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From the Baltic to the Black Sea Studies in Medieval Archaeology 18 ONE WORLD ARCHAEOLOGY: Series Editor: BJ. Ucko Animals into Ar H. Morphy (ed), vol. 7 The Archaeology of Africa: food, metals and towns T. Shaw, P. Sinclair, B. Andah & ‘A. Okpoko (eds), vol. 20 Archaeological Approaches to Cultural Identity S.J. Shennan (ed.), vol. 10 Archaeological Heritage Management in the Modern World H. EF Cleere (ed.), vol. 9 Archaeology and Language 1: theoretical and methodological orientations R. Blench & M. Spriggs (eds), vol. 27 Centre and Periphery: comparative studies in aichaeology T. C. Champion (ed. vol. 11 Conflict in the Archaeology of Living ‘liaditions R. Layton (ed.), vol. 8 Domination and Resistance D, Miller, M. J. Rowlands & C. Tilley (eds), vol. 3 The Excluded Past: archaeology in education P. Stone & R. MacKenzie (eds), vol. 17 Foraging and Farming: the evolution of plant exploitation D.R. Harris & G. C, Hillman (eds), vol. 13 From the Baltic to the Black Sea: studies in ey Alcock (eds), vol. 18 Hunters of the Recent Past L. B. Davis & B. O. K. Reeves (eds), vol. 15 The Meanings of Things: material culture and symbolic expression 1. Hodder (ed.), vol. 6 The Origins of Human Behaviour RA. Foley (ed.), vol. 19 medieval archaeol D. Austin & ‘The Politics of the Past P, Gathercole & D. Lowenthal (eds), vol. 12 ‘The Presented Past: heritage, museums and education P.G. Stone & B. L. Molyneaux (eds), vol. 25 Sacred Sites, Sacred Places D. L. Carmichael, J. Hubert, B. Reeves & A. Schanche (eds), vol. 23 Signifying Animals: human meaning in the natural world R. G. Willis (ed.), vol. 16 Social Construction of the Past George C. Bond & Angela Gilliam (eds), vol. 24 State and Society: the emergence and development of social hierarchy and political centralization J. Gledhill, B. Bender & M.T. Larsen (eds), vol. 4 ime, Process and Structural Transformation in Archaeology J. McGlade & S. E.Van der Leeuw (eds), vol. 26 Tropical Archaeobotany: applications and developments J. G. Hather (ed.), vol. 22 ‘The Walking Larder: patterns of domestication, pastoralism, and predation J. Clutton-Brock (ed.), vol. 2 What is an Animal? T. Ingold (ed.), vol. 1 What's New? A closer look at the process of innovation S. E.Van der Leeuw & R. Torrence (eds), vol. 14 Who Needs the Past? Indigenous values and archaeology R. Layton (ed.), vol SAUKT LOAN FROM THE BALTIC TO THE BLACK SEA Studies in medieval archaeology Edited by David Austin Department of Archaeology, St David's University College, University of Wales Leslie Alcock Department of Archaeology, University of Glasgow ty LIBRARY OF THE - CENTRAL EUROPEAN ‘, cE u UNIVERSITY » BUDAPEST London and New York First published 1990 by Unwin Hyman Ltd First published in paperback 1997 by Routledge 11 New Fetter Lane, London EC4P 4EE. Simultaneously published in the USA and Canada by Routledge 29 West 35th Street, New York, NY 10001 © 1990 David Austin, Leslie Aleock and contributors ‘Typeset in 10 on 11pt Bembo by Computape (Pickering), North Yorkshire Printed in Great Britain by the University Press, Cambridge All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reprinted or reproduced or utilized in any form or by any electronic, mechanical, or other means, now known or hereafter invented, including photocopying and recording, or in any information storage or retrieval system, without permission in writing from the publishers British Library Cataloguing in Publication Data From the Baltic to the Black Sea: studies in medieval archacology. ~ (One world archaeology) 1. Eastern Europe, history 1. Austin, David, 1947- IL. Alcock, Leslie III. 947 ies Library of Congress Cataloguing in Publication Data From the Baltic to the Black Sea: studies in medieval archaeology/edited by David Austin, Leslie Alcock p.m. — (One world archaeology; 18) A selection of edited papers originally presented at the medieval sessions of the outhampton in 1986 World Archaeological Congress in $ Includes bibliographical references. 1, Europe, Eastern — Antiquities — Congresses. 2. Archaeology, Medieval Congresses. I. Austin, David, 1947— . IL, Alcock, Leslie. IIL, World Archaeological Congress (1986: Southampton, England). IV. Series. DJK23.F76 1990 947-de20 9030809 ISBN 0-04-445119-9 (hbk) ISBN 0-415-15225-9 (pbk) List of contributors Leslie Alcock, Department of Archacology, University of Glasgow, UK. Birgit Arrhenius, Archaeological Research Laboratory, University of Stockholm, Sweden. David Austin, Department of Archacology, St David's University College, University of Wales, Lampeter, UK. Jesper L. Boldsen, Department of Social Medicine, Institute of Community Health, University of Odense, Denmark. Istvan Béna, Institute of Archaeology, CSAV, Prague, Czechoslovakia. Timothy C. Champion, Department of Archacology, University of South- ampton, UK. Eric Crubézy, Montpellicr, France. Giinter P. Fehring, Office of Pre- and Early History (Field Monuments), Liibeck, German Federal Republic. Guyla Fiilép, Regional Museum, Szckesfehervar, Hungary. Martin Gojda, Institute of Archacology, CSAV, Prague, Czechoslovakia. Vaclav Huml, Prague Muscum, Prague, Czechoslovakia. Oleg M. Ioannisyan, Department of Ancient Russian Art, State Hermitage Muscum, Leningrad, USSR. Zbigniew Kobyliriski, Institute for the History of Material Culture, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland. Brita Malmer, Numismatic Institute, University of Stockholm, Sweden. Gordana Marjanovic-Vujovic, National Muscum, Belgrade, Yugoslav E. Muguréviés, Institute of History, Latvian SSR’ Academy of Sci USSR. Milan Stloukal, National Muscum, Prague, Czechoslovakia. Julian Thomas, Department of Archacology, St David’s University College, University of Wales, Lampeter, UK. ces,