticas. Un sustituto del Hallertauer Mittelfrh. Introduced in 2004, this variety is mainly being used for aroma. This variety has a high ratio of beta to alpha (1:1), and has a bit more alpha acid than Sladek. Suave a semi-fuerte, Agradable, Agradabemente lulpulado.

Todas las Ale de estilo ingles, ESB, bitter, lager Algunos estilos ingleses y ales americanas Ale, porter, stout, ESB, bitter

Pale ale, ESB, Todas las cervezas de estilo ingles.

U.K. Golding, Whitbread Golding Variety, U.K. Progress, and possibly the Fuggle family Pride of Ringwood Mt. Hood, Liberty, Crystal.

Lager, pilsner, bock, Trigo

Liberty, Ultra, Hallertauer Tradition Crystal, Mt. Hood

Lager, bock, Trigo,puede ser en pilsner Cervezas suvemente saborizadas

Liberty, German Tradition, Ultra Crystal, Liberty Saaz, Sladek

Lager, pilsner, bock, trigo Ale, lager Todas las Ale de estilo ingles, ESB, bitter Lager, pilsner, bock, trigo

Mt. Hood, French Strisslespalt Magnum or a high-alpha hop

U.S. Golding, Whitbread Golding Variety, U.K. Progress Delicado, fragante y agradable. Hallertauer Tradition, Hallertauer, Mt. Hood Saaz, Tettnang Suave de limpio aroma, un poco especiado. Finishing hop usually, but may be used throughout the boil. Conocido por su calidad y su valor amargante. All-purpose, but generally used for bittering. Clean bittering and stores well. When used for aroma, lends strong grapefruit and hoppy notes. Mild, pleasant, clean, light, and delicate. Suave, agradable y limpio, un tanto agio y resinoso. Unique hop with grape-like flavor Futal con algo de especias. Chinook, U.S. Northern Brewer Nugget, Chinook Medio-Fuerte con algunos tonos salvajes. Medio-Fuerte con algunos tonos salvajes. Conocido por sus propiedades aromticas. Columbus, Chinook, U.K. Target, Galena Chinook Willamette U.S. Perle, Northern Brewer Northern Brewer, Cluster, Galena, Chinook U.K. Northdown, U.K. Kent Golding, U.K. Challenger U.K. Kent Golding U.S. Saaz, Czech Saaz, U.S. Tettnanger Centennial, Galena, Cluster, Kent Goldings Galena, Cluster U.K. Kent Golding, Fuggle Saaz U.S. Saaz, Polish Lublin Czech Saaz, Polish Lublin German Tettnanger, German Spalt, German Spalt Select Galena Bastante fuerte y herbaceo. Suave a Medio especiado con aroma ctrico. Bred as an aroma hop with perfume-like qualities. Also used for smooth bittering potential in moderate quantities. Moderadamente intenso, bueno, frutal y poco especiado. Conocido por sus propiedades aromaticas y amargantes, agradable y un poco especiado. Similar al U.K. Challenger Suave con tpico aroma ingles. Suave y tpico de noble aroma especiado y herbceo. Quite pronounced but not unpleasant, citrus-like. Bastante pronunciado, a madera, tierra, hierba. Moderadamente Fuerte, buen aroma. This is a bittering hop descended from European aroma hops and Saaz. It has a fine bitterness with a longer finish than Saaz. Muy suave con agradables notas intensas , terroso, especiado, hierba. suave y agradable, terroso y especiado. Caractersticas Nobles. Conocido por sus propiedades amargantes y aromticas. Amargo y Aromtico Summit, Magnum Czech Saaz Dual-purpose hop. Has a piney aroma suited to American ales. Characterized by a high ratio of beta acids and high yield. This variety was introduced in 1994, and was bred from Saaz. It is primarily used in flavor additions of lager beers, often with Saaz being the finishing hop. Some breweries also use it as the finishing hop for non-premium beers. Has a decidedly lemon-like aroma and taste. Usually used for bittering. U.S. Saaz, U.S. Tettnanger, German Spalt Select U.S. Saaz, U.S. Tettnanger, German Spalt Tettnanger, Saaz Saaz, Polish Lublin Mt. Hood, Crystal, Hersbrucker U.S. Fuggle, U.K. Fuggle, Willamette Columbus/Tomahawk/Zeus, Warrior, Millenium Galena Fuggle, Willamette German Spalt, German Spalt Select, U.S. Tettnanger, Saaz German Spalt, Czech Saaz Santiam Galena, Chelan Columbus Hersbrucker, Hallertauer Mittelfrh Liberty, Hallertauer Tradition, Saaz Saaz, Hallertauer Mittelfrh Nugget U.K. Kent Golding, U.K. Progress U.S. Fuggle, U.S. Tettnanger, Styrian Golding Suave y agradable, un poco especiado. Aroma muy fino del tipo Spalter. De mediana intensidad y agradables cualidades intensas. Aroma medio a fuerte con tonos salvajes, rusticos. Agradable aroma a hierbas y especias con rastros florales y ctricos. Mediana intensidad. agradable, Delicaso, un poco especiado. Bittering variety with earthy aroma and slight citrus notes. Very similar to Galena in aroma and bitterness. Agradable aroma del lpulo ingls, bastante intenso. Suave agradable, un poco especiado y a hierbas. Aromtico, suave y un poco especiado. Pleasant, slightly spicy Principalmente un lpulo amargo. Mu fino y similar al Hallertauer Mittelfrh. Cualidades muy buenas a sobresaliente, algunas como las del Saaz. Propiedades aromticas como las del Hallertauer. Aroma similar a los tipos continentales europeos. Amago y Aromtico Bastante agradable , moderadamente intenso. Suave y agradable, un poco especiado, frutal, floral y terroso. Usado en el hervido para amargor

Todas las cervezas, en particular lager, pilsner, stout

Northern Brewer Kent Goldings Nugget, Columbus/Tomahawk/Zeus German Hallertau, Hersbrucker, Liberty, Crystal.

Lager, pilsner, bock, trigo

Crystal, French Strisslespalt, Hersbrucker

ESB, bitter, English pale ale, porter ESB, bitter, English pale ale, porter, California (steam) beer Ale, porter, stout, ESB, bitter Lager ligeras

Pale ale, porter, Estilos aelmanes Todas las ales Ale, ESB Pilsner

Lager, American ale, pilsner

Lager, cervezas en donde se busque un aroma noble Lagers alemanas Lager, ale, pilsner Pilsner, lager, trigo Todas las ales inglesas, ESB, bitter, lager

Ale y lagers alemanas , American lagers, trigo

Lager, pilsner, trigo, final lupulado en las ales

Pale ale, ESB, bitter,Ale inglesas , porter, stout


Aromtico y agradable.