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Human Resource Management is one of the most complex and challenging fields of m anagement.

It deals with the 'People Dimension' in management. Human Resources p lay a very important role in the development of the business. They constitute th e organization at all levels and are regarded as a dynamic factor of production. Labor is considered as a very dominant factor of production for increasing prod uctivity. In order to get best results from the employees, management must be aw are of what employees expect from their employees. It is for the management to s ee that the workers get economic, social and individual satisfaction, employee w elfare activities are undertaken. The concept of ' employee welfare ' is flexible and elastic and differs widely with time, region, industry, social values and customs, degree of industr ialization, the general economic development of the people and political ideolog ies prevailing at a particular time, it is also molded according to the age - gr oup, sex, socio - cultural background, marital and economic status and education al level of the workers in various industries.